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  1. King Lopen the First (of Alethkar) its not out yet, but it has been planned https://wob.coppermind.net/adv_search/?tags=king+lopen+the+first+of+alethkar
  2. TWOK{KLTF}WOR{E}O{D}ROW{FTLK*}KOWT * - unknown Kind of works if E and D are part of the flawed symmetry.
  3. swimming for a flying epic
  4. While TLR was a commoner, he also became a Sliver and ruled for 1000 years. In the people's mind, he is an emperor. Most people don't think about his origins when they think of him as I see it. Some scholars should pick up on it, but I haven't noticed many scholars in Era 2, especially among the upper class
  5. I feel like I'm missing context around the 'E'
  6. Alcatraz is a good humorous one with some serious undertones and moments. It's great
  7. (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragonsteel/the-way-of-kings-10th-anniversary-leatherbound-edition/posts/3172656?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users)
  8. This was exactly what I posted about 5 days after you posted this. No relation, I only saw this today
  9. Nice. I got it, by the way
  10. What is the policy for citing suggested WoBs in Coppermind articles? Wait until it is approved / removed as a suggestion and then cite it, or is it ok to cite it while it is a suggestion?
  11. To my knowledge, The Original was always intended to be solely an audiobook. So if it is coming to print, yeah, that's going to take a while
  12. Spanreeds are pen-like objects that are placed onto uniform boards to keep consistency between spanreed users. The spanreeds are run by the pairs of gems (typically rubies) that are put into the equivalent of cages.
  13. I would say "states of having eaten" because the metalmind can store multiple sittings of eating food, but that's just nitpicking. This seems like how a part of the core of how Feruchemy and Forgery work
  14. Remember, temperature is relative. Could you find the quotes for the temperatures? I think that this might just be how the person experiencing it feels, not the temperature to the degree. And I think that the storm around Aimia is contributing to this.
  15. Just a comment, Your title suggests that this is a book recommendation, but then you go on to divulge information about the plot
  16. supercalafragilifireexpialidocious
  17. Finally gets shardblade, puts it in table
  18. This is pertinent:
  19. You never flipped over the Skybreaker coin to show Nale! 15:20: No, the question is can you do it in the double eye 19:10: I agree that it is probably Taln, but we don't know much about Heralds and Plate, as far as I know 25:13: I got that kind of obscure shardcast reference 27:46: I think that the other person on the Lightweaver print is Red 39:30: They'll be safe in the ocean. Supposedly. Mostly.
  20. The white clothing was a Parshendi tradition, foreign to him. But he did as his masters required and did not ask for an explanation. He sat in a large stone room baked by enormous firepits that cast a garish light on the revelers, causing beads of sweat to form on their skin as they danced and drank and yelled and sang and clapped. Some fell to the ground red-faced, the revelry too much for them, their stomachs proving to be inferior wineskins. They looked as if they were dead, at least until their friends carried them out of the feast hall to waiting beds. Szeth did not sway to the drums, drink the sapphire wine, or stand to dance. He sat at a bench at the back, a still servant in white robes. Few at the treaty signing celebration noticed him. He was just a Shinservant, and Shin were easy to ignore. Most out here in the East thought that Szeth's kind were docile and harmless. They were generally right. The drummers began to beat a new rhythm. The beats shook through Szeth like a quartet of thumping hearts pumping waves of invisible blood through the room. Szeth's masters - who were dismissed as savages by those in more civilized kingdoms - sat at their own table. They were men with skin of black marbled with red. The red is what I got wrong from writing it down. I'm generally better at reciting it. This is how you know you're a sanderfan
  21. All locations in the Spiritual realm are one and the same. It is heavily implied that Vax is a distinct place that we know has a distinct magic system with a strange form of Initiation to the magic system.
  22. From the first paper you cited: ... When you just copied and pasted the equation we lost the nuance that it was 10^32 K, not 1023 K. Slight difference there. Brass melts at about 930*C, which is a little above the 1032 K, but 930*C < 10^32*C. I don't see how a Feruchemist could keep their metalminds from melting when the environment is 10^32*C, and I do not find it feasible that they could store that much heat. This could be pertinant, but I didn't really follow those papers very well: Because space and time are intrinsically related, if you expand time, space should expand as well. This should also hold for contracting. This kind of theory has been floating around for a while, and I think that it holds some promise as a possibility for FTL for Scadrial at least.
  23. Welcome to the Shard! What is your favorite magic system and why?
  24. Why are there two Eon plantations / lands? (Top left and bottom right) I think that this was covered in the book, but I can't find why both exist
  25. It is, but that wasn't really pertinent to the discussion, so I neglected to mention it