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  1. A fellow man of culture, I see
  2. It does take a while to get used to but it's mostly just hilarious. You can use asterisks if you must, I do.
  3. We can look at other candidates. Hoid's typically a storyteller type character... the Gol?
  4. Welcome to the Shard! Get ready to fall deeper into the rabbit hole!
  5. Maybe he thought 'why not?' He is immortal
  6. He did? Wait did he also have a son?
  7. poll

    @The Hero of Masks, couldn't choose one?
  8. Shoo! Spambot, shoo! 

  9. Wow, today is spambot day

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      Voidus hero confirmed

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      I know right? Usually there’s only one spambot that posts stuff every few weeks but there’s already been three today. I’m also pretty sure most of the mods are asleep :(

      Luna, there's two more

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      And Voidus has once again struck them down with his hammer of white light

  10. 1) This character has faced a main protagonist in combat 2) This character is not Invested 3) This character has stood on the opposite side of a conflict against a member of their family 4) This character has a strong protective instinct and noted to be very brave 5) This character has survived a catastrophic event
  11. Mwahahahahaha, my efforts have not been in vain, a lot of people are leaving without making guesses, difficulty level: ultimate! Seriously though, it's really not an obscure character! Though it isn't a main character either.
  12. I wonder if Hoid has an active role to play in White Sand since he was mentioned in the prose as per Brandon and seems to actually appear in the Graphic Novel It makes sense for the character to be Hoid. He's at the right place at the right time to lead the protagonist into having an epiphany. He's seen near what may be Perpendicularities. His demeanour is very Hoid-like.
  13. They are not the same entities. The Former says something along the lines of that Decay thought he had him imprisoned but the Former was exactly where he would've been anyway, with his people
  14. Understandable really, Decay and the Fell Twins had a nice entrance in the prologue, whereas the Former didn't appear till the end and didn't do much except give exposition The Former was imprisoned due to the Fell Twins creating the Night and Luminous Aethers from some fundamental element (of the Cosmere or the Former's power) called Order and Chaos, as per Decay's plans. The Former was imprisoned within the sources of the Aethers and the Fell Twins within the sources of the two aforementioned divine Aethers. I should tag @Eternal Khol here, he remembers AoN better than I do