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  1. Happy Birthday, Calderis! 

  2. They knew what was told to them by the Ghostbloods and the Skybreakers, which was not much As for the value of aluminum, I think that was more of a comparison. Aluminum is expensive on Roshar as well.
  3. Nope! With this the usual suspects are out, no?
  4. I remember seeing something like that too. But I think that meant that The Nightwatcher wasn't necessarily carrying Nightblood around on her person.
  5. That doesn't count. We've never seen Shallan express sexual or romantic interest in another female. And was that WoB even a confirmation or more of a tacit support of fanfics and such Wayne & MeLaan seems more of a gender identity thing. But we could count MeLaan. Marasi, I wouldn't mind but this is still headcanon territory. Hmm... I still feel a bit sceptical. But who knows, maybe Brandon would surprise us like Richard Morgan did.
  6. Oh my god @brie breath & @Hentient, this is amazing! Yes, humans have been noted to unconsciously attune to Rhythms before. Rlain notices the Bridge 4 do this. That crem WoB... that would be an amazing development but would a human be able to support a Gemheart? This would've happened before if they could, right? On the other hand, the Unkalaki and the Herdazians do have mixed Singer ancestry so there might indeed be something here!
  7. That's a really good theory, @Darth_Hel! So do you think the Unmade could have been the spren the Heralds were Bonded to before joining the Oathpact?
  8. I think the Order of the Lightweavers would be suited for this kind of thing the most. One doesn't have to swear any Oaths past the First Ideal, only Truths which would bypass the possibility of friction between two separate sets of Oaths. The Cryptics would probably be less unhappy with this then other spren too, they seem pretty laid back. Though other spren are often unsettled by them, so it might be difficult to get one to agree to share.
  9. Wait, so if it's Hemalurgy or Allomancy the metal itself is burned off? What about metalminds? Hmm... it's a report not verbatim, so I'll retain some scepticism
  10. Happy Pride Month to those who can't afford to be proud


  11. https://amp.reddit.com/r/Cosmere/comments/gub34s/cultivation_is_a_genius_a_theory_on_the_origin_of/ Note: Obviously do not upvote me for this, this is not my theory, I just saw this on Reddit, and since I and many others do not have an account over there I thought I would crosspost this here as it's an intriguing theory and one worth discussing. If you have a reddit account go give the OP (u/yogeshchellappa) upvotes! (And also so many Cultivation and Nightblood fans here)
  12. Nope, and I dunno but I am in the Trell is Autonomy camp 3) This character has been to place(s) that have been thought to be inaccessible by others
  13. Reader: God, I love this book! When's the sequel



  14. Of all of them, I understood Gaz the most. He just wanted to live, and yeah he was unwilling to stick his neck out for others. It was slowly eroding his self-worth. What's your favourite scene(s), @brie breath?
  15. Hmm, it's true that spren can physically touch & influence objects, so there is something I will tentatively go with Breath being Endowment's Investiture, it would change a spren's nature towards her as opposed to Honor, Cultivation or Odium depending on the amount of Breath received