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  1. You could always have crab as one of the dishes, although that can be expensive, so that's up to you. Make some basic spren! You could use red streamers for anticipation, blue paper leaves for joy, some sort of golden spheres for glory? I think that would also be cute for cake decorating, if you're doing a cake-- an emotion spren themed cake could be really fun!
  2. Oh shoot, I didn't catch onto this somehow-- where is Felt from?
  3. Thank you Honorless!!
  4. Hmmm.... kinda? We do have confirmation that the Shadesmar lighthouse keeper in OB was an Elantrian-- actually, he's the same Elantrian that Raoden sent through the pool. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/370/#e11822 Sorry, I'm not sure how to paste it with the text haha. But anyway, yes, there is at least one person from Sel on Roshar, albeit in the Cognitive Realm.
  5. Currently rereading WoR and noticed something I hadn't seen before on pages 363-364. Kaladin notices Rock shooing away a man with a sketchbook, a man that Rock says is an ardent who kept loitering around the bridgemen asking to draw them. Kaladin notes that those are strange actions for an ardent, but dismisses it. Do we have any WoB about the man? Could he be Nazh?
  6. Also, this is real. Thank you for putting this into words, Kyn, because you're absolutely right for many types of depression (my own included). It's painful, watching yourself doing things from a distance. And you're right, Kaladin exemplifies this perfectly.
  7. I feel for everyone in this thread, both those with love for Kaladin and frustration. But personally, I do love Kal's storyline. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD (although not from anything nearly as extreme as most people). Kaladin saved me. When Oathbringer came out, I had just experienced the things that gave me most of my PTSD. I was feeling broken, as Teft put it. Reading the end of OB, where Kaladin was unable to swear the fourth ideal but was never belittled for it, really gave me so much hope. It helped me realize for the first time that I didn't have to be perfect, and that it was okay to ask for help. When RoW was released, I'd been put on anxiety/depression medication and had consistent therapy sessions, so I was doing a lot better (still am). But his chapters were still so visceral and made me think of myself. Even though I understand why some people think the constant depression chapters were a slog and too much to get through, for me, it was constant validation that it was okay to feel like that for an extended period of time. It helped me realize that sometimes, things don't get better immediately. As long as you keep trying, keep pushing, there is always hope. That's what Kaladin taught me. And of course, the Dog and the Dragon and the Tien chapters made me sob (I still sob through each reread haha). For me, Kaladin really is an inspiration, and is definitely my comfort character, if that makes sense.
  8. Thanks Frustration, that was great. Anyway, yeah, I think that it would be interesting to see Hemalurgy running around on Roshar. Problematic, but interesting.
  9. ...I like this a lot a lot. Can we get Nohadon's cookbook? Please? We're getting picture books, I think we deserve this cookbook. It could even be formatted like a stereotypical recipe blog with a chunk of text from the Way of Kings (in-universe version) that vaguely relates to the recipe below!
  10. Woah, interesting theory Jondesu -- I like it. Although I feel like it would be logistically complicated to get Hemalurgic powers in this situation (doesn't the metal have to go through both the victim and the prospective Hemalurgist at the same time? Maybe Kelsier + the Ghostbloods changed/streamlined the process-- that would be terrifying), as they would have to position everyone perfectly in a potentially crowded, chaotic hallway. Not impossible for the Ghostbloods, of course, but still a complicated process. Even though we don't have much evidence that this was a Hemalurgic operation, I think it's a really cool (and really dangerous) concept to explore. Can you get Hemalurgic powers from a Feruchemist? If not, and Hemalurgy is at play here, could the man have been a Twinborn, depending on when Stormlight takes place on a Scadrian timeline? Sorry haha, I just thought that the theory was really cool. ...also should I tag this with Mistborn spoilers or are we good?
  11. Theory: that's actually what happened on Ashyn
  12. Hey guys! I'm sure this topic has already been discussed in depth (particularly because of Axindweth), but I wanted to add my contribution anyway. I had the opportunity to get a book signed by Brandon, and I was allowed to ask a question for him to write the answer to! So I asked "Could the Terrisman (the one that Lift found dead in the attack on Urithiru) have used feruchemical abilities on Roshar, despite the different types of Investiture present on each planet?" The answer written in my book was "Yes. Feruchemy works on Roshar." I think that's INTRIGUING, especially because, for example, the Ghostbloods (and Kelek) can't get stormlight off of Roshar. My theory for this is that feruchemy works off-world while stormlight doesn't is that it's a completely internal type of magic, as the power comes entirely from one's self if they're born with the ability. Does anyone have any insights or theories or WOBs that apply? Does anyone have any theories for how someone could successfully get stormlight off of Roshar?
  13. I was thinking something along the lines of Maelstrom. Seems like a cool name for a blade.
  14. I personally love Shallan and Adolin together. I think that the stability and positivity Adolin provides is perfect for Shallan (even though I know that's already been addressed both positively and negatively), and I think Shallan brings some sense and real-world perspectives into Adolin's life. As has been stated, Adolin never went through anything extremely traumatic as a child, so I think that his relationship with Shallan can teach him a lot. I think Kaladin and Jasnah would be... interesting. Mostly because Kaladin still isn't a fan of lighteyes in powerful positions, and Jasnah happens to be the most powerful lighteyes politically, and she's also extremely powerful with stormlight. At first, I think that Kaladin will treat her with grudging respect, and she won't care too much. Maybe it could progress into a relationship, but who knows? It would definitely be an interesting read. Edit: I will admit that Kaladin has plenty of experience learning to appreciate Kholins, so his relationship with Jasnah could progress more quickly.
  15. So apparently I would be alright in any of the orders... but best suited to Skybreaker and Windrunner. I absolutely loved the little phrases they gave to each order -- I feel like "I will seek justice" and "I will protect" are pretty good for me.