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  1. I want to join. Forger please. If possible, Bloodsealer too. Essence Marks: Basic utility ones like becoming a brass Ferring or a bronze Ferring(one at a time), personas(detailed below), and one-offs(pretend to be a noble, etc) Personas: Chromium compounder(if too OP, let me know), copper Ferring that was a scholar and historian so knows a lot. If possible, I also want a Lightweaver 1st Ideal. This last one is optional, depending on the power level of the campaign.
  2. I think Allomancy and Feruchemy would work as normal because Allomancy is similar to Breath in how people receive power from the Shard and Feruchemy is giving to your future self, but Hemalurgy as it exists now would not work because Endowment's magic focuses on willing sacrifice. The system would probably be altered to work with willing sacrifice, like the giving of Breath. Breath would still work as normal because it is like Allomancy. EDIT because the site posted it early: Spiking Breath would be the equivalent of mugging. Unsealed Nicrosilminds would be a new way to sell Breath since you wouldn't have to give all of it anymore. The real question is what Edglium and its alloys would do. If Edglium was condensed Breath, an Edglium Misting would be very wealthy especially in tandem with Nicrosilminds.
  3. You have become Brian David Gilbert. What happens when they remember war?
  4. So, I was discussing morality with my brother and we somehow got on this topic. He, being a generous person, said this: 1. Make everyone generous(defined as maximizing happiness) 2. Make necessities plentiful for everyone 3. Prevent weapons of mass destruction from being created. I had drastically different answers: 1. Make everyone utilitarian. 2. Make everyone egalitarian. 3. Make everyone more aware of their impact on the world(climate change, etc.) What would you do? Don't think about it, just reply with things of the top of your head. That's what we did.
  5. It is possible, see "Last Christmas" from Doctor Who. Basically, the people in the dream can interact, but they usually have a history in the context of the dream, don't know each other in real life, and don't remember specific details well enough to find each other. Finding a person you know in a dream is very rare, but information sharing is theoretically possible if a person has a really good memory. Psychology is very split on this topic. Some say that the other personalities are just fragments of the mind and are not other, but some say that the other personalities are manufactured egos made for protection. The manufactured egos side is winning in the general populace because no one really wants to think that they are broken. The imagination is a doorway, though the connection is weaker since your senses are still attuned to the Outside. There is an ongoing debate on whether authors create worlds or dream about worlds. Not even the Denizens know. The Denizens prefer the dream theory while the Outsiders prefer the creation theory.
  6. @_Stick_ I meant analysis points. Probably could have worded that better.
  7. Absodel sat in the corner, not really contributing anything to the conversation. He was a practitioner of medicine, not a detective. Studying Epic biology was very informative, and the traitors threatened his internship. Sadly, he was not good at analyzing people or determining ill intent. He would probably die very early on to the filthy traitors. He sighed and listened to the chatter. The black market prices had changed and there was some talk of following tradition and lynching Striker Already Suspicious, of the already Suspicious clan. Lynching that clan seemed to be very common in the multiverse. Absodel sighed and tossed a scalpel over and over. He was obviously terrible at finding traitors. No one seemed suspicious in the slightest, except maybe Lemon for suggesting killing Striker for no reason. This was so hard. He walked out of the room with disappointment weighing down his heart. He wished he was better at reading people's minds. He wouldn't be able to return to the discussion for a while, so he hoped nothing incredibly important happened while he was gone. He regretted his absence, but his aunt from the state of California was visiting, and they were going to watch a movie about a walker of skies rising amidst a war of stars. He bid his fellow assistants farewell and left for home. His aunt was waiting. Just getting in my 150 words of RP. Like I have previously stated, I have no suspicions, sadly. Going to see Rise of Skywalker!
  8. Binoculars are pretty, though they help village slightly more than elim since the elims are the ones making suspicious actions. The smoke bomb would be helpful for elims, but being a one use item, it would be hard to get consistently. Strongbox seems pretty good, especially since it is so cheap. Gun seems the least useful since it is so expensive, there is only one, and it is one use. Bullet-proof vest seems really good for village, less for elims since the gun is the only village kill.
  9. Absodel took off his bloody gloves carefully before removing his lab coat. He washed his tools carefully, since blood would ruin the blade. As he left the doctor's office, he stared at each of the other assistants. Some of them were traitors. As he left the room, he made a note of the black market. Useful. Maybe he would stop by later. Sorry for not posting for a while. I have no suspicions. All the things I thought of have already been said. Guess I won't be getting any points this round.
  10. As Corenar walked into the shadows, he said, "Tell Mike to stop worrying so much. He'll give himself a heart attack." As he went deeper into the city, he took a moment to stop and take a small stamp out of his bag. It had been a day, so he had to reapply the mark. The stamp sunk into his skin. He twisted it and removed it. Shrugging his coat back on, he continued forward.
  11. Corenar frowned. If Mike was a natural shapeshifter like a Siah Aimian, his powers weren't based on Investiture and couldn't be spiked out, as far as he knew. Practically worthless. He glanced at the shadow before turning to go.
  12. "Are there more of you?" Corenar asked. "Would you exist without spikes? Or do the spikes simply grant the ability to change forms? Did Mike have personas before the spikes? If I spiked myself with those spikes, would you be part of me?"
  13. Corenar stared at Snake. She appeared to be female, though the last sentence sounded male. "I want answers. Always answers." The fangs were quite evidently snake teeth. Were they poisonous? Was her tongue a scent organ? Who was the other speaker? He pulled his hand back in a peace gesture. "We'll just talk for now."
  14. Congrats to Elbereth. So, now we must decide. Will we unite behind the kandra win or slaughter each other mercilessly?