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  1. It happened to a lot of people today I like the idea of a Odium aligned Nightwatcher like spren
  2. The UK cover has Shallan Shallan's been on the coverart of the French Way of Kings and Oathbringer. Eshonai was in Words of Radiance. RoW is going to have Shallan and Adolin on the Bulgarian cover: https://amp.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/gm50w4/bulgarian_rhythm_of_war_covers/ When can we expect to see the US covers? How long did it take with OB?
  3. I've said similar things about Truthwatchers before. Recently, I made a few comments in response to another topic, regarding the possibility of the banishing light being a combination of a Illumination and Progression, yeah:
  4. Truthwatchers and Lightweavers share the Surge of Illumination. In Oathbringer, Renarin had been having trouble using the Surge of Illumination to craft illusions like Shallan does. While Shallan is a standard Lightweaver, Renarin is not a standard Truthwatcher as his spren is Corrupted, that makes comparisons difficult. We do, however, have another example of potential usage of Illumination by Renarin. In the Battle of Thaylen City, Renarin uses light to banish a Thunderclast. I don't think this is specific to Renarin's unique condition as, like Glys, Ym's spren too told their Radiant that they could make things go away with light when Nale attacked him in WoR. We do know that the Surges have a Spiritual component to them. Shallan using Connection to those she draws for her Lightweaving. Renarin glimpsing into a person's Spiritual and applying it on the Physical body. Both Illumination and Progression have a Spiritual element within them. Perhaps Truthwatchers are more proficient in Spiritual manifestation of their Surges, like the Bondsmiths. We do know that the Surges don't always manifest in the same manner among the Orders that share them. Perhaps this is how the Surge of Illumination manifests in Truthwatchers. Maybe they don't craft illusions. Truthwatchers are more about truth than lies, which are under the purview of the Lightweavers. Alternatively, the banishing light could also be a combination of the Surges of Illumination and Progression, their Resonance perhaps, a cleansing light (might as well go full throttle on that paladin theme)
  5. I think of it as similar mechanics Also, excuse me as I borrow the title format
  6. Could be, that's another popular theory
  7. We do have confirmation that Shallan uses Spiritual Connection when she sketches people, Pattern also refers to inspiring others as transforming them in WoR. She isn't using the Surge of Transformation on them, just convincing them that they can change with the aid from their idealized Spiritual perfect self.
  8. Tien would've loved these:


  9. Did you have to phrase it like that?
  10. Some people theorize that the Sibling might be the spren of stone
  11. Hey

    Welcome to the Shard!
  12. First Dreams is Kaza's ship, Wandersail is Rysn's ship that she was gifted by her Babsk
  13. I think of what you described as a Spiritual manifestation of the Lightweaver Surges, like Dalinar's use of Spiritual Adhesion. I think some Orders were just better or worse at it, just like they are at one Surge or the other.
  14. Welcome to our little corner of the internet
  15. He's called Truthless because he claimed that the Voidbringers were returning. Truthless is part of Shin culture. Being Truthless meant Szeth had to obey anyone who had his oathstone. It's why he's so angry at the Shin leaders that his Ideal of Crusade was sworn against them.