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  1. Hello! I took the source code of the quiz from Mr. Sando's website and recompiled it into an excel sheet. You can use this to play around with the results and see how different questions affect which order. This also revealed some interesting information, such as the fact that there are 3 questions referenced in the source that don't appear on the final quiz. You can also see what the "correct" answer is for each order, which is what the quiz uses to judge how close to each order you are. All the logic in this sheet uses the exact logic from the webpage, which the more astute of you can tell that there are ways to "break" the quiz. Such as getting up to -50% for some orders when it should be more like 150%. Have fun with it! Radiant Quiz Deconstruction.xlsx
  2. From my understanding, White Sand from Taldain gets recharged by some combo of investiture and light interacting with a microorganism of some kind on the sand. The Mists on Scadrial are a form of investiture, in a vaporous form similar to water based mist. We have seen the mists power allomancy, although in extreme circumstances, and Brandon has mentioned it could be used to power Feruchemy as well. Since the Mists are similar to water, they might have a strange interaction with Sand Mastery, which consumes water from the user. It could also be possible that the microorganism itself could start to consume the investiture/water to recharge. Is something like this possible?
  3. Based on Pagerunners pictures I tried to update my theory. I know that the S and N don't look right, but I'm not good at drawing curves.
  4. Now that we get a closer look, I think that final character is punctuation. Perhaps: CREATED BY DANDOS THE OILSWORN AND ISAAC !
  5. Additionally, I'd guess that the characters are grouped above based on sound. Which means: G and J are in the row with H and K P is in the row with B, M, and V V and F are the same character Q and Z are in the row with D and T That would cover all the 26 letters (Except X, but it might share a character with C) in the English alphabet, but it still doesn't explain the ST character we see in DESTROY spelling we see on the cover.
  6. I think that Moonrise is on the right track, I went ahead and combined our ideas a little and got this: We are probably missing a few rows, I'm guessing maybe the C character could be used as a base to create another two rows of characters.
  8. I tried to clean up the image at the risk of over-simplification: For the word "destroy", I believe it is being spelled D-E-ST-R-O-Y. It does mean that the characters for ST and I are very similar. However it seems like I has a point like a pencil while ST has a point like a razor, but again it's hard to tell on this image. I don't believe any letters in this are capitalized, or they all are, if there even is such a thing in this language. That is because characters for U ("uuould" and "you") and E ("evil" and "like") stay the same. After doing this I noticed a pattern in some of the letters, and I tried to extrapolate some possible other characters (in red): It doesn't work as well for the second set, but I think I'm on the right track as this does give us 24 possible characters, close to our own 26. They don't have a W in their language but they do have an ST so they might be missing other characters, or this chart is incomplete and they have over 26 total. Bonus: We can spell things like Vasher* - Siri - Vivenna - *There could be a character for SH **Had to guess on the N Character
  9. What if you were both a light-weaver and an awakener, couldn't you theoretically power a light-weaving with a breath? So if you did it at the same time, maybe?
  10. Can you use Breath to awaken a light-weaving? The more something is in the human shape the easier it is to awaken, so if you have a light-weaving of a person could you awaken it? Maybe you could even get a character like "The Doctor" from Star Trek: Voyager, a hologram with sentience.
  11. Not sure if this was asked already: Can you awaken a light-weaving? I was thinking you could perhaps create a being like "The Doctor" from Star Trek Voyager? Basically a sentient hologram.