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  1. pretty sure that the rhythms stop when the singer dies, so maybe that could be checked???
  2. and why (specifically) wouldn't it? if the planet was close enough to the sun, then it would be warm enough...
  3. Well, Odium (sounds better the other way)Hate is trapped on Roshar. He has time to hunker down and Shatter a (few) shard(s) there
  4. I think that Odium is playing the infection version of Shardic tag
  5. appends *nothing* to spiritweb I think that the hemalurgy would stop working for any spikes in that arm. Better q is do you still have blood in the arm Trae Cooper (paraphrased) Why are Invested objects like metalminds and Hemalurgic spikes able to be Pushed and Pulled on, but Shardblades and Shardplate, which are also invested, are not susceptible to Pushing and Pulling? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) There were a few concepts that he outlined in answering this question. 1.) The ability to Push/Pull an Invested object is predicated to the amount/power of the Investiture. 2.) Further, Invested objects also gain resistance to pulling/pushing based on proximity to soul possibly via the soul. An example given is that a Hemalurgic spike touches the blood of the person, and from there is now part of both the Spiritual Realm and the Physical Realm. This provides what Brandon termed a kind of "soul interference," based on its proximity to the soul. This further explains why Vin required more than normal power to Push/Pull the metalminds from the Lord Ruler, because of their proximity to his soul, via the Spiritual Realm. 3.) The amount of Investiture is relatively low on Scadrial, whereas worlds like Sel and Roshar are pushing around "high power" according to Brandon. I interpreted this to mean that Hemalurgic spikes and metalminds have low amounts of Investiture compared to Shardplate and Shardblades. Brandon said that theoretically you can Push/Pull Shardblades and Shardplates but you would need to wield an incredible amount of power. One example he gave that could so such as a thing is that if you were a Mistborn wielding the full power of the Well of Ascension, you could Push/Pull Shardblades/Plate. DragonCon 2012 (Sept. 4, 2012)
  6. So I'm new. Ok, I'm GoWibble, *not gullible* and I write because I love to read. I feel like after reading all that I have, I should probably add something to the huge pile of books out there. I'm an avid reader and can read around 800 pages a day if I push it (only paper works that way, though). Favorite books include: Michael Vey, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Harry Potter, Forgotten Realms, Leven Thumps, and Brandon Mull( & Sanderson, obviously) to name a few @Gwenhwyvar I love the series that your Username comes from. I haven't really run into that many fans, though
  7. here is another WoB for anyone looking (it's just the link that @Elegy gave) Questioner <Did the man Lift met is Hoid>? Brandon Sanderson It is Hoid. In book three, right? In book three. Oh *inaudible* Lift? *inaudible* No, that's not Hoid. So she references having talked to him but it's not someone she meets in this. In the beginning, she mentions him but he's not specifically in this. Right? Sorry, I thought you meant *inaudible*. Questioner *Inaudible*. Brandon Sanderson Yeah, of course, that makes sense. But yes, so, she met him - but she talks about him, she didn't - it's not him on the street. (From my notes: In Edgedancer, Lift references talking to Hoid but he doesn’t show up himself there. She met him, she talks about him but he doesn't appear in Edgedancer.) Warsaw signing (March 18, 2017)
  8. ok. I was just looking for the WoB and couldn't find it. Thx. Either that or other crazy white-haired people are being digested...
  9. My bad. Been around Sanderson too much to type Mull after Brandon
  10. Yes, That would be great! Do you want me to pm you for officiality, or is here fine? @aeromancer I haven't noticed many mistakes that can't be fixed by continuing to build the world more. SiFL is GREAT! I love how the backstory builds a mistrust into the Seekers, and I feel like it could go either way to being explained or just being part of the world (if this is going to be a series, then please explain it eventually). I feel like it works the same way as Brandon Sanderson's Five Kingdoms book 2. The clothes are stored with one body and the fur with another. I don't think that it should work for the removing of wounds, though. Ditto
  11. Do we have any information about Hoid being the person that Lift was talking about in Edgedancer that jumped into a greatshell's mouth? He did say to Jasnah at the end of WoR "I once spent the better part of a year inside of a large stomach, being digested."
  12. Nope. It is a mnemonic. R-Wah-Bie *Rubby*
  13. Ummm, spoilers?
  14. I don't even know what to think about #2. Cosmere fight round 4: Vin vs. Silence "What's your name? I don't know." "My name is Vin. I'll be fighting to be the champion." "I'm the champion and I'm going to beat you." "I'm the champion and I'm going to be winning by knockout." "I'm the champion and I'm going to be beating you in the first round." "I'm the champion and I'm going to beat you in the second round." "I'm the champion and I'm going to finish you." "I'm the champion and I'm going to put my arm around your throat and choke you out." "I'm the champion and I'm going to make you cry." "I'm the champion and I'm going to finish you in the third round." "I'm the champion and I'm going to make you feel like the moon." Cosmere fight round 5: Sixth of the Dusk vs. The Ones Above Forth of the Night vs. Beneath the Shadow vs. the Light The One who Watches (Voidbringer) vs. The One who Fights (Lightbringer) The Last Battle vs. The Last Battle OR Cosmere fight round 5: Sixth of the Dusk vs. The Ones Above The One Above (in black) versus The One Below Eldrad vs. Luthadel (Dark Elves) Sarene vs. Earendil (Dark Elves) Khadgar vs. Luthadel (Dark Elves) Keeper of the Black Ring vs. Luthadel (Dark Elves) Gandalf vs. Earendil (Dark Elves) Morgoth vs. Earendil (Dark Elves) Athor vs. Luthadel (Dark Elves) And that's it! That's everything from the first night. We can say we did an awesome job at covering everything. There is a lot more to cover in the next installment of this series, but I
  15. Oh, gosh, now I'm incriminated... Stink was corrupted. Rust and Ruin! Someone else then...