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  1. I just wanted say that the scenario they gamed out this episode- where Moash gets overwhelmed by guilt and tries to sacrifice himself, but Kaladin saves him anyway and then they toss him in jail- strikes me as an entirely plausible one. Like I think that's a story that absolutely has room to happen within 10 days- the fact that his guilt is being supernaturally suppressed by a person who could choose to stop doing that at any time really helps to move the timeline forward. And I don't know we'd even need to have him continue to be relevant in the back five after that. Like Kaladin's gonna be less important in the back five, so I'd expect a lot less Moash in the back five to. And also think that it's entirely plausible that he's gonna look pitiful by the end of book five.
  2. This is my assumption, yes. Or at the very least, I'm assuming that Raboniel doesn't know that it's not silver. Her expertise isn't exact metalworking, and Nicrosil isn't exactly an otherwise common material. I quite simply not buy for a second that an unknown silver-nickel alloy that's never been referred to before is going to turn out to be super-important for the future of magical technologies. Not when Nicrosil is right there and conducting Investiture is a basically perfect match for how it behaves in all three metallic arts. And yes, it is clear that the dagger does use Raysium for something, but I think it's almost as clear that the 'silver-nickel alloy' is not as non-functional as Raboniel claims, so we're left without clarity on what metal does what. Though I think the biggest clue lies in the assumption I'm making that the stormlight-sucking are not using Raysium. Which leads me to the speculation that the Raysium is being used to make sure sentient beings like spren and heralds can't resist. That Nicrosil is good enough if you're just moving around stormlight, but not if you want to move a spren.
  3. I'm sceptical that it's actually Raysium that's being used to the conduct investiture. Like the spears the Fused wield are made out of the 'silvery' metal, and the herald-killing dagger has what Raboniel claims is a 'nickel silver alloy' around the gemstone. So I think that it's actually Nicrosil that they're using. So they're not gonna have to rely on a Godmetal when it comes time to make Fabrial computers.
  4. On the differences between how Radiants and Fused Surgebind: my impression is that a Radiant in theory could do everything the Fused can, and vice-versa. But the 'internal' versions that the Fused use seem to be have a much lower Voidlight cost for them, so it's not necessarily a good idea for a Radiant to imitate that, and the Fused generally try to avoid the external versions in combat because energy efficiency is their main advantage over Radiants.
  5. I'd just like to give a shout-out to Ian for that point about the Deadeyes not appearing in Shadesmar while the Blade is summoned. Really, it gives a narrative purpose to that plot point of them not knowing how to bond blades at first- it meant that it took a lot longer for the Spren to figure out that Deadeyes were a thing. Which is why I'm convinced he must be right
  6. You're splitting hairs here, I think. Magic in general is a natural outgrowth of the functions of the Cosmere. There are, I think, two useful definitions for what can be considered magic in this context: Would Khirss consider it weird enough to be worth researching? Is it only possible through the use of Investiture? I think the Singers forms unambiguously meet the second definition, and while we don't for sure about the first, it would surprise me if Khriss had no interest in all. Whether or not something is a magic system is a harder question. But really I wouldn't call the Old Magic a magic system either. That'd be a bit like calling the Thrill a magic system. It's just a weird thing that a very powerful spren can do to people. And that a Shard can imitate when she's so inclined.
  7. The distinction here is that Nohadon is complaining about Surgebinders, not Radiants. Our understanding is that people were bonding spren for quite some time before the Radiant orders were established. And then eventually Ishar got fed up with that and made the Orders be a thing- which presumably happened after Nohadon's day. Like in the first post-Nohadon desolation, perhaps. What we don't know is if Ishar used some crazy Bondsmith stuff to actually change the way the magic works, or if he just wanted them to be better organized. The wording of the First Oath implies the former to me, as does seeing just how crazy Ishar's powers are, but it's also possible that the First Oath wasn't worded as strictly before Nohadon. Like we already know that what's important is the idea behind the Oath, not the words themselves, so maybe all Nohadon did was articulate the First Oath particularly well.
  8. To wildly speculate on this: The magic system Khirss brings up right before this line are Surgebinding and Voidbinding. She then speculates that it may be the Old Magic, but dismisses it. And then she launches into a big analysis of Fabrials. So she's not talking about any of those things. But- what paradigm is she referring to, that surgebinding and voidbinding fit into but fabrials and the Old Magic do not. Well, we often think of Surgebinding as being a combination of Honor and Cultivation. And we don't know a lot about Voidbinding, but it's 10-centric, which suggest there's Honor in there, and it comes from the Unmade and has Void in the name, which suggest there's Odium in there. So, perhaps it's an Honor/Odium combination magic system. If that's the case, the third magic system that completes that paradigm would one made using a combination of Cultivation and Odium. So perhaps the 'even more esoteric abilities' are the Forms of Power? Or perhaps they're something that was purely theoretical until Venli happened- which would be a better fit for the WoB; it's not quite a magic system, because Venli is the only one who could do stuff with it, but in theory if Radiant Regals became more common it could blossom into a new magic system. Hmm. The purelake fish had occurred to me, but I mostly dismissed them as 'well, they probably just have a spren-bond. That's not that strange at this point.' Forgetting that we don't know what they even get out of the bond. So they is something there that we still don't know. I'll not totally convinced that that's something we've been promised an answer to, though. We wouldn't even know for certain that the fish were magic if it wasn't for WoBs. For the sake of completeness, I tried to avoid to making too many distinctions between 'things where we have a pretty good guess' and 'things where we just have no idea'. Shallan's memory definitely seems supernatural, so that's a good guess for the Lightweaver resonance. But we don't actually know that that's what's going there.
  9. So I just decided to try to get this all down in digital ink, instead taking up space in my head. Note, however, that what I'm talking about here are what I will loosely call 'unfulfilled promises'; questions that we've been implicitly promised we'll find out the answer to one day. We don't, for example, know which spren grants Nimbleform, but I don't really feel like we need to find that out. Surgebinding What happens when a Radiant swears the Fifth Ideal? Did Ishar change the way the magic works, or did he just command them to organize into orders? How did the Fused get sorted into the various Brands? Do the Brands have guiding philosophies like the Radiant Orders do? We're still missing a whole bunch of resonances. I think the Windrunners are still the only one we know for certain? I don't think we've seen anything from the Surge of Tension. There's a WoB out there describing the basic concept, but that's all. Maybe some of the things Dalinar's done were Tension, but that's so hard to separate from general Bondsmith weirdness. The Division Fused. How exactly is a more internal form of Division going to work? What was Lezian doing? Like, the surge of Transportation, fine, sure, but what exactly was the deal with his husks, from a realmatic perspective? Bondsmiths sure are weird! Their powers don't really seem to fit into the whole 'ten surges' paradigm; more like general Connection magic. And then there's that line about how they existed and were named before humans came to Roshar. I don't think this is just referring to Ishar. It feels like the Bondsmiths are something older than the other Orders that could shoehorned into that framework. Fabrials How are Reversers made, and why do they use amethysts instead of rubies? There are still 7 of the main Allomantic metals where we don't know what they do. Well, technically 8, because of steel, but come on, that's obviously Repulsers. What's up with the different varieties of Soulcaster? Why are some limited to a single essence, whereas others can switch between a few? Why are Surge Fabrials other than Soulcasters so rare? I don't think we've seen any aside from Nale's regrowth Fabrial. Void Stuff We still know basically nothing about Dai-Gonarthis and Chemoarish. Our understanding of Ba-Ado-Mishram is pretty shaky. And I'm not convinced we fully understand Moelach There are few weird things going on in Kholinar Palace that seem linked to the Unmade, but don't quite match the effects we know about. There was a time dilation effect, and the Queens Guard was acting very weird. The Thunderclasts. What are they, exactly? Singer souls, like the Fused, or something else? Voidbinding. Is still a big question mark. I feel confident that Renarin is a Voidbinder, but there's got to be more to Voidbinding than just 'bonding an Enlightened spren'. Everything seems to suggest that Renarin is the first of his kind, but Voidbinding must've previously existed in some form or Khriss wouldn't have known to write about it in the Ars Arcanum. Forms of Power. There are seven whose names we've heard, but only two we've seen in action. And I'm willing to bet that there are some others we haven't of. Almost as big a question mark as Voidbinding, these guys. I feel like we're in a similar position with them as we were with Fabrial pre-RoW; we don't even know how much we don't know. Aaand that's everything I can think of. Feel free to add to this list if you can think of a question I've forgotten. Or subtract from if you think you have any answer to one of my questions.
  10. Okay, searching the Coppermind, most of the Rosharan references to gold are talking about the colour- this person's armour was painted gold, that person was wearing gold robes, etc. Which I don't think is relevant for our purposes. Two things that might be a reference to the metal, though- Dalinar says that Tanavast's cloths seem to be made out of gold. And (Dawnshard spoilers): So there's nothing I'd call 100% conclusive that I can find, but I think it's a reasonably safe bet that they least know what gold is.
  11. I hadn't thought of the idea of the Nicrosil being imported- but considering we know that Ulim was working with a Feruchemist, that would make a lot of sense. I don't off-hand recall any references to gold or silver beyond the 'silver-nickel alloy' we're discussing- and since they're not using gold as money, it's going to be spoke of less than other places. I'd be surprised if they didn't have gold at all, though- surely that would be discovered before alloys like brass or steel and hard-to-find elements like Aluminium.
  12. If you're making that argument, to me that would mean that there are now 15 tones; that it is no longer possible to separate Harmony's tone into Ruin and Preservation.
  13. Harmony's tone is probably just a combination of Ruin and Perservation's tones. So I guess it depends on what extent you think Ruin and Preservation are still separable.
  14. To me, learning about fabrials have made the Feruchemical effects a lot more mysterious. The fabrials we've seen mostly are the allomantic effects, or things very similar to them. I do feel like there should be a way of making a fabrial that does something more akin to the Feruchemical properties, but I have no idea how you'd do that. Aside from just cheating via using unsealed metalminds to make a fabrial; I think there should be a better way than that.
  15. So. Returning to this topic after two months of spoiler-dodging absence. That 'Silver-Nickel alloy' has to nicrosil. Most likely, Raboniel doesn't know the difference between silver and chromium. Or perhaps was lying about it being silver, but I think ignorance is more likely on that particular point. It'd be an odd lie to tell. I'm also inclined to believe that she wasn't being truthful about Raysium's purpose. Both because I doubt they'd equip rank-and-file Fused with Godmetal spears, and because I feel like 'conducts Investiture' is so broadly useful that Brandon wouldn't want to force them to rely on a Godmetal for that when it comes time for them to start making Fabrial computers and such. That part does make sense as a lie for Raboniel to tell; she definitely didn't want Navani trying to reproduce that dagger, so she wanted to believe it relied on the unobtainable Raysium more than it actually did. But Nicrosil as a metal that naturally conducts investiture? Well that's just a perfect match for how it acts in all three Metallic Arts. It work also explain why they haven't employed those daggers in any previous Desolations; they had to wait for Nicrosil to be discovered before Odium could start thinking about how to apply that knowledge. This does, of course, raise the question of what Raysium actually does. I do think that both Raysium and Nicrosil is required to make the dagger work. I would speculate that the Raysium is the bit that makes it work on cognitive entities like Spren, Heralds and Fused.