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  1. This is exactly how I feel about getting people to read Cosmere *Adding The Broken Lands to tbr* I just read The Bartimaeus Trilogy, and I feel like that would qualify as more of a "fireplace novel" than cosmere, and I really liked it, so thank you!
  2. The Greenglass house series? *adding it to my tbr*
  3. The key is to use phrases like was doing
  4. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite cosmere magic system and why? What's your favorite non-cosmere (nonSanderson for extra credit) magic system and why?
  5. There is a translator, but my official review is that the translation from High Imperial to normal isn't great
  6. Yes, or on a platform like it to actually learn it. I wonder if programming a translator would be easier
  7. I find that I have to actively concentrate if I am going to read at my top speed. Like, it takes all of my attention, everything is going into making my eyes move faster and my brain to understand the information. I totally agree. I actually did this with RoW (14.26 hours) and I feel like I missed a bunch. Because of that, I go back and read slower to get more. Do you mind if I quote you in my signature @Shard of Reading? This made my afternoon
  8. Granted! You get 2 extra hours for what you want to do. Unfortunately, you also pass out for the other 24 hours in a day I wish for a good wish
  9. Granted. Unfortunately, the next person gets 2 banes. I wish for a better understanding of astrophysics
  10. Granted! You get a pretty mug that hasn't broken. *Breaks* (check the grammar of your post) I wish for enough time to sleep, eat, go to school, read, and do homework in a day
  11. Thanks! I guess that the use of pronouns threw me off. And "Go-go"ing? that threw me off enough that I guess I completely skimmed over the names and then I got more confused from the Vyre part
  12. Can someone share the context behind this? I'm not parsing something here.
  13. This has been the best part of the last 2 DAYS. Honestly, this was great. Also, the fact that it took 2 days means that you get more rep, because I wanted to max out what I could give multiple times over. well done @I Am A Fish @Aspiring Writer and @More Cynical Than Funny. Those were top tier. thank you. I have some ideas for some of my own, but I'll probably take forever to make them... well.
  14. I disagree: The Aons and Lashings are how the Invested arts are being manifested, that is, how Investiture is being actively used. In this case, the Dor and Stormlight are the sources. By what ScadrianTank said, this would mean that the Dor and Stormlight are being actively used to get the end result of Lashings and Aons. I interpret this as stating that static Investiture can be changed to be referred to as kinetic Investiture when it is being used. This point is a different interpretation of kind of Investitures than what @Chiberty stated. Chiberty was saying that, instead of static investiture being enabled to be used as kinetic, any Investiture that can be used as fuel IS kinetic. I think that maybe the terms passive, static, and Kinetic would help clarify things a little more. Based on the classification that Chiberty has stated, I see Shards as having innate abilities (static), but also acting as sources (sometimes indirectly) for the Invested arts (Kinetic, ex: Allomancy, providing light)