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  1. Syl best girl
  2. Kawaii!
  3. When Tress began to walk away with "Charlie", contemplating how she's changed and how that has created a distance between them, and then stopped. I got it at the same time as she did
  4. No official Battar portrait has been released yet But there's some fanart, like this:
  5. spoilers

    The novella Dawnshard implies that the Dawnshards - some kind of super hyper ultra Commands of Adonalsium were used to tear Adonalsium into pieces.
  6. Okay, good catch! Found the relevant section: From chapter 38 Envisager, after Kaladin is tied outside during the Highstorm. And in the chapters before... was that smiling face even actually the Stormfather? I'm no longer sure... there's a lot of weird things in the early Stormlight books
  7. spoilers

    Agreed, I also think that is his version of Lightweaving. And the Futuresight is perhaps something like a Resonance, Illumination of Progression.
  8. That looks epic!
  9. Looks haunting, as he should!
  10. Wonderful!
  11. Vin

    Looks amazing! The hair-hood blend, idk why but I love it!
  12. sounds like an alloy of Atium and Cultivation’s Godmetal
  13. How... dare... just kidding, we all nitpick here I'd say no, it's not the same thing because there are three values: Hemalurgy at its normal strength, Hemalurgy at higher than normal strength and Hemalurgy at lower than normal strength; and I'm saying that I think the transition was from the second to first rather than first to third. It's a significant difference story wise too, I'm saying Ruin was affecting Hemalurgy back then, and Harmony hasn't weakened Hemalurgy (I’m drawing a blank character-wise for why he'd make that decision except that maybe he can't do that level of overhaul to a magic system, or he's Preserving that system that lets Ruin perpetuate – or something along those lines, that it's because of his Intent)
  14. I'm for the theory that it isn't any weaker now at all, it was just stronger back then because Ruin was pushing through more power from the other side
  15. Yes, it did feel rather self-referential compared to how elegantly the crossover elements were handled in Tress Also, yes! Autonomy should've felt like a bigger threat. That's a Shard, people! So where's that sheer presence of Ruin? Of Odium? Of Cultivation? Regarding the Wayne dialogue, I read that as Wayne overgrowing his old skin, so to speak. And I generally didn't like Wayne's interactions in first read-throughs in the prequel books either but did find them funny upon reread, so I'm reserving judgement until later, if/when I get around to rereading it.
  16. Oh hey, nice to see this has a thread! I didn't look into it too deeply, but... I'll just copy paste what I had on it over here So I got a few possibilities for Suna!
  17. The Valley itself having an effect didn't even occur to me But given Raboniel’s comment about Lifelight, Cultivation’s connection to the place and the abundant flora in that place, that place is definitely steeped in Lifelight. But *is* that place special? Urithiru is the Sibling’s body manifesting into the physical realm like a spren turns into a shardblade. The Highstorm probably contains Honor’s Perpendicularity. Cultivation’s Perpendicularity is up in the Horneater "Oceans". The Valley is just... the place where the Nightwatcher resides. It's possible it's not special by itself... But given that it's Brandon, it's eminently possible that that place has many secrets buried.
  18. We know that Cultivation is an original Vessel from Yolen, who participated in the Shattering of Adonalsium. And that her Vessel is named Koravellium Avast, and that she is a Dragon. Oh and it's very likely that she once slammed Hoid.
  19. I wasn't sure how Silajana was broken down, though I did know a name "Nilanjana" which was what popped up in my head first, but I was pretty sure that's Neel+Anjana. Sila is stone, Jana could mean a person. So, "person of stone", "He or she, of stone", was my first guess. The 's' is usually aspirated, iirc. English isn't great for transliterating Indian languages... there were a lot of suffixes it could've been. Based on which 'a' was a schwa, which was a long ā, it could've been a lot of different things. But "origin" makes a lot of sense. And we're going full Sanskrit. Vishwadhar would mean "lord of the world" with the base words being Vishva (world) and Dharan (bear / hold / wield), it's a title of a Hindu god, Vishnu. World's Edge is a possible translation, Vishva+Dhar, but given how Silajana is translated, I would say it's less likely. The amount of pronunciations and meanings "Suna" could have... it's too much. I don't even know if the 's' is aspirated (like sh... yeah I don't know why aspirated 's' sounds aren't just transliterated into 'sh' either). But going by context, that these are the names of Aethers... I remember going through my references and ignoring certain definitions but now that I think about it, some of those translations could make sense. Like "execution site" or "place of slaughter" if it was referring to the Aether corresponding to the Crimson Sea. It's probably not "zero", "empty", "void". It sounds grand, but I don't think there's an Aether like that, iirc. But there could be an Aether of Investiture nullification out there, I guess. Tress' world probably wouldn't realise what that Aether would do, and so it might've gone unremarked within the scope of the story. It's possible that it refers to a Verdant Aether, and means something like "bloom" or "bud" or "fruit", but I'm not sure. Verdant doesn't produce vines with flowers or fruits, either in Tress or AoN. It could also be the Sunlight Aether, for "beam of light".
  20. Breaths might be weirder than that
  21. Well... I used to be concerned that the Cognitive Aspects of Selish people just got vapourised after they died... But that idea of "plasma demons" has given me entirely new concerns. Svrakiss might be really dangerous then
  22. I'm starting to wonder... could Fain be a type of Aether? Also, I don't remember if you saw that theory regarding Elantris’ walls and White Sand... now I'm starting to wonder... what if that's a form of Fainlife? Admittedly, that idea mostly only stems from them being white in colour. And yup, lacrossedeamon, had the same idea! The Evil being a hostile ecosystem makes much more sense for how people managed to escape the continent than a malevolent powerful entity. Bringing Fainlife over to infect another planet might also have given Odium the excuse he needed to attack Ambition. Really looking forward to that Threnody novel! The Evil, the Deepest Ones, the Night Brigade (Dust Brigade sounded cooler, dammit!), and oh boy, isn't that name really interesting after reading the sample of a certain Secret Project
  23. Maybe Hoid used Aon Ene to overwrite the curse rather than actually edit any Aons? (Basically, adding extra modifications of his own and invalidating part of the original modifiers) Like, maybe the Sorceress just stated "the Sorceress' Home", and the Aon had to define what that meant via Intent but Hoid defined the Sorceress' Home as specifically the Rock. Because I don't think Hoid could just delete part of the Aonic structure, if he could then this wouldn't have been a problem in the first place. I'm not sure how curse became verse though... But maybe Aon Ene strikes again? Ene isn't just the 'add modifier' Aon, it also means "wit". Maybe Hoid defined the meaning of Aon Ene to change it into the latter.
  24. Yes! All the yes! That's a beautiful artwork, Hyoukane!
  25. ...I believe Vivenna, Sisirinah / Siri and Fafen also had a brother, though I forget his name So Queen Vivenna of Idris... and Prince Consort (someone look up the guy's name), husband of... uh... Queen Susebr-... Queen Susan? Let's go with Queen Susan