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  1. Brass
  2. My favourite order is Windrunner because I love the idea of protecting people plus getting all the lashings would be really cool. Also having a bunch of squires would be great at times (because who wouldn't want more spears at their side?) I'd probably be a Skybreaker for many reasons but I think the law is probably better than any biased judgements I'd make. Plus being able to fly (fall) everywhere and destroy stuff? Count me in.
  3. 61% Skybreaker 53% Elsecaller 28% Willshaper 24% Edgedancer 24% Lightweaver 22% Dustbringer 18% Bondsmith 11% Stoneward 5% Windrunner 0% Truthwatcher I usually get Skybreaker or Elsecaller so not really surprising
  4. Not sure if you realised but you posted this twice