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  1. The Path and yes, as all the new Scadrian religions share some myths/historical events
  2. Good question. We don't really know much about the workings of Awakening. It seems to work in some primal way, given the focus on Commands. Honestly, I think Awakening might just be an Anything power, bounded only by perception & imagination, and the amount of Breaths required.
  3. Still don't like the way how you think of the spren. They might not be human, but they're definitely people. Regardless, the Sibling viewed human lives as worth less, was consistently rude & demanding. The Stormfather might as well be an inflated balloon with that ego, his measure of the worth of a human life is even worse. The Nightwatcher routinely curses desperate people. I rest my case.
  4. Wanting to believe is a separate thing, imo. I want to believe there's an afterlife too. Too many people die young and/or have messed up lives for me to like that part of the "death is the great equalizer" idea. Do I actually believe in an afterlife? Honestly, I really can't. We're self-sustaining patterns. When the pattern is lost, we are lost. The flame doesn't really go anywhere when it goes out. Yada-yada. Agreed on the rest of it.
  5. Might be answered in Nightblood (the Warbreaker sequel, tentative name), might be answered in a future Stormlight book perhaps. If I had to guess, I'd say Nightblood would still just look like Nightblood: a sword. Why would he have a different perception of himself? He's not a spren, so he doesn't have to have a humanoid body in the Cognitive Realm.
  6. Huh, y'know I'd actually be interested in reading that AU
  7. Ask not whether Navani is worthy of Bonding the Sibling, ask if the Sibling is worthy of Bonding Navani. Seriously, the Bondsmith spren act so petulant, I can't even. And the Nightwatcher might be even worse than the Stormfather or the Sibling as she apparently doesn't have any Connections to Roshar to influence her perception. As for scientific aptitude, we all read Rhythm of War, right? Navani's main role might indeed be to fund research instead of conducting research but she's clearly capable of it. And her political aptitude is also something, she basically ran the kingdom for both her husbands. As for Anti-Light, she may not have been the first to create it, but it's not like she plagiarised off of Gavilar.
  8. Those are very good questions I think either Harmony & the Kandra provide him with the necessities, or he has an in with the Sliverists or perhaps even the Survivorists, via his brother.
  9. Survivorism was probably his way of continuing to fill the religious gap in the new society, as he was planning in the Final Empire, along with a way to mold the future generation and give himself a bit of a power base. As for his personal beliefs, I don't think he has any. He aligns with being agnostic in his belief about the possibility of the existence of (a) higher powers(s) and an afterlife during the Final Empire. Meeting Leras, he wasn't exactly feeling very charitable towards the entity and had no desire to venerate him. Or any other god, for that matter. How he sees faith is quite apparent in his plan, I think. He sees it as a social structure, that's it. As for gods, they are just powerful entities to him. Even understanding Preservation, he only felt empathy, as well as a "okay, so can I use this to my advantage?" His life was a hard one, where he had plenty of cause to hate the very idea of a god. God either existed and let all this happen, or god is personally responsible for all this and needs a shanking (though I don't think he really thought of the Lord Ruler as a god in any way), or there is no god. His death gave him perspective on the gods/Shards. He even became a god for a limited amount of time. I definitely think he's an atheist by now.
  10. Good point. I just remembered, in Secret History, Kelsier swallowed a screw & then gagged it back up after realizing he couldn't burn it, not having a Physical body and all, so I was thinking, it could be that they just do something like that. Assuming they don't just see the inside of their mouth as "inside enough", not knowing how perception plays a part in what exactly constitutes as "inside" for Allomancy, they might just train their children to throw up (no cursed comparisons, plz) ingested metals.
  11. Nah, let someone else do the next one
  12. It's been a day, so sure! It's Allriandre, the girl from The Roughs whose father Wayne accidentally killed, and whose studies he's funding in the Elendel University. He went to her personally, to deliver the money because he thought he deserved to personally bear her hatred.