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  1. Chaos rules this site? I didn't know that Anyways, its all right. We are extremely thankful that such a site exists and its OK for you to take time. It was just a suggestion.
  2. So... Is anyone aware who manages this?
  3. I generally use it at night. My eyes hurt. Taln's torture man
  4. Hi. I initially decided not to post in this forum till I finish all of cosmere. But after finishing Oathbringer, I felt too discussy as a lot has happened in Stormlight. Especially when the 4th book is coming after the impossible labours of 30 Dec. So, anyone willing to discuss any cosmere are welcome. Refrain from posting spoilers of Mistborn era 2, Edgedancer and Arcanum Unbounded, as that's all left
  5. I have come to the conclusion that we are on the brink of technological breakthrough, where it is possible someone as invisible as the Lord ruler. The other powers may also be acquired (like strong field paramagnetic equipment). Anyways the basic powers for invisibility are of two components, no aging and near instantaneous healing. Instantaneous healing can be achieved by nanobotic immunity. A group of nanobots programmed to certain tasks such as 3d print cells of the body, immune cells, muscle cells. These nanobots are going to be floating around in the blood stream, the blood viscosity may be troublesome but manageable. A spear pierced right through the chest, the nanobots seal the wound instantaneously. I pull it out, the aorta is sealed shut brand new. Aging can be checked by gene modification. Nature already has the solution. NAKED MOLE RATS don't die of aging or cancer. Their gees can be forced expressed nd isolated and an the gene can be injected by various means. So, we are ready to hit the technological satisfaction. The end (for at least a thousand years I believe). PS Sorry for the long post, but I am a nerd in college and started reading the books. Being a medical student I came to my view scientifically. I didn't know where to post but accept this as an introduction post.