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  1. So I think I understand the reasoning behind wanting to abolish the knights radiant. The reasons being that Honor was crazy, and saying they would destroy roshar, they lobotomized the parshmen, then found out humanity were the original voidbringers. However, is there any reason why the knights radiant wouldn't try to make a deal with their spren to stop forming bonds with humans? If they could not break there bonds without killing their spren why not make a pact saying. "After we die, you stay in shadesmar, do not bond with anymore humans." The reason I bring this up is that they are bonded and have deep relationship with their spren. I feel like the spren would potentially understand that surge bonding is dangerous, especially with Honor raving about it. Wouldn't the knights radiant would have a hard time talking about potentially killing their spren without trying to negotiate with them at all?
  2. That is interesting. If that is true and the spren had input it makes me wonder why the windrunners and stonewards spren would want to be "disposed of" out in one big group where dalinar saw them in his vision. I always assumed the other orders left their spren(Shard blades) in hidden locations, Although I could be wrong about that, do you think the stonewards and windrunners spren wanted their "corpses" to be used by other humans?