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  1. Old fart it is then.
  2. CC, Im mostly here for the cosmere theories (I think).
  3. Thank you all. Invocation: thanks for the tip. I might sign up for that. Right now Im actually reading the reckoner books for light reading. As for the other questions: Favorite character overall is probably Vin. It is refreshing to read fantasy genre books with actual "strong female leads" like that. WoK Kaladin another favorite personally, as a great depiction of depression. And of course Hoid-spotting is always fun, but the mystery around him is probably more the attraction than the actual character tbh. As for prereadings, I prefer avoiding spoilers and read it all when it's out there. So, how's the age differential around here? Am I an old fart while pushing 40 round here?
  4. Hi my good folks! New to this forum, obviously. About me: middleaged man from Norway who last year discovered Brandon Sanderson through reading Mistborn and being blown away by it. It`s been a long time since last I got that immersed into fiction. I then went on an allout Sanderson binge, and now I`m here. Credentials: I have read Mistborn era 1+2, Stormlight Archive 1-3, Elantris, Warbreaker and the Arcanum collection of stories. So I think I`m up-to-date cosmere-wise. Be seeing you all in threads here and there.
  5. I'm thinking along those lines too. He's already a sortof lightweaver and now also gained rosharan lightweaving. I think he's setting up a "cosmic con" on some level by combining illusion magics to make an appearance of some kind. It's so much his essence of character to be misdirecting and sneaky that I would expect a grand scheme. Maybe faking prime investiture at the right place/person/entity/shard(s) in order to make them do something he wants. Not a very specific theory, but I feel this direction makes sense for Hoid. Besides Brandon loves to make heist-plotlines as in MB, so possible?