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  1. Someone who has the power to always know the correct actions to perform in order to achieve any set goal. It doesn't matter how moral they were, things are gonna get messy...
  2. Welcome to the Shard, @StevLaJer! It's good to officially meet you!
  3. To add to that, I was rereading Edgedancer today and in the part where Lift encounters Arclo after the Skybreakers' attack, he calls himself "just another refugee..." while referencing themselves as friends to ancient Radiants. Plus, 'Aimian' is a term that apparently refers to two distinct groups: the Siah and the Dysian (the Sleepless) It seems Roshar became a refugee world for some reason. What happened to the homeworlds of these other groups?
  4. Okay, see if this helps We know Rosharans, at least, will survive, in enough numbers to still preserve certain aspects of their culture. We know this from Sixth of the Dusk: We also know that Brandon wants conflux novels, he's talked about Surgebinding during those enough that I think it's safe to assume that the magic too would survive. After all, the Surges are a natural part of Roshar, so I think the planet itself also looks like it might survive. Plus, the backcover blurbs are apparently being written in-world by the Dysian Aimians
  5. And how many times has Brandon simply replied "yes" to a long question basing itself on multiple postulations in an attempt to confirm certain theories which were RAFO'd before? The second part of that WoB actually says "something weird is happening there" and that what's happening isn't exactly Voidbinding.
  6. Shallan blushed as she realized Adolin was shirtless. Adolin looked down. He saw Shallan's eyes darting around his body as he stood there in a loose tank top. "Sorry," Adolin said. "It's okay. I'm just glad you were able to come. It's been too long." She stared at him for a few seconds and finally asked, "Did you get anything for your date?" Adolin laughed. "I got to go home and change." Adolin felt a surge of excitement in his chest. This could really be the beginning of something. He had a friend who he could tell he was really going to care about. He could tell the people who would see him for who he truly was, who would know how much he loved him and how much he cared about him. Adolin thought about how great it would be to be able to share all of that with a woman he cared about. I was expecting that to come out far more... racier
  7. @Ixthos, the Nexuses as Shadesmar representations of the moons? Love it! It finally gives some function to them, they've been bothering me for a while. I think the sun in the Cognitive as a representation of the Spiritual Realm is the most likely to be correct theory. They/It have/has been consistently described in the same manner (not as bright or warm as the Physical sun) and Khriss does use the metaphor of light source, light ray, where the light pools to explain the Three Realms. When I saw the title of the topic, I thought you wanted to shove a celestial body into the Cognitive Realm. I wonder what would happen to a planet's inhabitants if a planet is shoved into the Cognitive Realm. Or to Cognitive entities like spren if we shove a star... or a black hole! into the Cognitive Realm
  8. Truthwatchers do see something, it's in their name! That WoB people use to connect Renarin to Voidbinding is much more open to interpretation. Brandon was asked about Renarin's visions, and he pointed to the chart. I don't think the connection would be as overt as him using one Void Surge and one normal Surge. I've always wondered why Cultivation wouldn't give futuresight, she is supposed to be good at it. Futuresight sounds like something that could happen as an interaction of the Truthwatcher Surges, as Illumination of Progression. I had never considered the Surge × Void wordplay... I'd connected Void as referring to the hole in the Spiritweb that allows Odium in. Intriguing idea though.
  9. autonomy

    "The Sun was the Sand Lord's eye", plus Sand Mastery works anywhere where the star's light can reach the sand. Bavadin is known to use Avatars. It is a theory, one which is plausible, considering the information available, till a better one can be made.
  10. autonomy

    The source of Sand Mastery's Investiture is the Dayside blue giant, so I think Bavadin or at least the most significant portion of Autonomy is on that sun. As the Sand Lord, he is said to allow "Coexistant Contradiction, both light and dark", so the theory of the moon reflecting Autonomy's Investiture to Darkside, though most likely correct, isn't necessary as it still allows for Autonomy to inhabit the white dwarf. Given the faces (plural, different looking) on the clouds in the GN and Sand Mastery's relationship as water forming a temporary bond, I think those too are Avatars of Autonomy.
  11. I don't think I want to know anymore...
  12. If this thread functioned like The Nightwatcher thread... I wish for the next person to change their username to Moash Bam! Insta-win! Also can anyone answer what the storms Ookla means?
  13. theory

    I like this theory, @KandraAllomancer! Though I don't really want more Kholin Radiants and Adolin is such a great character as he is. It would be interesting to see him develop without him developing a Nahel Bond. I don't like the idea of him Bonding Maya either, reviving her, maybe. These spren are called dead, revivals here might not only undermine the narrative weight of the permanence of death but also resolve a lot of tensions that Ashspren and Stoneward spren in particular have against humans for the Recreance. I wouldn't want it to be that easy. I like the idea that both of them are spren that might Bond to the Herald narrators. Stoneward for Taln and Dustbringer for Ash (since Lightweaver is already taken). I think Cultivation's magic might be artificial bindings of the Ten Surges, not just fabrials, it fits with Cultivation's Intent.