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  1. Spoilers for OB So I noticed something when Raging Fire came up on spotify. Hope you like it. So just read through this excerpt of the lyrics and keep the relationship between Dalinar and Evi's death and the effects on Dalinar in mind. ... Before the flame goes out tonight Yeah, we'll live until we die So c'mon c'mon c'mon Won't you turn my soul into a raging fire? C'mon c'mon c'mon 'Til we lose control into a raging fire Into a raging fire C'mon c'mon c'mon Won't you turn my soul into a raging fire? You know time will give and time will take All the memories made will wash away Even though we've changed, I'm still here with you
  2. so, yes, the landscape kind of looks supernatural, but there are plants and other stuff very close nearby. I don't think that 'underwater' in Shadesmar is described as having flora
  3. I noticed that too. I thought that it was a walking stick (a fancy (Shard-?) walking stick) until looking through this thread. Can you Soulcast beads? Because I'm thinking no because of interfering Investiture. She could be manifesting something (and maybe Soulcast that, but would that run into the same problem?) I just want to point out that it says "another blade." Which raises the question, does he mean another from Adolin's Shardblade? He didn't capitalize "blade," so I'm thinking not another Shardblade, so maybe Adolin gets a regular blade, albeit an embellished one, for Shadesmar?
  4. I found something: but it might just be referring to Ambition
  5. Ok. I think that I remember the Dalinar one, but I never watched the livestreams (as of yet). thanks!
  6. My inclination is to say that it is going to be up to the spren, but that is mainly because I believe that the spren have the squires, and not the Radiants.
  7. So I just had a thought when I was thinking back to the Windrunner sticker sheet for the Kickstarter and how it showed Syl: What is the Truthwatcher sticker sheet going to look like, and how close will that be to the order's spren, or will it just be Glys?
  8. These were my first thoughts as well, now that I think about it. I remember thinking that it was weird on how the fork was mentioned
  9. The bright side of this is that you don't have to worry about breathing if you can Compound Cadmium... but it is really important that people recognize things like that. Thanks for sharing
  10. spoiler for the released Syl interlude:
  11. For the only named Twinborn... So I'm chalking up Wax being able to selectively remove things from his bubble as his savantism / being an accomplished Coinshot. I think that the bubble is his resonance Going back to an old thread, it points out that someone else (the coinshot + pewter? person on the train in BoM) uses a bubble, and they probably weren't a Crasher:
  12. So for now, I don't think that Splintered Shards count. They could be theoretically be remade, but they haven't been. yet Can you point me to this WoB? I can find one that is not stating that Ambition was splintered, but not an additional one
  13. timeline: (spoilers for cosmere...) 1: Adonalsium Then 16 Shards Then 15 + wounded Uli Da Then 13 (Aona and Skai died) + Wounded Uli Da Then 13 (Uli Da dies) Then 11 + deceased Ruin and Preservation Then 12 (Harmony is formed) Then 11 (Honor dies) This might be a little wrong with Uli Da and when it(?) dies
  14. The first time? about 2 weeks. Now? I could do it in 3 days (not 72 hours of reading, just normal days with food and sleep)