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  1. I'm... frankly a little taken aback. Based on your sarcasm and your refusal to "argue further" (were we arguing?), I seem to have offended you in some way, yet I've no idea how I managed to do so, even after rereading the conversation. I did explicitly state that that my "theory" was headcanon. I was just giving my personal opinion, which I then backed up with arguments. I only mentioned my opinion because I wanted to put it forth as another possible perspective. I did not mean to by so doing, insult either you or your theory, just offer an alternative that will never be proven either way. I agree that "The greater bring, if it exists at all, would exist outside and Beyond Adonalsium's universe." I thought that was a given... (?) I was arguing that Adonalsium does not have the property of Aseity and that, since he obviously does not, he cannot be "all-powerful," since you cannot have one without the other. (A being which is not necessary must have come into existence, since it came into existence, some other power must have made it or allowed it to be formed. Hence, it is a secondary being and less powerful than whatever caused it to exist.) Any all-powerful being must also have necessary existence, otherwise it could not possibly be all-powerful. Adonalsium does NOT have necessary existence, hence he cannot be all powerful. So yes, aseity is not necessary -- in fact, I would say it can be demonstrated that Adonalsium does not possess it.
  2. Concerning the gnosticism, here's a quote I found intriguing, particularly because of some familiar terms: If something like this occurred, it makes intuitive sense -- Adonalsium could be the Demiurge -- something that thinks it is a creator god, but in fact is a flawed creation. This would explain both why people wanted to destroy it and why they could destroy it -- because its not actually all-powerful. Edit: WHOOPS. Just now noticed that this has already been addressed:
  3. My personal headcanon on the matter is that Andonalsium is simply a very powerful being, not a true "infinite creator god". After all, a being who is truly omnipotent would have to have the property of aseity (necessary existence) and thus couldn't, even hypothetically, be "shattered." To say that a necessary being shattered is like saying "a married bachelor" or "a round square" -- it is a meaningless sentence and not something that could hypothetically happen. An omnipotent, omniscient being could not even "will" themselves to shatter anymore than they could will "all mimsy were the borogroves," because the sentence contains no meaningful content. Furthermore if (per impossibile) a necessary entity responsible for instantiating the universe were to be destroyed everything it created ex nihilo would also be destroyed (since its continued contingent existence must be upheld by said entity in order for it to, you know, KEEP existing). So I conclude that anyone who thinks Andonalsium was omnipotent, in story, is as wrong as the people who thought Honor was omnipotent and eternal. He was certainly on a different order of power from the shards (perhaps even uniquely powerful), but he could not have been infinitely powerful. If you were to combine the powers of all the Ainur from The Silmarillion into one being, I think he would be on about that power level. Realistically, we'll never get a straight answer about this from Brandon. He's made it clear from his "God beyond" stuff that there might be other, more powerful forces out there, but that he's not willing to explore that territory, because that would be straying into conflict with real-world beliefs. So for story purposes, Andonalsium is top dog, but not necessarily top god.
  4. I don't think he NEEDS to splinter Autonomy - as far as I can tell, Autonomy seems to have essentially splintered itself into many, many sub-personalities, to the point where it even outright says that if Hoid had contacted another one of its aspects with the letter, the response might have been different. At this point, I question whether there is even a coherent shard to be attacked, instead of pieces of power held by many splinters, often working at cross-purposes There are several possibilities that might explain Odium's odd plan: 1) He may not have a choice. I can't imagine, for example, that Ambition wouldn't have wanted to take all the Shard's for itself, even if that were a suicidally stupid goal. Odium's intent is wrath -- he probably can't help but want to kill them all, even if he probably won't win. 2) Odium may have help. There are some hints he is allied with Autonomy. We KNOW he is allied with at least one other force in the Cosmere. 3) The intents of the other shards might not be very helpful in combat. We know Odium has a priority list of Shards to attack, with Ambition at the top. He probably has already destroyed those shards he considered most powerful and able to stop him. If the remaining six all have intents that make them absolutely worthless in combat, he may still have a chance. 4) He may have access to weapons or information that would make it easier to shatter shards. Six against one only works if they are equals; if one man is holding a gun, it doesn't matter that he is facing six unarmed men. 5) He may reasonably anticipate that other Shards would be unwilling to work with each other. Perhaps some are natural enemies, or are even already at war with each other. I would find it odd if Preservation and Ruin were the only shards other than Odium to attack another Shard. 6) We really have no proof, as Elegy mentions, that all six are unshattered. We know of four shattered shards and I think the "halfish" comment implies there may be about 6-10 shattered. For all we know, many of the hidden six could already be dead. 7) A shard does not need to be dead to be incapacitated. Some may be insane, impotent, no longer really in control of their power, or trapped like Odium. 8) Some shards may not be aware any other shards have been shattered at all; maybe they chose to isolate themselves from outside contact and ignore the wider Cosmere. They don't seem to automatically know what everyone else is doing just because they are Shards; Harmony seems to be downright unaware of what's going on until Hoid contacts him. 9) He may have plans to turn other shards against each other. He understands hatred very well, after all. 10) Alternatively, having the other shards join together to stop him may be all part of the plan... In summary: We don't know enough to conclude his plan is flawed. We don't know enough about the politics involved and we don't know enough about Odium's power or allies to draw any trustworthy conclusion. Further, it is entirely possible it IS flawed (or deranged), but he might still be willing to attempt it. As a side note: I would argue you are likely correct in pointing out that something weird is going on, but I think its a plot point, not a plot hole. Odium's plan likely has layers we don't know about yet...
  5. Maybe they captured technology that allows drone production? It's one thing to train people to fly when they could potentially be killed, but if the trainees can't actually be killed while practicing...? Then again, if they had drones, they probably wouldn't risk pilots on manned missions either.
  6. This theory is terrifyingly plausible sounding. If I were an author I would want to make my readers grow to love the world itself and then show them how it died. I always thought would be extra horrifying if we had gotten to know Alderaan before it was destroyed... Even the fact that the Herald's viewpoints are saved for books 5-10 makes sense! They were refugees and their viewpoints would fit into a post-apocalypse story nicely, as a comparison. You win Most Horrifying Theory. Now someone please disprove it quickly, for my sanity...
  7. Didn't that happen after the Sibling withdrew? The Urithiru archive has several gemstones that talk about their plan as if it had not been executed and they left because the sibling withdrew according to others. "My research into the cognitive reflections of the spren at the tower has been deeply illustrative. Some thought that the Sibling had withdrawn from men by intent- but I find counter to that theory." "The wilting of plants and the general cooling of the air is disagreeable, yes, but some of the tower's functions remain in place. The increased pressure, for example, persists." "Something is happening to the Sibling. I agree this is true, but the division among the Knights Radiant is not to blame. Our perceived worthiness is a separate issue." "A coalition has been formed among scholar Radiants. Our goal is to deny the enemy their supply of Voidlight; this will prevent their continuing transformations, and give us an edge in combat." "Our revelation is fueled by the theory that the Unmade can perhaps be captured like ordinary spren. It would require a special prison. And Melishi." "Ba-Ado-Mishram has somehow Connected with the parsh people, as Odium once did. She provides Voidlight and facilitates forms of power. Our strike team is going to imprison her."
  8. Well, yes, I don't really think that I could tell something like that from a single wish! But my interpretation of the Nightwatcher is that she is supposed to be "cultivating" people with her boons and banes, so I think she could plausible come to just such a misinterpretation and given someone a terribly disproportionate curse they don't even need! Sorry if I gave offense!
  9. We grant to you the following Boon: A book that contains all Brandon's information on the Spiritual Realm, updated as he changes it. You reveal it to everyone, but Brandon eventually realizes and changes how everything works. This doesn't work, because the book is still updated. Fortunately, Brandon is more clever than you and rewrites things so that there IS no spiritual realm. Your book is now blank and as soon as Brandon figures out how to fix the mess you've made of all his careful planning (which delays the publication of some of his books for years), he's going to track you down and sue you for stealing his ideas. Now for your Bane...Since you wish for knowledge not your own, you need to be... cultivated... to help you realize how those you steal from feel. An object lesson should help you. From now on, all your own secrets are revealed to those you most want to keep them secret from. In face-to-face conversations, this takes the form of a giant neon sign floating over your head. Darn it. Out typed. Appropriate, considering your wish. For your Boon: We grant a dictionary-like knowledge of the correct spelling of all words, correct, and perfect punctuation -- in fact, perfect editing skills. Further, as a reward for fast typing, you can sense mistakes in any text before reading it. The downside, of course, is that now you cannot stand anything with even the slightest misspelling or inaccuracy, since your new-found skills act somewhat like OCD. Another problem is that the rules of spelling and grammar are known to you for ALL languages, past and present, and slang, and you are constantly receiving updates which are often completely contradictory or vague. This is incredibly annoying and sometimes its hard to tell which rules are "official" (hint: more commonly accepted rules feel stronger). On the plus side, you can probably get a job as Brandon's editorial assistant. Now for your Bane: I judge that you are probably full of a desire to appear accurate in all you say or do and thus full of self-consciousness. Therefore, for your bane, you are now prone to foolish blunders while talking. You forget all proper social customs at unfortunate times, you constantly insult others by mistake, and you generally act like the ten fools, especially Eshu. Hopefully, you will learn to come to terms with lack of perfection... Or not. Your choice. I wish for diligence.
  10. I agree with the broad strokes, though Brandon likely has some twists to shake this up. My only major adjustment is that I think there was some sort of terrible inciting incident that led the humans to be justly mad at (some) Singers -- i.e. perhaps they were ill-treated in some manner by certain Singers afraid of their power. I think only something that really made the humans angry would interest Odium enough to bother helping them. Whether or not this happened before or after some left Shinovar I don't think we can guess. Interestingly, this does leave the question of where the Singer-Human hybrid races come in. Some, like the Horneaters, appear to have been hunted and persecuted, forcing them to flee. The Horneaters notably don't believe in Voidbringers, suggesting that perhaps they either were not greatly involved in the fighting or did not see either side as a true enemy. Another missing piece of the puzzle: Why are the Singers so mad that "...their betrayal extended even to our gods: to spren, stone, and wind."? Its one thing for mindless spren to favor humans and thus "betray" them, but what of the others? (I'm assuming this probably refers to the Nightwatcher, Sibling, and Stormfather.) I think something else happened there, deeper than spren just favoring humans. I really like the theory that Aimian means "aliens". I wonder if there fact that there are three "alien" races on Roshar has anything to do with the fact that there are three (artificial?) moons. Edit: Also, I am very happy to learn that I am not the only one who liked Peralandra.
  11. Hmm... She only mentions Aona and Skai as having broken the pact. Perhaps Honor (and maybe Cultivation) did not agree to the terms? Oh wait... she actually says "It was agreed that we would not interfere with one another." Perhaps the only thing explicitly forbidden was interfering with another Shard and Endowment just disapproves of them settling on the same planet because of the likelihood of that going wrong.. In which case, Honor would be fine with Cultivation so long as he did not stop any of her plans.
  12. @Calderis Ah, I apologize. I misread your original post. I thought you meant by not "splintered properly" that they had not been splintered, not that Odium splintered them in a way that was undesirable to him. Come to think of it, I wonder if Odium was able to influence Honor's splintering or not, locked away as he was. You would think moving lots of another Shard's investiture around would make him vulnerable to Cultivation.
  13. Odium dies! (This turns out to not be so great as it sounds.) In seriousness, though: Kaladin's dad, mom, or younger brother dying would probably fit into his fourth oath. I predict one of his parents, both his parents, or his entire family will die (most likely both his parents, leaving him with Oroden). Shallan's brothers are also vulnerable. I don't expect any deaths in the Kholin family, but I think Adolin is going to have a rough time in the next book...
  14. Interestingly, WoB says that Honor did NOT break the agreement (and it wasn't even a loophole).
  15. Yes, I see what you mean. Killing them by exploiting a flaw and "dividing their power into tiny pieces" is probably not quite the same. Further, preservation clearly dies without splintering so the connection is not a necessary one. However, their IS something rather appropriate about exploiting a flaw to "shatter" something, you have to admit. However, I think you are incorrect about two not being splintered, though so far as I know we don't know if they were splintered at death. Both Dominion and Devotion have been splintered, as has Ambition. General Reddit 2017 (Dec. 6, 2017) From the letter: So 4/4 appear to have been splintered, though how this is related to their deaths is uncertain. I do think Odium's method is only "relatively fast". It may take some time for the damage caused to a Shard to actually kill it, on human timescales.