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  1. Hmm. Could you give an animal Hemalurgic spikes without killing it?? D: Is it worth the risk of finding out? You could only give the horse one power with one spike (that we know of...). If you could successfully give the horse an Allomantic power, since Allomancy is instinctual, like breathing, I assume the horse could use the power, too. But probably not skillfully. Though you might be able to train the horse a little when to use it when riding (but the key phrase is "a little")
  2. Ooh! I've always loved the figurative language Sanderson uses. But sorry, most of these are going to be from Oathbringer because it's the only book I own. So, Oathbringer spoilers ahead! Oathbringer chapter 1 Oathbringer chapter 12 Oathbringer, chapter 16 Oathbringer chapter 63 And this one isn't really of special notice, but I still find it amusing with its in-world reference. From Oathbringer chapter 65 I know there are a lot of odd metaphors in Wax and Wayne whenever Wayne has a POV, but in the only ones that really come to mind are during Shadows of Self when he describes the "tyrant" of the university. So that's all for now. I might add more later if I find any ?
  3. Huh. I always interpreted the process being "of Ruin" more so fueled by Ruin just for the "stealing" of the powers, allowing a spike to rip off part of a spiritweb, but the actual magic would be powered by the Shard that the magic system belongs to, as Weltall said.
  4. Aw thank you so much! I am a stick. Thank you!! I unfortunately do not have one at the moment Wow, thank yous all around!
  5. I've read Elantris too. Slowly but surely working my way through this huge series
  6. Ah I see! I love those little drawings on your profile. I tend to do more digital art than traditional nowadays, but I prefer pencil for sketching
  7. Aw thank you so much. My favorite character so far is definitely Renarin! Are you an artist too?
  8. Hey!!! I just joined and I'm super excited. I kind of silently lurked here before I made this account, but now I can actually interact! Woo. I'm Mae, she/her. I love Cosmere, especially Stormlight!! I just finished Mistborn Era 1 and I'm currently working on Alloy of Law : D I've drawn some art for Sanderson's books before, and can I just say that it's super hard to work out how to draw literally anyone's face shape??? And it's just with his books that I have this problem. Especially Kaladin's Young But Has Been Through Some Stuff kind of look.