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  1. I like a younger Mark Harmon for Dalinar thought the eyes are not ideal. (edit) eye shape, not the color I mean.
  2. He did also die had his soul was not fully fixed when Nale brought him back and as a result of that his savantisim my be different or gone though as I think on it, it seems unlikely but possible.
  3. I agree with @Pathfinder it seems to me that Szeth has gotten more powerful with his use of stormlight over time is it possible that Szeth has become a savant.
  4. @RShara Wait so humans came to Roshar before the shattering of Adonalsium. (edit) never mind that makes no sense.
  5. thank you Also, this seems very confusing but still thank you.
  6. So I've been trying to find WOB on this but is everything happening at the same time so like are the events of MB era 1 at the same time that we see in SA or are they at different times across the cosmere, or is it a RAFO
  7. yeah, that's what I just realized. (edit) it would be a nice explosion thought.
  8. my math is probably wrong but terminal velocity is 120 mph * 400 radiants lashing it down once is 48,000 mph and would probably destroy the whole planet.
  9. would TLR be strong enough to stop a mountain thats falling at an insane speed it would push him down so hard he would be shot to the center of the planet?
  10. have all your wind runners and skybreakers lash an entire mountain at the enemy army and just have everyone take down TLR and anyone else that survives plus the KR are still working with the sleepless and have access to all the knowledge of Akina and have been hardened by tons of war, most of the Scadrians have never seen war and wouldn't know how to fight in a war as well as supply an army and march troops in an organized fashion. they would rely too much on their Koloss and a lashed mountain would deal with most of them and then The KR would just have to deal with TLR
  11. spoilers for secret history.
  12. so was something similar happening with Dalinar and Rathalas.
  13. @RShara Do the honor blades give you a stronger connection to the spiritual realm like how Szeth can hear the voices of the dead?
  14. I know thank you I've just been pressed for time recently.
  15. I know I’ve been meaning to get around to reading that.