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  1. Hello @Truthwatch3r! Welcome to the Shard!
  2. Oblivious
  3. @ftl, you might enjoy this if you haven't already found it yet:
  4. Well that is technically the premise of the Final Empire Joking aside, we probably will get "less good side" victories but complete evil victories doesn't seem very Brandonesque Soft magic, he seems to be dipping his toes into this with Surgebinding's more esoteric effects... who knows? We might get this yet
  5. You are on a roll! Keep up the good work, good sir!
  6. emperors soul

    Sorry I missed your comment on the first read-through! I meant that we know that Shai created something: whether it was an entirely new soul, patchwork for the frayed old one, something to reConnect his body with his Spiritweb, or myriad of other possibilities is what I actually meant by that
  7. emperors soul

    But it's not permanent according to the novella itself, Shai specifically tells Gaotona that he would need to be reStamped and would need to keep the Stamped plate close. And it makes sense that way. The magic is called 'Forgery' after all.
  8. Everyone except Kaladin & Syl, apparently
  9. That is the most popular theory right now. I've jumped on and off that theory multiple times. Guess we'll just have to wait and see
  10. Nice, airguns should definitely be possible via fabrials. The air pressure fabrial sounds good too. I wonder if the same could also work with the Everstorm or how Odium would react to that
  11. Nice ketek! That's certainly a rather unique way of introducing oneself Welcome to the Shard! Things you should know about the Shard.. 1) you can hide your own posts, aside from 'Edit', there should also be 'Options', clicking which will give you the drop-down with the 'Hide' option 2) if you think a thread needs to be moved to a different forum or if someone is harassing you or being very rude, you can report them to the mods by clicking the flag icon Those are the major ones Oh my favourite's Emperor's Soul too!
  12. Good to officially meet you, @Cosmoriente. Which other authors do you enjoy?
  13. emperors soul

    That is what would've happened to Shai, for Ashravan, the result would have been different
  14. Didn't feel right to me either, hopefully we'll get a better understanding of his character in the upcoming book, then there's his own book after that as well