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  1. Hi guys
  2. They are soooooo good, I love them and yes I have read all of them
  3. SoT. HE IS SPAMMING!!!!!!!!

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    2. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      Ugh. They weren't there tonight. I'll get him later this week...

    3. Doomstick
    4. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      Probably on Sunday. 

  4. yep! How do you get to the studio c thing?
  5. I read some but not a lot
  6. Thanks!
  7. I wanted to have a friend. And SoT was telling me about people here.
  8. LOL
  9. And than Piggoot escaped and killed everyone.
  10. That is not true! I waned to do this because I have no friends and I wanted to make some. I have no intention of tying to embarrass SoT.
  11. Piggoot says "Thank you!"
  12. "Why?" piggoot screamed in rage
  13. Piggoot accepted her welcome. "I am so lonely," she said. "you are the greatest, I have never had a friend. You are my sunshine my only sunshine"
  14. Thank you! I have no friends you are the first
  15. hello! I am new! may I join you?