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  1. So Sart and Kidpen were the last few who voted on Elkanah. @Kidpen, you said you would elaborate on your reasons but never got back to it. @Sart, you acted in "self-preservation" and yet you were already preserved at the time of your vote change. Many of these last votes can be explained as a wish for a lynch rather than a lock-up, however. I do not suspect either of the people tagged in this message at the moment.
  2. Sart and I have played a few games together, though I don't think either of us left a lasting impression on the other. He probably doesn't remember me well enough to recall my modus operandi. However, as I am a contender for dying, I will leave my vote on Sart until someone else surpasses me in votes. Also, apologies for the following: HASASAANUUIXWGDJWVOQXJOBZRLUJTSRSCCFPLDJOQIKXPZJHAEXMCAQAPADBPRCGMXDJBSRKHEKGCVLSIZRLZZWMVPFBPANSRKHTTOCWQLBNQGFEKTFALDRJAMKHCVXCGIXADUBWMEXKRSRKHKPULVNVXSAWOIOIAHBZWMVPFBPANSRKHHAYGSFEQJBYNMKUSLZNDKRMVPFBPANLXPLDFVLZCTRSRHAWBYNMKUSLZJUWAGFKQFESUSRKHJGYCXWAQANHRXDBQKPQILZXXCWPCCJRBFBPFQCEXMPJJMMSFQILZFIMXCSWUWEKCSRKH
  3. All reasoning is mostly guesswork on D1. Sart currently has the most votes, and I want a lynch so we can evaluate. A lock-up gets us nothing D1. Even if the Sart bandwagon is suspicious, we can't get enough people on anyone else but me at the moment, and I don't want to die.
  4. Do we want a lynch or an imprisonment? If we want an imprisonment, then leave the votes where they lie. If we want a lynch, RNG votes should be moved to Sart or myself. I will vote for Sart because I want a lynch.
  5. For future notice, some of the codes were encoded by performing the decoding process on the plaintext instead of the encoding process.
  6. I do apologize for the codes. Consider them a PM between TGK and myself, and therefore of no use to any of you. They have nothing of importance as of yet. No one has said that I actively disagree with, so I agree with everything. PMs can remain secret. Just a side note, ambivalence is my customary playstyle, so I do not think it is indicative of my alignment. If the players want to kill me, then let my death be a worthy one and the write-up be magnificent.
  7. @Sart Perfectly reasonable. To counter your arguments, I hereby support not revealing PMs. EDIT: @The_God_King 069112102032102116121109114032120121119120101032108122106114110099113098101032105106032082111114032116118032098032083117106112046032065101112032105111112032111119032103111104099032088078106032097099113118114032108118101032121101099120102104119063
  8. Okay, Striker. If you're really bothered by my codes with TGK, I'll add filler content to the top. Agree with everything, etc. Revealing PMs loses us nothing, as they were randomized and conversations can be lied about. Hiding PMs also loses us nothing. @The_God_King 068113111116101032101119032111097112032097102118109106032113110103112122102106116118108032105097032116118116103101116098105097114032119118105032099102108101044032086032113109102099032115114110101032118121032122102109101114116105097114032098105118032105117109110103116098122032102102032107112101032098101112102105032112118122115098121046032081103032112111108032105103101112109044074032110105099116032115117108122102032107104122097032112114099097112101032119122098104032108122099032098101100032112119117032112108118032110114107118032098104114032065085032117102110122111104103046013010
  9. @The_God_King 084032112098109101032117113115112122100102105101117032098104114032116108102101116122098121032098113032105111102116121109114032098113032119118105032107122118100046032074112032118102118100032114032088077032111112098120118101101032103111104032108118101032107104122097032112114099097112101032097101108032109114032108118101032112111108046032075111113112097032098105101032107119111032114108097106099121032121105099120112108046013010
  10. @The_God_King 088032108103114110116032065032103098105032097115044032107117099032111104110105032111122098032116113119032115114114103109109032113100119115103120103109032099104110032102117122113119113098032100110117111113116118032115120063
  11. @The_God_King T avxgvat n AU bed r aepzverrp talpz pw eekrlabjfn.
  12. Tn zfu bvoj epf bep, goh siwv dzacbgmsvd dg rbwm. Svsgwnq hquy tym snxm lvy kw vrcqgp yfcr vomokikg.
  13. Okay. There is a faction whose goal is to convert all players. If we're in Emperor's Soul, just skin it as a Forger clan or something. Conversion works as an analysis and a final stamping over a day and a night(because you have to know someone to forge their soul). The analysis is over the day, and it makes half of the faction lose their votes(determined randomly). The stamping is a night action.