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  1. compunding

    I have no idea what your talking about. Spook is awesome. Besides, he could dodge a sword by feeling the air, almost like a seer. I find tin compounding would be super useful. Hearing the cocking of a gun, the rippling cloth of a Windrunner lashing, even hearing someones breathing. Super senses are overpowered.
  2. Mistborn was where I started and got me hooked to the magic systems, and Mistborn i found was good because there are very few cosmere references in era 1, having hoid rock up only twice. Stormlight is a much larger saga but is a little overwhelming. I recommend working your way up to it with warbreaker (my personal favorite) and Elantris.
  3. compunding

    Here's a thought, Tin compounders, could they simultaneously burn tin while storing, say hearing, to minimise the effects of loud noises? Could they become a tin savant with little or no negative effects? Could they become a savant without the constant burning by burning their metalminds?
  4. Is the bubble destroyed when overlapping aluminium, could you have aluminium inside a bubble? else how would aluminium guns be used inside the bubble? Alternatively, could bullets with ettmetal embedded inside to be used by cadmium misting to slow their opponents and make them (if not gruesome) easy pickings? After all the 'grenade' (I can't remember the official Southern Scadrian name for the cube) was activated after throwing, perhaps some intent shenanigans are involved?
  5. There are also definitive ways to change investitures forms, so if one were to get some lerasium could they not burn metals for fuel instead? Alternatively, there's a lot of investiture floating around in general that could be converted. And assuming the scholars had failed experiments they can just retain much of the breath they used (Exceptions being the lifeless experiments)
  6. Chromium compounder, endlessly 'lucky' and able to take your power. Saracen Rue knows things*
  7. I had a similar thought, more an idea about how to shoot accurately out of a Bendallyo/Cadmium bubble using a modified 'allomanic grenade'. All this requires is the grenade to be modified into the gun so that as the trigger is pulled a small aluminium foil wraps around or similarly blocks the effect of time bubbles, for the period of time between the bullet and the perimeter of the bubble. True this is dangerous as the bubble drops for a short period, but aiming and reloading could be accomplished outside of the timeline. Thus as the bullets do not experience the difference between time and do not refract and they are more accurate and effective.
  8. Honor being dead had an effect on Dalanars bondsmithness, does that bring him closer to an old-time Ahsynite bondsmith? Is that a reason he can push the stormfather around?
  9. I have a theory that an invested entity needs Intent to use Fortune to see into the spiritual realm,

    For instance, Chromium ferrings claim that they store "luck" though really they store the ability to know things they wouldn't otherwise know, or make "coincidences" happen.

    Perhaps if someone (Marsh perhaps) had the Intent and knowledge of fortune, they could use it in a similar way to Atium, subconsciously dodging attacks or being a few feet from where they were meant to be.

  10. How long do you think before enough Stormlight is stored in lasting integrity to create a perpendicularity? They have a great many perfect gemstones do they not?

  11. @Chaos, I'm wondering where I can watch the lost metal reading, as I am finding the latest shardcast episode difficult to follow, Plus, I wanna meet Wayne's mum.

    Thank you for being awesome!

    1. Chaos


      Link is in the description of the episode to the exact Arcanum entry.

  12. Kaladin: sometimes i must be protected (from himself included) Or something including an external source of protection. Does anyone have theories or insight on Renarin's oaths? I would think they are different than a usual oath
  13. Does Kaladin know Adolin killed Sadeas?

    1. Doomstick


      with a knife to the eye

    2. FictionSpren


      Yeah but does he know Adolin killed him?

    3. Doomstick


      :facepalm: midnight me cant't read

      -midnight me

  14. *Has Tangible confusion*

    When will the novella Dawnshard be able to be bought individually? It sounds interesting and I love the secrets of Amia. Any places (other than the coppermind) where I can find info on Amia?

    1. Friendshipspren


      No idea man about the book man. As for Aimia , coppermind is the most expansive source of info on it