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  1. Welcome! Yeah, I was told not to come to the Shard after I had read the existing cosmere. I keep the same standard for anyone else that I invite to read Brandon Sanderson. Who is your favorite character in the SA and why?
  2. So, first of all, you double posted. Second: Maya only kind of counts. Yes, I know that there is a whole thing that she will get revived, but I'll believe it when that book comes out. I try and stay away from this kind of thing, so no opinions here!
  3. No, all ferring powers are codominant, so you can! jk. I don't think that you can be 2 kinds of Ferrings.
  4. Notice how they have no response. Maybe they are watching us from the void
  5. Nah. blantantly obvious if you know what you are doing. I forgot my gear! A pouch of steel coins aluminum sheeting.
  6. Nice. For me: Steelrunner and Coinshot. When are you planning on starting this? For invites to this thread: @ChickenLiberty @Fifth Scholar I think that you guys want in on this!
  7. I'm interested! That seems cool, but make sure that you have time to do this! Generally, most (if not all) RPGs turn out to be lumped under Sanderson Elimination. You could ask @Fifth Scholar or @Elbereth for some pointers
  8. Here is a good WoB for the subject: And if you haven't read a good part of the SA, then here is kind of a spoiler:
  9. maybe have the italics on the is? This was really good! I don't think that a 12 yr old would use "seductive" to describe something like a moon, though. I like how the magic system is implied and the situation doesn't feel too forced. Message @Silk and they can get you set.
  10. Yeah, that is what I was going for. Maybe my earlier post wasn't quite clear. Sazed needs the support of Pewter to deal with his weight from Iron. If he didn't, then he would have fallen over.
  11. Maybe not, but Sazed did support himself with pewter F to keep himself from falling over with his own weight. Welcome to the Shard! I assume that you have read the first Mistborn Era at least, who is your favorite character and why? Also, what is your favorite book? In response to your Q: We don't entirely know. Rashek was tired in tFE, but that might just have been due to Kel's meddling. Or Ruin. That too. The main thing would be which age you perceive yourself to be. That Connection might be which maturity age you are. Short answer: We don't know.
  12. So then you can just chuck it anywhere! Just having NB on the world might allow him to track the Shard.
  13. I just want to point out that the tracking mechanism might be a reaction to the destroy evil command. He could use this to destroy greater evil that he couldn't kill off the first time
  14. Well, Lightweavers are known for their creativity, which children exemplify. I think that it is a very possible option. Especially with Lift involved. Also, you double posted. to delete, go and edit the post up at the top right.
  15. Welcome! In addition to @The Traveller's questions, what is your favorite magic system and why?