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  1. Windrunner, as expected.
  2. From what I remember, Odium claims he has been directing and grooming Dalinar to be his champion. Then Dalinar has the epic fantasy moment of "NO! I control my destiny!" and then opened Honor's Perpendicularity. I don't see anywhere where he says that Dalinar has to be his champion, or that his deal with Odium means he has to fight on Odium's behalf even if he doesn't want to. Not to mention that Rayse probably no longer wants Dalinar to be his champion. Personally I think that Moash is gonna end up being Odium's Champion.
  3. That's not correct, from what I remember from the end of Oathbringer. Odium wants Dalinar as his champion, but Dalinar rejected him and then yeeted investiture in Odiums face o something like that.
  4. I get the feeling that Hoid is there to aid in the destruction of Rayse, rather than striking a deal with him. I agree that he will either strike a deal with his successor or just ignore the magic entirely.
  5. This is a very interesting discussion. I think that it is possible that this could work. You wouldn't even need to be on the ground, but if you would want to be on the ground, you could always put a lashing to the ground, than make a stronger lashing in the direction you want to move. If you did add abrasion, though probably unnecessary, you wouldn't need any pike or spear-men, just let the weight of a hurtling mobile fortress smash into them. You'd probably need to add some sort of straps or something to make sure any Archers or control crews didn't go flying back. Imagine having these protect blocks of Infantrymen as you go up a hill! Or transporting troops across great distances in giant blocks. If this actually could work(which seems plausible), think of the tactical advantages!
  6. Order's Name: Starfallers Order's Spren: Star Spren Order's Spren: Star Spren Your Ideals: Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination I cannot give up, for those who I protect. I will divert aggressors from those who are weak. Oath of Guardianship(one person, nation, or group that they will defend above all else) I am a star of hope, and will always shine for those who need it. Your Surges: Gravitation, Illumination
  7. Oops, could have sworn I said Gravitation and Abrasion. Thank you all for your thoughts!
  8. Do you guys think its possible that their are other orders of knights radiant that cross different surgebindings from the 10 we know? Like combine Gravitation and Adhesion? or would they have a new power? Would this affect the other Spren's surges?
  9. Either the RIthmatist(it's magic through doodling!) Or Mistborn. In fact, I'm wearing my Halloween Mistcloak right now. The Stormlight Archive is also a favorite of mine. He's too good an author to decide!
  10. Me just saying hello! I'm a big fan of the cosmere, and started doing my own research into the topic of investiture, I just finished Allomancy, and started Feurchemy. I have read most of the cosmere books(barring short stories) and am a big fan of the Rithmatist and Skyward, and I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you guys!