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  1. Pencil sharpeners are used for divination. Whether the tip breaks or not can be a great portend of what may come to pass. Though sometimes things snatch the whole pencil away. Beards
  2. Maybe the Perp manifests intermittently in slightly different locations That's sad for the Worldhoppers But it would be cool, wouldn't it?
  3. Oh I think the Highstorm is Honor's Perpendicularity though I also think that would be a bit boring given the loooong tease and RAFOs. I kind of want Honor's Perpendicularity to be the Highstorm's Origin, whatever that may be
  4. Why the self-deprecation? "ask an idiot anything", "because some of us (men) are stupid so even little thing amaze us", in synonym game you used idiot as a synonym for men Men are awesome, though I may be biased, being both from that team and batting for that team
  5. Dai-Gonarthis is as good as confirmed to be an Unmade by Jezrien in OB. The Death Rattles also seem to confirm it. And yes, the Unmade are Odium's super-spren. There are nine because they are missing a Bondsmith equivalent. Though there isn't a clear one-to-one parallel between the Orders and the Unmade. Roshar was originally created by Adonalsium, many of the spren were there before Honor and Cultivation's arrival, though they were different than as they are now. Stormfather confirmed that he existed before Honor, though he wasn't as aware back then. The Sibling, given its name, could be a mix of both Honor and Cultivation, a sibling to both The Stormfather and The Nightwatcher.
  6. We technically don't have explicit confirmation that the Highstorm is Honor's Perpendicularity or sometimes the Shades on Threnody form a Perpendicularity. Those are educated guesses / very well-informed theories.
  7. @TheOnlyBenEver, who's your most favourite character so far?
  8. Whoa, I did not see that one coming. Yeah, I think that should be possible, though maybe not on the same scale, with Nightblood being one of the most Invested things that isn't a Shard.
  9. Welcome to the Shard! 

  10. ..Yes? Oh right! We don't know what attribute(s) Trellium can steal Hemalurgically
  11. Not all women of Roshar wear a safehand pouch. It's a Vorin tradition (Alethkar, Jah Keved, Thaylenah, Kharbranth, Herdaz (to some degree)) that arose sometime after the Recreance.
  12. I just got a new idea for what Ettmetal might do Hemalurgically: I think Ettmetal would behave like... somewhere in the middle between Atium (steal any power) and Lerasium (steal all abilities), allowing you to steal multiple attributes of your choice
  13. Some people suspect that Trellium's Allomantic ability is exactly what we see them being used for with Southern tech: to copy other Allomantic metals.