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  1. I don't control this text editor yet, excuse me, don't know how to remove the [sp0piler][/sp0iler]
  2. Hello! Good job there! I assume this is done with unreal engine, right? If so, do you program with C## or blueprints? I, and I think that many more people here, will be greatly pleased if you keep sharing the updates on this project Also if you need a hand, I'm about to finish a career in Videogame design, and I know a thing or two abot programming (in unity c# tho and blueprints in UE, not c++) (but I don't think you need any help with the technical part, I might say). Cheers man!
  3. Hey! Welcome! I'm also new here. Holly molly amazing maps you did there! We'll see around Pd: My fav characters are also Kaladin like you, but I go bananas with Hoid.
  4. @AonEne I don't know what that is but I'm interested! Thank you all for the warm welcome! :3
  5. Hi! So far my favourite book is "The way of kings", also "the final empire" and "Legion" were really amazing too. Which are yours if I may ask?
  6. Hello! I'm a big fan of Sanderson, I'm on the way of reading all his books (almost), some I've read alreade multiple times (mistborn 5 times, stormlight archive 3 times...) and I've thought that this may be a good forum for me, if it's full of people with my passion. Also, I've been writing and telling small stories since child, I started to create a world five years ago, and when I discovered the youtube videos about sanderson teaching, I've re-started the project with enthusiasm We'll see each other around here Pd: forgive me if I do any mistakes writing, I'm from Catalonia/Spain :3