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  1. heralds

    I think they all take part in the torture
  2. Some of the questions can be answered by the Coppermind, which is like a Wikipedia of Brandon Sanderson's works.
  3. Ashertmarn and Nergaoul also corrupt people
  4. Good to officially meet you, @Doneil! Happy to hear you feel welcome in the Shard!
  5. The spears that the shanay-im used seemed to have an aluminium core running through it, coming out the tip as the spearhead
  6. Hmm they are both said to hate each other. On the other hand, both are individuals with dubious morality. I'm of two minds on this.
  7. Who else is thinking Worldhopper Jasnah after reading this chapter?
  8. 1) The simplest Fused weapon against us isn’t truly a fabrial, but instead a metal that is extremely light and can withstand the blows of a Shardblade. This metal resists being Soulcast as well; it interferes with a great number of Radiant powers. Fortunately, the Fused seem unable to create it in great quantities—for they equip only themselves, and not their average soldiers, with these wonders. Aluminium! Also, sounds like Brandon won 2) hmm, just a note, inhaling, exhaling, swallowing to access Investiture. I suppose it's the easiest Physical parallel to show Spiritual consumption 3) Mink's hyper paranoid reaction reminded me of Vin a bit 4) Hmm so much of what Kaladin and Shallan and Dalinar have discovered of their abilities have been instinctual. With actual study... here's hoping for some min-maxing! 5) Finally Jasnah makes an appear-gah! Wit! And they talk... Edit: Navani, please don't give the shippers fuel 6) Ishar's forces are behind enemy lines, who are sandwiched between him & the coalition over in Emul. I think this might be where the Skybreakers who joined Odium under Nale's guidance strike. Nale still listens to Ishar. Edit: called it! Also battle lines, currently the Fused and co control Alethkar, Iri has joined them, the current force in Emul is presumably the same that ravaged it to get through the south central Rosharan states to Thaylenah. There's also Kharbranth technically, sort of +)Why are the Honorspren withholding their support? What did Restares say to them? 7) welp, Mink for general! 8) more Dustbringers (as promised by Brandon), sounds like they might all be troublemakers, maybe all on the Diagram's side 9) Go Jasnah! Abolish slavery! Also, yeah, Dalinar's really monarchist. Let other Bondsmiths crop up, let them be good leaders, and let them not be Kholins! 10) Finally, the Heralds! Also enter Navani's theological crisis! Ah, Wit being gentle, good, good. Hmm, they still prefer to think of Braize/Damnation and Ashyn/Tranquiline Halls as separate planes of existence rather than planets, or did they simply not connect the dots? Finally, full confirmation that Ishar forged the Oathpact. Oh, deep Realmatics, how much did they know back in Ashyn? A lot, one would assume, given they went nuclear, so to speak. How much of that knowledge still exists on Ashyn? Wonder if the Silence Divine might connect with the Stormlight Archive a bit more deeply, it's set in the same time as the back 5. 11) So Dalinar with current Stormfather who merged with Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow vs Ishar with his Honorblade, will we get it, folks?! Am I smelling a set-up? 12) Okay, what are the Shin doing? Sounds like religion gone out of control, which Brandon does experiment with a lot. Only Jezrien, Nale & Taln's Honorblades are not in their control, and speaking of, we still don't know who has the last one...
  9. When the Aleu fall nameless from the sky
  10. Welcome to the Shard!
  11. Welcome to the Shard! We're happy to have you here with us!
  12. Welcome to the Shard! Yeah, Oathbringer and Emperor's Soul are awesome!
  13. Ah, got it. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, I think, most Worldhoppers probably have access to an Invested Art and the rest probably have access to some tricks to blend in. The Daysiders do have set market hours, called Taisha standard time. I'm sure the Scadrians would still enjoy the novelty.
  14. Real life people stagnate and regress. This just felt more realistic to me. Character struggles are just as interesting to me as magical showdowns.