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  1. Marasi looks cool! Hmm... actually, what's the canonicity of beards on either Rashek or Alendi?
  2. Nah, there were 23 posts at the time, and one needs an odd no. to be the one true winner. The middle post in a post count of 23 would be the 12th one (yes it's very confusing)
  3. Okay, changing the name back now...

    The name Honorless was for humor, to swear "on my honor!" but posting under that username, thingz could be seen as needlessly antagonistic wisecracking far too easily and one has to watch out for those things on a forum when one intends to participate in stuff like morality debates...

    Shard River, an attempt at a new name

    Dreamer, perhaps a nice transitory name till I came up with something better or go back to the former one, or maybe even stay

    RJ was a dedication

    Being The First Post was fun

    now then, which one should I go back to?

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    2. The First Post

      The First Post

      Wait a min, I should be free to change back my username, it's been more than 90 days since the last one

    3. The First Post

      The First Post

      No wait, it hasn't, it's been 2 months not 3

      I'll have to go ask Chaos for help

    4. RadiantDramaQueen


      I mean, you could just stay The First Post...

  4. 'twas fun while it lasted, but any more and it will become insanity
  5. And my time has come again!
  6. Indeed ...goddammit it! My time will come again
  7. Actually, I win again
  8. Heh 680
  9. That much closer...
  10. Truly, the Ouroboros thread
  11. wait *counts* No, not yet, but soon
  12. @The Awakened Salad, congrats! ...ah, oops @RadiantDramaQueen, congrats to you as well now!
  13. Yeah, edited already At first, I thought you said the 25th post wins
  14. The person who makes the 24th "Xth Post Wins" topic will be the real hero™
  15. Someone somewhere will be willing to change their username to the Second Post, following in the footsteps of @The Last Post. And you, Luna, will rue the day!!!