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  1. Well... I used to be concerned that the Cognitive Aspects of Selish people just got vapourised after they died... But that idea of "plasma demons" has given me entirely new concerns. Svrakiss might be really dangerous then
  2. I'm starting to wonder... could Fain be a type of Aether? Also, I don't remember if you saw that theory regarding Elantris’ walls and White Sand... now I'm starting to wonder... what if that's a form of Fainlife? Admittedly, that idea mostly only stems from them being white in colour. And yup, lacrossedeamon, had the same idea! The Evil being a hostile ecosystem makes much more sense for how people managed to escape the continent than a malevolent powerful entity. Bringing Fainlife over to infect another planet might also have given Odium the excuse he needed to attack Ambition. Really looking forward to that Threnody novel! The Evil, the Deepest Ones, the Night Brigade (Dust Brigade sounded cooler, dammit!), and oh boy, isn't that name really interesting after reading the sample of a certain Secret Project
  3. Maybe Hoid used Aon Ene to overwrite the curse rather than actually edit any Aons? (Basically, adding extra modifications of his own and invalidating part of the original modifiers) Like, maybe the Sorceress just stated "the Sorceress' Home", and the Aon had to define what that meant via Intent but Hoid defined the Sorceress' Home as specifically the Rock. Because I don't think Hoid could just delete part of the Aonic structure, if he could then this wouldn't have been a problem in the first place. I'm not sure how curse became verse though... But maybe Aon Ene strikes again? Ene isn't just the 'add modifier' Aon, it also means "wit". Maybe Hoid defined the meaning of Aon Ene to change it into the latter.
  4. Yes! All the yes! That's a beautiful artwork, Hyoukane!
  5. ...I believe Vivenna, Sisirinah / Siri and Fafen also had a brother, though I forget his name So Queen Vivenna of Idris... and Prince Consort (someone look up the guy's name), husband of... uh... Queen Susebr-... Queen Susan? Let's go with Queen Susan
  6. Or... is Susebron going to give up his Divine Breath after Siri dies? It's a possibility But I certainly like the possibility you presented better!
  7. Iirc, in the book, that wasn't the case. Only the base Aon Aon was drawn with the chasm line... but... that might still have been an incomplete Aon, just complete enough to work. I think the Aons might work even better if the chasm line is drawn for every Aon Aon
  8. Wait, was Moonlight = Shai confirmed?
  9. It was a beautiful book! Quite a few amazing quotes regarding the nature of memories that'll stick with me. The setting of the story was amazing. Anyone else's heart just about stopped here? (Ch 60) Because, ouch. But I also kinda wanna read a version of the story where... y'know where I'm going with this It was really great! Brandon has come really far
  10. Excuse me, just listing the Aethers we got so far Twelve Oceans + Twelve Moons + Twelve (Thirteen) Aethers Emerald Sea for Verdant, which grows vegetation Rose Sea for Roseite which grows (silicate?) crystals Sapphire Sea for Zephyr, air Crimson Sea for unnamed, spikes Midnight Sea for Midnight Essence unnamed Sea for Sunlight, light The thirteenth Bone spores Aether (I wonder if that refers to Fainlife? Did Fainlife come from Aethers?) So... the Midnight Mother is a Corrupted Aether Also the Ire built Elantris! Called it! (Hoid needed membership to a group to become Elantrian) I think Hoid was narrating the story to someone from First of the Sun, given how he was talking about magitech and the way he referenced navigation & Aviar That rocket at the end killed me As did the laptops, hah. I think those are Seons? Lightweaving is scary. It really only sank in with the Sorceress using it Aons are really the best magic. Creating geas and transmogrification & mental curses. So scary! White Sand... is making me really curious with how it behaves, it's very similar to Aethers. Also seriously, that magic just looks more and more pathetic with time. Also that's two people (possibly two Dragons) living beneath a sea, studying Aethers (or perhaps Xisis and Foil are the same entity?) Oh and Hoid referred to capital-F Fate again, and referred to her as "her", so... the final Shard? Luhel Bond, a new kind of Bond! Also how the metals influence other magics. It's interesting that Preservation’s alteration of metals? means they have an effect beyond that of the Metallic Arts. First Fabrials, now this. I wonder how the other metals might work with Aethers! First canonical appearance of Dragonsteel! It was mentioned in The Lost Metal that the legend of Ironeyes has spread onto other worlds, kinda like the Cosmere version of the Grim Reaper, but I was still surprised when Triss directly referenced him! Also Hoid said something very alarming: Uh-oh. RIP Rock /just kidding... hopefully
  11. Nope, I don't hate Moash either! There aren't a lot of us, but there are a few!
  12. Reading Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park and Scott Smith's novelization of the Ruins They did not f around Sheesh Brutal
  13. Oops, I missed that it's four including Bjendal
  14. It has a Perpendicularity and is called a "primary system" (Since they counted four... one being Roshar, another obviously being Sel, probably another being Taldain as Autonomy closed the Perpendicularity, and the last being... First of the Sun?)