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  1. I kind of like the idea that it is something that the windruners get at a latter ideal like the fourth or fifth. (edit): think about leading a bunch of people from different places and not being able to communicate with them.
  2. Zane Yeden Wax @Adonalsium'sSpren
  3. Hi and welcome to the Shard. It also took me a super long time to understand compounding.
  4. I just finished my third reread of Warbreaker and Vasher had a line/thought in there that seams kinda crazy (I use the audio books so I don't have the exact quote) but it was something like it was bad enough she (Shashara) reveled the one command lifeless command phrases he couldn't let there be armys of lifeless with nightbloods. So the obvious implication here is that lifeless can use nightblood with out getting destroyed or "eaten" by him is this possible it doesn't make sense to me because we know that nightblood eats all the investiture you have in you and most lifeless have one or so breaths in them so wouldn't nightblood just eat that breath then kill the lifeless. Or because they are dead would nightblood be able to be used with out eating investiture. Or is this just Vasher imagining the worst case scenario or did the know something.
  5. horror

    Do we have WoB that the "lost metal" is in reference Atium because that's the first thing that came to mind for me because in Shadow of Self Wax is at the party and sees the empty pedestal that says Atium the lost metal but later Wax is it the Pits of Hathsin so he knows exactly where the new Atium will be and in my mind, it is no longer lost. So that leaves other metals like Lerasium if I remember correctly we have WoB saying that there were 16 beads of Lerasium and we only know what happened to 12 of them TLR gave 9 to some unknown people once he finished at the well of ascension then took one for himself then later Hoid takes one and Elend takes the other that leaves 4 still floating around somewhere and I would think Harmony would want to know where they are. This also allows for a rejuvenation of alomancy for the later eras. also as a side note will 16% of the population on Scadrial always have some Alomantic ability because all humans have some of preservations body in them or is that wrong. also also this is all in reference to book 4 in era 2 being named The Lost metal.
  6. That’s epic
  7. true enough
  8. I kinda get the sense that a kandras are pretty smart about the human body like when MeLaan is able to fix up Marasi (if I remember MeLaan talks about some things that modern science is just barely able to do I think it was skin graphing) plus kandar have been doing a lot of experimenting on what they are capable of. (edit): plus kandar all live for like 600+ years and have a better understanding of the human body than any given human could.
  9. @Pathfinder thank you that what I thought would be the case I kinda want MeLaan and Wayne to have a kid