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  1. Spoilers for secret project four.


    So first question is Nomad someone we have seen and I've just forgotten or someone new?

    Second question is is Auxiliary a dead spren? Like, Nomad speaks heaps in the first few chapters about Auxiliary being dead and also being able to shapeshift as tools? Nomad also says he spoke oaths and were lead to assume Nomad is from Roshar so...

    How is Auxiliary not connected to Roshar? They obviously have some powers of connection and others of transportation or "skipping" 

    So what on Roshar is going on??


    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood


      Nomad is Sigzil, Brandon all but confirms it at the end. chapter ten was amazing though, I loved it so much, it humanized Hoid in a way I did not think was possible!


    2. FictionSpren


      Im just so exited to see how it all happened.


      Also excited to see what dawnshard he held or what equivalent power.


    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
  2. Everyone seems to be forgetting the speed at which bendally burns. It’s one of the fastest, being up there with pewter and even atium. Many of these combos are in theory powerful but the amount of bendalloy being burned is barely feasible. Unless storing F-steel allowed you to essentially have a longer A-bendalloy and then you had an additional F/A attribute. So yeah hemalurgy and Mistborn stuff needed here. Not to burst anyone’s bubble (no pun intended).
  3. A-chromium and F-Steel. Hyperdrive. No more needs to be said. isnt there also 256 possible twinborn combos or is my maths questionable. This could be a problematic rabbit hole.
  4. compunding

    Well Malatium is incomprehensible because when you see your future shadow it changes what you will do so I don’t know if any additional mental speed would help in the regard though it could still be an effect malatium gives and then that’s another thing that balances the scales when fighting someone with atium vs Malatium. Again this is the amount of shadows becoming incomprehensible, meaning the atium is essentially nullified but because there’s so much going on i would think you could all but ignore the effect, especially since it’s emphasised their shadows not like renarins vision shananagins. We also know that gold isn’t the same future sight as atium or Malatium, it’s a different kind. It’s personal foresight where the only person affected is you so maybe it’s less mind melting. It’s actually quite likely all the metals have some inate enhancements on the mind for the Misting/Mistborn to be able to use them. For instance a normal non-invested human brain would likely not be able to use the metal lines as effectively as Vin or Kelsier. Similarly no human could handle a pewter drag without the enhanced balance. Also when thinking about furture sight and mental effects in Allomancy we need to remember Feruchemy is actually a different art. It draws parallels and uses very similar fuels/vessels for its investiture but it is different. A-tin sight dulls the mists and allows for vision in little to no light, F-tin is better long distance vision or seeing fine details. So there’s a lot going on here which can have very different effects used in seperate ways.
  5. compunding

    Yeah but I’m saying atium increases proprioception among other things. It 100% increases mental speed and comprehension of what’s going on, it says so in WoA I think, so don’t hang off my words too much I’m speculating.
  6. compunding

    You mean proprioception? I’m pretty sure it’s cannon this can be stored with F-tin along with other more vague senses. Also that’s a completely over the top power, my theory to why atium is so dangerous is because it increases your ability to use the new information and proprioception as a biproduct. it gave vin the power to grab a crossbow bolt which moved through her, that’s gotta be better special awareness and perception. Honestly if I were a tin compounder or even feruchemist this is the sense I’d be compounding. (note because I’m a smartass, spider mans spider sense is basically proprioception overdose I’m pretty sure)
  7. I’m so ready for Stormlight 5.

    Kalaszeth here I come. 

  8. I’ve always wondered, can soulcasting create alloyed metal? Cause with smelting, especially in the allomantic sense a specific percentage of each metal is needed to form an alloy. On that note, would the metals in the fabrial cage have to be the allomantic percentage or would it have more leeway (allomantic percentage being that where the allowances in question can burn the metal safely)? Could you with the right Intent soulcast a god metal? With spudcasting a level of Intent is needed that I think @honorblades scadrians would likely be the input of metals.
  9. True but what would be the pourpose otherwise. Aluminium works like cheap shardplate. If the Fabrial theory is sound then he would need to stab himself almost to the gemheart. Also does he feel pain when replacing his carapace? Also it’s specifically said that El’s carapace is removed not like, moulded to the metal.
  10. Minor spoilers for RoW
  11. Yeah I was thinking that. But would tension work on aluminium? Besides I wanna see a surge of division fused
  12. I wonder if there are gems attached to the metal beneath the skin (carapace?). I doubt you could use a Gemheart as a fabrial anyway, or if you did it would have very varied effects with each different form, due to the spren having different effects on the gemheart/fabrial. Do Fused change forms? Also, Do Voidspren work in fabrials? Do any Higher spren? I would like to see a Fused practising Hemalurgy, But does Roshar have access to all the metals from the metallic arts? Navini's notes mention they domt know some things still (I think this was mentioned earlier), is this because they just don't have the metals at all? I would think they do, being Rabionel has access to White Sand and Mraze has a Yolish stick so...
  13. Well, that's the thing- The cage has to have contact with the gem for the effects to work, and El specifically replaces his carapace with it. And with the metal, if he were to return during the everstorm does the metal come with him? Does he inhabit a body then replace the metal or is he like the heralds, having a body made for him. Would a hemalurgically charged or fabrial tch come through with him? Or is El gonna rock up in an M-Bot level spaceship, cause I doubt he can re-spawn with all his buffs. What do we think his powers are? because we know they affect how he replaces his Carapace. Regrowth perhaps? I'm honestly really hoping he's got something different going on. Maybe the surge of adhesion allows him to mould his carapace?? There's also the fact that we haven't seen any Fused with the surge of Division, could Brandon be saving it for El?
  14. Hey, long time fan huh? How technical do you get with the relmatics and Intent Command ideas?