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  1. I will indeed be participating.
  2. You're probably right about the Striker and Bloodsealer. I could make the arbiters' win-con to kill the forger and nix the scan. I could also have the arbiters turn against each other once the Forger dies. I would probably need a policy of anonymity in the doc, then. If the emperor becomes an NPC, then an argument could be made for removing that plotline from the game entirely, thus making it not identical to Emperor's Soul. Glory Faction needs to kill the arbiters, village faction needs to kill the Glory Faction, arbiters don't revive the king. Make the Forger need to kill Frava?
  3. Behold, a SE Emperor's Soul game I typed up over the course of an hour, complete with notes about my failings. Please help.
  4. Yes, I did read the whole thing. It took me 20 minutes, but I read incredibly quickly. After I read it again, I'll critic it more, but trust me, it was great. Here's some advice for writer's block: Just smash your head against your keyboard until you write Shakespeare. Seriously though, no matter what you write, I'm sure it will be amazing. Just write random nonsense and cut what fails.
  5. This is a lovely piece of work. I'll do another reading to check for errors, but this is marvelous. I look forward to reading more.
  6. That was amazing. It was an honor to play with all of you. Orlok is obviously an SE god and should be worshipped for the capability to discover most of the elim team at the start. DeTess held the village together. Matrim was an excellent Winsting, and yes, Pyro did immediately copy-paste your PM claim into the elim doc, including the section about please not outing you to the elims. Experience, sorry for ensuring your demise, but in my defence, if the inactives hadn't returned, we would have won the next cycle, so... Bugsy, you were great, even if we completely controlled you for a while. Claiming in thread was a bold move. Thank you to everyone for playing. If I don't have specific things to say about you, just assume I have an incredibly verbose speech extolling your virtues. And Joe, great and Mighty Game Master, I bow and grovel at your feet in worship. Your game was marvelous, suspenseful, and spectacular. Thank you for including the writeup Mist and I wrote, and putting High Noon as the title. Unrelated sidenote: Does anyone have any advice to skin a game to be Sanderson-related? I'm trying to make a Quantum Werewolf game, but I have no idea what roles/factions/world to do. Also, I would like to hire a person with mad spreadsheeting skills. Maybe @Orlok Tsubodai?
  7. Archivist. Disperse. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. We're in the endgame now.
  8. Out of all the fantastical horrific worlds we dream of, this is the world we live in. I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  9. There will never be anyone like you.
  10. You are a good person worthy of much love and respect.
  11. So unless something miraculous happens, we are going to lose. There are two elims left, one is BR, one is unknown. I don't know who the last elim is. I don't really suspect Emi or Mist, and trying to lynch an inactive is a shot in the dark. Does anyone have any suspicions?
  12. So we probably have 2 elims left, BR and an unknown. Matrim suspected Zillah, and that seems like the best suspect we have, unless anyone has any new suspicions? @Matrim's_Dice You can kill this cycle, correct? You should probably kill BR so we don't have to waste a lynch on a confirmed elim.
  13. I wrote this analysis before Matrim claimed and analysed. If anything is invalidated, ignore it. Given 7-9 elims at the start, there would be 2-4 elims now. I think we confirmed BR as an elim, so worst-case scenario, 1-3 active elims. Even if all of them are active, the game will not end this cycle. The following analysis is assuming that no current inactives return and that all the unknown elims are active. Assuming 4 elims now, three of which are active: Currently 3-3. We lynch an elim, they kill an active villager, 2-2. Need 4*3/5 = 2.4 elims to vote disperse. If the GMs round down, we lose. If they round up, we lynch an elim, they kill an active villager, 1-1. Need 2*3/5 = 1.2 elims to vote disperse. If we have vote manipulation, we win. If we don't, everyone dies. End state: Elims win OR LyLo. @A Joe in the Bush are you rounding down for the disperse votes needed? Assuming 3 elims now, two of which are active: Currently 4-2. We lynch an elim, they kill an active villager, 3-1. Need 4*3/5 = 2.4 elims to vote disperse. We lynch an elim, we win. ALTERNATE TIMELINE: Currently 4-2. We mislynch, they kill an active villager, 2-2. Turns into above state. End state: One mislynch from LyLo Assuming 2 elims now, one of which is active: Currently 5-1. We lynch an elim, we win. ALTERNATE TIMELINE: We mislynch, they kill an active villager, 3-1. Turns into above state. End state: 2 mislynches from LyLo. EDIT: Having read Matrim's post, I realize I have neglected to account for the possibility of several inactive elims. Give me a few minutes to analyse that scenario. Also, I agree that Experience is probably our most likely suspect given that Orlok is a brilliant individual who has been right about nearly everything. EDIT2: Cancel analysis. It just turns into the next scenario down.
  14. I have returned from a period of dormancy! Why are we lynching Megasif? I mean, I think lynching two people at a time is a good idea, but I don't really understand the suspicion on Megasif. To maintain the tie, I'll leave the votes as they are.
  15. Since there were probably 7-9 elims at the start and three are dead, there are currently 4-6 elims. Since BR is inactive and therefore asleep, only 3-5 could vote to disperse. We are safe from dispersal this round but everyone needs to talk so more people are awake. Just post something, even if it's crem. Like me! Posting meaningless platitudes that sound vaguely helpful is exactly what you should do!