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  1. spoiler for Words of Radiance:
  2. Just a note that you can't live forever with C-Atium. It eventually becomes too much and you die
  3. There are also planets without life on them...
  4. Right. The only way that I can think around that is that the cognitive aspect still sees the spiritual relation to the metalmind and is able to heal from nothing
  5. Well, the question isn't really did he, but could he (now). So I think that this works similar to the explosion that Miles detonated worked out. Or the burning that TLR went through. If your physical attachment to the metals is gone (your arm with the goldmind gets blown off), then can you still heal. If the metals in your stomach are no longer in your stomach because it got burned away, can you heal? Questions aside, if you are healing (flaring / Duralumin) when your head gets chopped off, then I think that you could survive. (back to questions) My main question is that: In era 3, could a gold compounder be stopped by a nuclear bomb? (the initial explosion, not the radiation poisoning)
  6. and @Honorless changed back in usernames
  7. Maybe at the top right click on your username -> "account settings"-> "signatures"->"View Signatures"? Idk beyond that
  8. Not sure what you mean by reverse compounding, but here could be a place to post a theory at the very least (I linked it, but just for reference at the top bar, "forums" -> "Mistborn") I also have a thread about regular (Feruchemical) Compounding which is in my signatures (below)
  9. Welcome to the Shard! What is your favorite magic system and why? Have you read any non-cosmere books (I guess that it is implied to be by Brandon, but any author works)
  10. Well, what is the major difference between a 'human' soulcaster and the fabrial? If the only large difference is that the bond protects the Radiant, I don't see why they are any different. I think that it is still going to be very hard. maybe a crystal savant Soulcaster turns into a gemstone...
  11. (you guys are talking in parentheses. weird.)
  12. Some guides could be the annotation chapters from Brandon at https://www.brandonsanderson.com/brandon-sanderson-online-library/#annotations.
  13. Bibliophilics, Sleepless (both), also confused, interested, scheming, and holding out. Motto: Life Before death, 9 pancakes before 10, Death before Returning
  14. @joesleepsalot It didn't go through for me, even in spam, until the newest newsletter. Did you sign up for the newsletter after the email went out?
  15. So I took this to mean that the Bondsmith Herald discovered the Nahel bond. Also, how did a Bondsmith create the Heralds at all?