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  1. I think Sadees is just an interesting background character. Could be wrong though, but he doesn't seem of too much import. Unless Brando Sando decides to go Tolkien and write eight precursor epics that describe the mythological and historical days of Roshar.
  2. From the album InfernalSquid - Stormlight

    My headcanon of a slightly younger Dalinar, under the influence of the Thrill. I realize that he does not have a beard, but hey - he does look good in it. For the Odium in the constellations, I used botanicaxu's art of Odium - credits go to them for that part (ONLY).
  3. Moash somehow kindles an irrational hate in me.
  4. horror

    Of course, there's the Fifth Ideal of the Skybreakers, wherein they've decided that they've progressed far enough in the matter of understanding the law that they can become the law. I think there, the Skybreaker will attempt to reconcile morals with law, and the Skybreaker can decide whether the law itself is fair or not. However, they will still be consistent with their own moral compass. The Skybreakers, currently, put too much faith in Nale, who himself admits that he is flawed and can no longer feel compassion. Where earlier, the Skybreakers were about maintaining order while doing what was right, now they have become about following a moral or social code to the letter. Where earlier, the law was of tantamount importance, but what was right still came second, now only the law matters and nothing else. The Skybreakers are supposed to be part of the law until they understand its purpose, then become the law itself - as even the lawmakers can be wrong - but instead, even once Nale becomes the law, he does not change it so that what maintains order is also morally right, but instead uses his power to manipulate the law for his own ends (such as hunting rogue Radiants.)
  5. The Dawnshards, then, are definitely tools or weapons of some kind, whether simply as a form of Investiture or a really weird-chull sword or something. They are not Vyre's knife, they are not Honorblades or Shardblades, and they are in some way related to Connection or links, as they apparently 'bind'. Could the Dawnshards have been perfect gems with special properties? They would have been able to indefinitely store enormous amounts of Investiture, they could capture any kind of spren, even the Unmade, and it is implied that too much Stormlight could tear the human body apart... If so, then Honor's Drop would have been a Dawnshard, plausibly, and the reason that the Dawnshards would be so instrumental in the battle against Odium is that they could capture the Unmade, store and possibly channel (special properties, perhaps Invested in an entirely different manner) Stormlight, and maybe even capture parts of the power of a Shard.
  6. Hmmmmm... Very difficult to decide between Lift, Lopen, Sixth of the Dusk, and Wayne.
  7. So the Preservation bit is what gives the power, and the Ruin bit is the instability? What do you mean by 'flipping Intent'? An alloy of Atium / Lerasium should be fairly close to the effects of Harmonium except Allomantically useless, right?
  8. Harmonium outputs incredible power but is also extremely volatile. Explanations so far have been "opposing Shards make cool stuff". Any better explanations? (Apologies if there's already a thread on the topic, I'm not great with forums)
  9. What about the red haze Saze is supposedly protecting Scadrial from? I'd assume that's Odium, as apparently he's protecting Scadrial just by being there and passively being intimidating, but could it possibly be Bavadin?
  10. Actually, as proven in the Bands of Mourning, the right kind of Nicrosil storing can give you the ability to use different forms of Investiture as well. A Nicrosil compounder could just make themselves a Full Metalborn by enhancing their Feruchemical powers to be a Keeper and their Allomantic powers to be Mistborn. Allomantic Lerasium gives you the ability to use metals... I assume tapping Feruchemical Lerasium will give you Feruchemical abilities.
  11. So Medallions are just unkeyed metalminds. To create unkeyed metalminds, you need something without Identity, requiring a Trueself Ferring, and something that stores Investiture, requiring a Nicrosil Ferring. To make the first one of these, you need a full Feruchemist, but from there you can create a medallion that gives the user the ability to store Investiture and Identity too. I don't get why an Excisor is required, unless the Excisor is simply the tool for removal of Identity from the metalmind...
  12. I've attempted to draw the shattered plains.... thoughts?
  13. Created by InfernalSquid I made this over the course of two days, exceptionally proud. It has the Skybreaker glyph in the background.
  14. Hello! I've just joined the forum, and I'm InfernalSquid. I've read all Cosmere works, although I haven't read the Reckoners, the Skyward series, Legion, or the Rithmatist. I love theorizing about minutiae... and hating on Moash.