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  1. @Cadmium Compounder I have not attempted any redirects, since I didn't want to cause any villager problems. If no one objects, since we've lost our Tineye, I'll likely redirect Tin tonight onto Drake, so that the Inquiziboi won't learn any new roles. Or any other suggestions would be welcome, I'm a very indecisive Coinshot :/
  2. Considering all the evidence, I think the most sensible choice is Amanuensis. The explanations haven't been especially satisfactory, Drake is right. I think the idea that Aman is trying to self-clear and clear a potential convert is most plausible, because of course I'd think that- I came up with it.
  3. Hm. I think Drake makes a good point, but I'm not changing my vote just yet. Perhaps if Aman is an elim, they're clearing Drake in preparation for a conversion.
  4. Yeah. I think we can always lynch Drake if it turns out he was lying. Therefore, I'll add onto Amanuensis.
  5. I don't see why Aman would lie about such a thing. Do you know? To build cred in future sessions?
  6. Did anyone see anything unusual last night? I didn't do anything that might have altered the outcome. I was too worried I'd hinder village efforts.
  7. So. I don't know very much about things, I'm afraid. There are so many hidden abilities around us. Even those of our allies could be dangerous. I don't know what to do. What should I be most afraid of?
  8. I am indeed a new player. She/her pronouns are best, thanks. It's great to be here!
  9. And yet again, I am mistaken for a man. And dismissed. It seems everyone wants to either murder each other randomly or sit quietly at home. I have no intention of voting for a lynch.
  10. Fair enough, a locked door isn't everything. But at least I'll be able to hear them coming for me, and get ready to fight. Even if it won't matter in the end, I intend to make them bleed. I also agree that it wouldn't be helpful to lynch anyone today, for the same reasons.