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  1. 1. Congratulations to Eric & Jess! 2. Why was there a gap between Odium wounding Ambition and her death? The most plausible explanation is intervention by another shard (Justice/Judgement). Odium splinters this third shard and the investiture tied to it and an unstable perpendicularity is left on Threnody (compare with Honor's unstable perpendicularity on Roshar). 3. If shattering and splintering change the laws of magic in cosmere then Hoid telling Frost "The old rules no longer hold" makes a lot more sense. You will notice Frost doesn't challenge Hoid about this claim. 4. What if Mistborn Era 1 is the story of cosmere on a much smaller scale? Some similarities: an all powerful oppressor (Adonalsium and Lord Ruler) is destroyed by a ragged group of rebels (Hoid plus the sixteen future vessels and Kelsier's crew) who have no idea what forces they have unleashed. Bonus parallel: whoever Hoid lost (see his conversation with Frost) could correspond Mare.
  2. First a bit of background from Wikipedia: Here is an excerpt from a 1997 interview with one of the most prominent members of the group, Pierre Cartier, in which he talks about Bourbaki's attitude towards visual illustrations (I have attached the insert mentioned early on): I doubt that Brandon was thinking of Bourbaki when he was creating the character but I think their point of view fits Jasnah's character perfectly. Here is the reference to the original published interview, in case anyone is interested: Senechal, Marjorie. "The Continuing Silence of Bourbaki-An interview with Pierre Cartier, June 18, 1997." Mathematical Intelligencer 20, no. 1 (1998): 28.
  3. @Lunu’anaki Here is Odium talking to Dalinar: Aside from that concept of Justice/Judgement always includes the idea that it is free from passions/emotions. The fact that you may need emotions/passions to execute a judgement is a separate matter. Which is why I didn't mention Wrath or Vengeance as possible shard.
  4. @Calderis the weaker the initial non-interference pact, the stronger the argument that Odium's plan makes no sense. After all it means the coalition against him will form sooner rather than later. Also you miss my point, to illustrate it take an extreme case: suppose Odium is wildly successful he manages to escape his prison on Braize, splinters Cultivation, Harmony, Endowment and Autonomy. There are still six shards out there, they are not going to sit as he gets to them one by one. They would get together and attack him and if Odium is afraid of Harmony, he should be terrified senseless from a combined six shard attack.
  5. This doesn't really impact the point I am making regarding the irrationality of Odium's behavior. But here is the WoB we found via Coppemind and discussed on discord:
  6. @Inky Here is the WoB I had in mind: Do you have a WoB for that? Because otherwise why would Honor fight him?
  7. If anything Odium would be the opposite of a Justice/Judgement shard. In conversation with Dalinar Odium singles out the Skybreakers as the order most distant from him. Honor is closer to Justice but it is quite distinct, Justice imposes obligations on persons regardless of whether they have made a promise or formed a bound, in that way would be much more demanding. Moreover certain bonds and oaths would be unjust even if both parties agreed to it. *** I see a lot of responses have delved into complex theories. My simple idea was to look at divine attributes that exist across cultures and see which one we have not seen. The aim was to start a discussion about god's characteristics across religions and cultures not another general thread speculating about the remaining six shards.
  8. I am puzzled by this. The only rule we know of is the non-interference pact. Currently Odium is not playing by the rules but everyone else is. However if Odium splinters more shards the rest of them will stop playing by the rules, they will get together and splinter him. Even more puzzled by this: 1. The death of Honor has resulted in Odium's imprisonment so he has paid a price. 2. Harmony is not powerless as you imply, in fact we have a WoB to the effect that Odium is scared of Harmony. 3. Endowment is not in denial, she believes Odium's prison is working, she adds at the end of her letter that if Odium escapes he will be dealt with. Since one on one shard battles are very risky I take that as an indication that she is already part of an anti-Odium coalition that will spring into action if Odium manages to escape his current prison.
  9. Odium's original plan sounds simple enough: go around and take out the other shards one by one. Except this doesn't make sense. To see that suppose Odium has just finished splintering a shard and that increased his count to nine splintered shards in total. At that point does Odium really expect the remaining six shards to wait patiently until he gets to them one by one because of the non-interference pact? What is much more likely is that the remaining six band together and form a coalition to splinter Odium (and nine is a high number I expect the coalition to form much earlier).
  10. On second thought I don't think Mercy and Devotion have much in common. Devotion is a neutral term, everything depends on what is the object of devotion, someone could be devoted to something quite cruel for example.
  11. I wish there was more discussion about Autonomy/Bavadin's franchising model. Is that a consequence of the intent of the shard? Or is it a preference of the vessel?
  12. The way I am thinking about this the difference between the vessel and the power is not significant. I want a conscious planet, whether that is the result of Sel becoming a vessel for the two shards or high levels of investiture trapped in the planet forming a collective consciousness, doesn't matter!
  13. @Karger Thanks for posting that! But what does "playing semantics" exactly mean here?
  14. I imagined a 30-45 minute long video with hosts who have had experience asking Brandon questions and interacting with him in person. Since Brandon "won't be touring for #Starsight or signing during the holiday season" you could release this as a 30 minute Christmas special so fans can be ready once Brandon turns in Stormlight 4 draft and starts touring and signing again. Finally given the nature of discussion this could be the first official episode of Pedantacast: A Shardcast Miniseries!
  15. In Asimov's Foundation series Gaia is a planet that has become a super organism with a single collective consciousness. Given the quote above maybe Sel is slowly moving in that direction?? Imagine a future in which the planet Sel is not only a conscious entity but also the vessel holding the shards of devotion and dominion ...