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  1. I feel like there's a fairly obvious theory here that wasn't brought up- When Kelsier says that the Ghostbloods have put something into motion, he's referring to the Herald's death. (Which does of course make me think of a certain place where we know there was a Seon and Ghostblood agents and suspect that there was a Herald, but it doesn't have to be there; there were a bunch of Heralds around Kholinar and therefore within Thadiakar's reach, and the Ghostbloods might have other Seons.) But regardless, it would make the timeline feel a lot less coincidental. A Herald did just coincidentally die the same night as Gavilar set a dozen plans into motion, she was killed by one of said plans.
  2. So, like, a lot of Rosharan fauna has magic stuff incorporated into their biology. Gemhearts and what not. I imagine anti-Lifelight would be quite bad for those. But to a totally mundane creature, it'd probably just to a totally mundane stab.
  3. So, my main objection was 'wait, so all nine heralds have managed to avoid dying for the past 4000 years? I get that they don't age, but accidents happen'. But what if, for some reason, you need to use a living Shardblade to kill them? That would be a much more unlikely sequence of events, and it would explain why Nale thought that Radiants could cause a Desolation.
  4. Or Ishar just directly hacks into wherever the visions are and fakes the entire thing. And I do feel like Ishar is the only one who could do all this. Well Cultivation or Odium probably could, but it's doesn't seem like a thing either of them would do.
  5. Come to think of it, if this is Ishar, that's a way for Gavilar to be 'on the path to becoming a Bondsmith' without bonding a Bondsmith spren. Like if Ishar was intending for Gavilar to replace himself, or even just give his Blade to Gavilar.
  6. Personally, I was on the fence at first, but reading this discussion has convinced me that it makes a lot more sense for this to be Ishar than for it be the Stormfather.
  7. Another thing is that the Stormfather seems to indicate he never really understood why the Heralds would break until his bond with Dalinar let him see things from a human perspective. The spren is this chapter seems to understand that situation pretty well.
  8. For what it's worth, I do kind of question those WoB in this context. Like a paraphrased WoB from six years ago is the exactly kind of thing we have to reconsider now that we have new information available. Who knows, maybe Brandon actually said something like 'Gavilar was on his path for longer than Dalinar', and it just sounded like he meant the Bondsmith path from context? And a WoB where Brandon says that Dalinar and Gavilar saw the same visions, but then cuts himself off from saying anything more concrete than 'Gavilar had a different reaction to them', and then he starts talking about how the Stormfather works in general terms? Really that just reads like Brandon talking around a spoiler.
  9. I feel like the Stormfather would've been able to tell. Like surely he could've heard Gavilar talking to himself, at the very least.
  10. So I'm thinking that it does kind of need to be either Chana or Vedel that died here- I would presume that what happened here is that whichever Herald died this chapter was sent to Braize for five years, and then broke sometimes around the end of WoK. Jezrien, Nale, Kalak and Shalash were at the palace, and weren't dying. Taln, Ishar and Battar are accounted for during those five years, and Pailiah more or less is. And there's Vedel, where we just have no information whatsoever on her current whereabouts, and Chana, where all we actually know is that she appears onscreen at some point in the first two books. Which would make it more likely to be Vedel at first glance, but the theory people have been tossing around today about Chana's identity is a plausible one.
  11. So um. Just to recap. Here's a list of everyone Gavilar had a meaningful conversation with that night: A spren that claims to be the Stormfather Kelsier Dalinar Kalak Nale Navani Amaran Taravangian Eshonai Sadeas Szeth He had quite the busy night, didn't he? Like we knew that obviously, but Kelsier showing up too was really just the icing on the cake.
  12. I'm pretty sure we know that the so-called survival Shard isn't tied to any particular planet, which is part of why I think the survival Shard is Invention.
  13. I'm inclined to think it's more of a Sigzil-specific thing. Because if huge sweeping and shocking changes to the nature of Surgebinding as a result of the events of SA5 was a thing that was important to the events this book, I don't think Brandon would be recommending we read this book before SA5.
  14. Also I don't think it's that the Night Brigade doesn't know that Sigzil if from Roshar; it's that they're going to follow Sigzil wherever he goes and going to visit his loved ones means that the Night Brigade would also show up to visit them.
  15. I assumed Aux was being passive aggressive here. Like how he's needling Sigzil about because responsible for his death.