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  1. My top three were Edge dancer, Wind runner and Bond Smith. Edgedancer(74%) Windrunner(66%) Bondsmith(58%)
  2. Windrunners would make good transport systems and carnival rides.
  3. I feel a cartoon would be the best fit. I don't think live action would do the series justice. I don't think the Szeth vs Kaladin scene could be done well in live action.
  4. Im always mixed on Taravangian I think his character is interesting, but don't agree with his actions. I think his big downfall will be hubris. His character trusts the diagram and smarter version of himself too much. Which will lead to his downfall.
  5. I dislike Moash because he constantly makes the wrong choice and uses weak justifications He compromises the integrity of bridge four to pursue revenge (Potentially putting their position in the Kholin army at risk) He contributes to Kaladin's breaking of his ideals that lead to the temporary death of Sil He almost kill's Kaladin with Graves and then flee's when Kaladin revives his ideals. He Kill's Elhokar and then salutes Kaladin with the bridge four salute He murder's Jerzrian without question His justifications are along of the lines of human's are inherently broken so there is nothing wrong with what I'm doing (at least that has been my impression). My Dislike of Moash comes more from words of radiance, where he is shown more as someone who pursue's his own selfish desires over the safety and freedom of bridge four who suffered along side him. Certainly if someone from bridge four was found to be an assassin who killed the king at the time of words of radiance book. There would be ramifications for both Moash and bridge four.
  6. Um.. I think it was more circumstance that too much had already happened in the book and Brian Sanderson was trying to wrap up the book. That could be a an explanation he uses though or they just hadn't progressed far enough yet to fly on their own.
  7. I think it will be that Skar and Drehy hadn't yet sworn the oaths at the end of Oathbringer but will during the 1 year time gap.
  8. What if there is a polar opposite for all spren's. So a gravity spren could be used to centre gravity to any surface (may even help in space age Roshar) and anti gravity spren could be used to float object and maybe even cities. Like a plane could be created using a combination of anti-gravity spren and wind spren.
  9. I feel I have read a completely different book when people bring up Kaladin/Shallan. Yes there was an attraction between them, but there was no real development of a romantic relationship past that. On the other hand there was lot's of development between Adolin and Shallan with phsyical affection having been shown.
  10. I would love to see Adolin become a radiant. But it should be in a kaladin style moment, he is backed against wall with only his sword in hand. He swears the oath bursts with power and we a treated to an awesome but kicking scene. I don't know why but I always see Adolin as a young Obiwan Kenobi type character.
  11. I love the stormlight archive but humans carving out the hearts of their enemies and using them as currency seems a little too metal for stormlight archive.
  12. My vote is Kaladin finds someone in the back five, even make is a non issue. Be like hey, its been x amount of years and Kaladin found someone got married and had a kid. To be honest I would really love to see how kaladin would handle having a kid. Given how over protective he is, especially of those close to him it could lead to some funny moments. Also adding Syl in as an adoring Aunt would be some comedic gold.
  13. Makes me think of what weapon forms spren would take in a modern world, would their be shard guns?
  14. Hopefully when I finish wheel of time the next book will be out. Otherwise I will have to find another long series to fill my time.
  15. Is it confirmed that Odium made the unmade? or did he corrupt existing spren\beings. If they are corrupted, maybe the unmade are still able to rebel against Odium, but with much difficulty.