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  1. The dominion game sound great! For the mistborn, they could trash the money to use as an attack, kind of like the catapult in Empires (I think)
  2. Kelsier would pace constantly and would grow annoyed with everyone and tell them to just "Survive" Either that or he would take the quarantine in stride and just act like he was sitting in his house...
  3. There is an online quiz somewhere
  4. Welcome to the Shard! What is your favorite Shardworld, magic system, and character (and why)? If you want to get the prose version of White Sand, then I think that Brandon's website (after joining the newsletter) will get it to you. idk. It never worked for me...
  5. Welcome to the Shard! What is your favorite book, magic system, and character, and why for each?
  6. just for speed or whatever, here is a link
  7. The Lost Ruin: "Vax?"
  8. ok, I guess. I edited it so that it took out the example
  9. Well, I think that there were already possible examples given for that. Also, I did say that it applied for current diseases, of which corona is an example
  10. What 'powers' do people think that current diseases would cause?
  11. Very nice!! I liked it all the way through, although I don't think that Jasnah would throw tradition by apologizing for Wit's insults. She doesn't have time for that. Navani, maybe. In all, it was great!!
  12. what was edited?? the punctuation? @Killuthion What is your favorite cosmere book and why? And magic system?
  13. here is a topic that I had a while ago for this subject:
  14. coming at this from an engineering perspective, that sounds terrible. you would have to preform all sorts of checks and tests every few seconds (relative to the cockpit) to make sure that the vessel 'flies' correctly. if something goes wrong, it could take days for you to find the problem. Other than this, think that it could work. Maybe.
  15. Shades: lock Nightblood in an Aluminum room and let shades from Threnody out on every shardworld