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  1. While I agree with this for the most part I don't think this is a big enough troupe for Brandon to take it out or avoid it.
  2. I know and I did think about that my only possible reason for this is that when they fall asleep something weird happens to them so they become a sleeping humanoid. Maybe their Connection to whatever shard they were connected to vanishes at their radiants death and they just become semi-conscious free floating investiture and they lose their normal spren shape and just become this humanoid thing Navani describes.
  3. I came up with this a little after reading chapter 9 where Navani describes the spren for soulcasters as being asleep. It occurred to me that Syl said she went to sleep after her radiant died I don't remember but I don't think her other radiant had hit the 5th ideal yet (so the affects were not permanent). I also need to point out that Capitan Notum says that the Nahel bond can be broken before the fifth ideal with out killing the spren. So my theory is that the spren used in soulcasters are the spren for knights who died after swearing their 5th oath we know hitting that oath in not common and after that knight dies I think their spren goes to sleep like Syl did after her knight died. After the knight dies the spren kind of just goes to sleep and doesn't wake up and people then figured out how to make soulcasters from the sleeping higher spren.
  4. Yes I think he might said it in a live-stream though as I said I don’t remember where I saw it.(but I’m sure it exists)
  5. Brandon said somewhere (I don't remember where) that we will see a dawnshad in the book
  6. I like this idea I just think it needs to be someone we have had a pov from (when plate gets reviled it seams very likely just for a writing and reading perspective that we will see it happen from a pov) maybe a bridge 4 member.
  7. I was referring to when Adolin does the deed and actually kills Sadeas, Sadeas says he will kill and steal Dalinars legacy ( I'm not 100% he physically said I will kill Dalinar but he does go on about how he will take his legacy and he at least implies that he will kill Dalinar).
  8. Sadeas says strait up that he intends to kill Dalinar how would you react if someone said that they were going to kill your father and take everything he as worked to create and say that they were the ones who did it all the work.
  9. Where did you see this? A livestream?
  10. the main reason I am holding out hope for Adolin is because too many of the main and major characters have issues but Adolin for the most part in a relatively normal guy (from an emotional stand point) so its good to get his POV on occasion it helps preventing things from getting too dark. thats one of the reasons he's one of my favorite characters.
  11. thats what I was thinking too but I didn't mention it.
  12. oh I didn't know that, thats cool did the same thing happen to vivenna when she went into Shadesmar with Kal and the rest or was that something to do with her and the royal locks
  13. why does Adolin have white hair in this. it just looks odd to me.
  14. ok thats kind of what I thought would happen thanks.
  15. Do we know if Brandon will do the chapter release thing like he does for the bigger SL achieve books for dawnshard or is he just going to release the prologue? And I haven't been able to find a release date for the people who got it on kikstarter (I did and am curious if we have that info yet or if it will be forth coming in emails).