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  1. I imagine if you move there might be a bit of protuberance visible, dense tattoos could help hide that, I guess
  2. Ooh, that makes Ba-Ado-Mishram even more likely to be Bondsmith capable, she did seem to be integral to Roshar from what Kalak said!
  3. Seons seemed to work just fine in the Fjordell Empire and Sarene's country whose name I forgot and even on Roshar, so I can definitely see that!
  4. You think they're connected to a bunch of other metalminds like a... metalmind-net or metalmind-hive? Hmm... but they themselves were forged of many metals (which in seems weird, now that I think about it) and I think Wax or Marasi would've noticed the connection
  5. There's also this: This situation seemed to have happened to Arsteel / Clod So, yeah that's the current theory
  6. Same! Brandon had said that he had two stories planned on First of the Sun: 1) Sixth of the Dusk sequel (for which we also got an advanced reading) 2) A YA book (this one, called Kingmaker) (there's also the tentatively titled Dust Brigade set on Threnody about people going to try to reclaim the Homeland from the Evil. I'm really looking forward to that one!)
  7. I'll be curious to see if any worldbuilding parts from the prose will be expanded upon, knowing Brandon, the chances are actually pretty high that there'll be something!
  8. It could be possible that Honor fundamentally altered how the other Surges functioned but with the Bondsmith Surges, he didn't change how the Surges functioned, just suppressed them. So, with him gone, or even before that, with him gone cuckoo, Bondsmiths started to be able to access the full potential of their Surges, but the other Surges would remain the same, because they weren't being regulated but were actually fundamentally changed.
  9. Cosmere Terminator: Rise of the Automatons. (Just need to find a way to give them a private network like Skynet)
  10. Probably not, why would a Worldhopper be in the position of the Rosharan Red? I think these are probably two different people. I think one of Chesterton's bandits, or bounty hunters after his bandits, was also named Red. Pretty sure he died though.
  11. I think this tweak is something inherent to Allomancy. It's possible that it might require mechanical Allomancy to pull off, but it shouldn't require other Shards' Investiture to pull of. Honestly, I don't think it would necessitate mechanical Allomancy either, for eg Marsh did talk about how he learned to figure out which of his emotions were being soothed or rioted, iirc, so I think this is also a trick that can be learned. I think that A-Bronze is a tool that can be used to detect active Investiture, with in-built instructions on how to detect Allomancy, so to speak. It can probably detect Allomancy easier because it's from the same magic system.
  12. Not confirmed by Brandon. I don't think you should ask him this though, this is central to the plot, you'll just get a Read And Find Out