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  1. It got moved from being a subforum under Stormlight Archives to an entire forum area, it's above the Cosmere section and below the Brandon Sanderson section https://www.17thshard.com/forum/forum/101-rhythm-of-war-and-dawnshard-spoiler-area/
  2. No problem and welcome to the Shard 10 is a holy number in Vorinism, it's likely just that
  3. The Silver Kingdoms weren't specialized like that. Shinovar was where humans were supposed to live when they came to Roshar, Alethela was "watcher at the rim", with traditions of warfare to be prepared for the Desolations. It happened organically, with time After leaving Urithiru many Radiants settled in Alethela, not just the Windrunners, though there was a large group of them that settled there, giving the Windrunner River it's name.
  4. We don't see a futuristic... building? Spaceship? in the middle of a sandy desert anywhere in OB, or anywhere in Stormlight. The WoK ones could be the Shattered Plains with some artistic liberty, the second part of WoR + first part of OB could be Urithiru with a lot of artistic liberty. I don't know about the first part of WoR though. Doesn't matter, the German covers haven't been very faithful with the source material
  5. Looks good! Unfortunately Dark One isn't currently available in my region
  6. Khriss suspects that Adonalsium was an individual (Secret History)
  7. Like all Selish magics, you need a Connection to the homeland in order to be able to use it, in this case Dzhamar. Shai does note that Bloodsealers come from there and notes the ethnic group's distinct physical features as well as their fraught relationship with their neighbours. No, not all Dzhamarians are Bloodsealers, just like not all MaiPonese are Forgers or all Arelish are Elantrian. The Coppermind is a useful resource for these types of queries: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Bloodsealing
  8. It's not magically enforced, it's culturally ingrained in Shin culture, obeying the carrier of one's oathstone is part of being branded a Truthless, it seems.
  9. A Godmetal but not of Harmony, as confirmed in-book by Harmony in The Bands of Mourning, beyond that we don't have any solid confirmation, only theories. Most people think it's Autonomy or one of her Avatars
  10. Yes, all Forgery require soulstamps: Flesh Forgery (ReSealing) or Soul Forgery or Remembering & object forgery Please use the Coppermind for these queries: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Forgery
  11. I don't remember this scene clearly, but I think he was referring to Sazed here
  12. Since the Ire senior members are all Elantrians, it's plausible that they need Connection to the Dor to sustain themselves, so yeah they might've been drawing in the Investiture that was being pumped into the fortress. It's a reasonable assumption.
  13. Yes, but clearly they've really skilled with Connection they could one day discover a way to make it work I mean they made Connection juice in the sphere that Connected Kelsier to Preservation enough to allow him to become an imperfect Vessel¹. (Stormlight Archive) I could definitely see them making it work. 1: https://wob.coppermind.net/adv_search/?query=ire%2Bconnection