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  1. That is why it's a popular theory! The Ire were not near Sel's subastral but Threnody's. The Ire mention something about "the powers of Threnody wanting to join the stage" and worried about Shades possibly reaching their fortress somehow
  2. Melishi, no wait Nohadon? No wait, the Elsecaller whose words were recorded in the first few zircon gemstones within the Urithiru gemstone archive?
  3. Jasnah? (with the Veristitalians being her research partners)
  4. Oh? Sounds to me like it is one of them is it Toa?
  5. Was that Cryptic doing the Naruto run? Omg Somebody gotta teach the Cryptics breakdancing in the modern era!
  6. Granted, you get a dog who's somehow also a crazy axe murderer I wish for the ability of complete biological manipulation of my own body
  7. Elantris or one of its three abandoned gateway cities
  8. @Jash, love that asoiaf breakdown, but you forgot Davos! He's also a very morally good character, struggling between moral good and lawful good. Seeing lawful good as the bigger good and the moral good as his own selfishness & ungratefulness towards Stannis. Catelyn is my favourite PoV character too! It's a shame she's so hated by the Asoiaf community for trusting Petyr (whom she grew up with) & her miscalculation with trading hostages (which I think it made sense from Westerosi cultural perspective). The only point against her is her neglect of Jon but again I can kind of understand where she's coming from there. P.S. you can quote multiple posts at once by clicking the "+" button right beside "quote".
  9. I assumed so because of his Noble line and Vin's own potential, but no, I checked too and found nothing
  10. Raoden? (the Elantrians were worshiped in Arelon)
  11. Omg this is awesome!