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  1. Hi all, this is my first post, so I hope I’m doing this correctly! I’ve been re-reading stormlight (3rd time through) and spending a lot of time on the wikis and forums and q&a transcriptions trying to wrap my mind around all the cosmere level things. So my thoughts today went along theses lines: Tanavast/honor split off a part of his investiture and creates the stormfather intentionally. The nightwatcher is an analogous entity from cultivation (wyndle also refers to either cultivation or the nightwatcher as mother). All the spren of the radiant orders exist on sort of a spectrum between honor and cultivation. We are told there can only be up to 3 bondsmiths, and this limitation presumably comes because there are only 3 spren who can create a bondsmith, the stormfather is the first, most of us assume the nightwatcher is the second (although I’m not sure if this is confirmed), and a third “sibling” who appears to be a big RAFO. We also know tanavast and the vessel of cultivation (I don’t believe we know her name?) were romantically involved. So my question is twofold, one specific to Roshar and a more general extrapolation. Generally speaking, can a shard holding vessel/vessels reproduce (physically, cognitively, spiritually, magically?) and what effects would this have on a physical child from the union and on the power/investiture of the shard/s? More specifically did honor and cultivation have a physical child and if they did how is that child different because of their investiture/does the child get some of the shard power? Or did they create a 3rd mega-spren analogous to the stormfather & nightwatcher but containing part of them both?