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  1. I love this, I know I wanted to do a compounder who was a firefighter that stored up heat to deal with some of the negatives of fighting fires. However, they are also a serial arsonist (think the angel of death archetype trying to be a hero). Was meant to be an antagonist for an era two party to track down. As a trick they use their compounding to set people on fire in fistfights (thing in the tabletop). Also don't feel bad for a murder mystery one shot I wrote a twinborn tin compounder who was a noble turned lawman like Waxilium. Main distinction was that he left due to a falling out with his family as opposed to disliking noble society.
  2. I also love character creation, particularly in the brainstorming phase. Hence why I tried to start a whole thread on it. Another concept of mine is a noble and formerly quite frail pewter arm who takes up underground fighting (within his rather light weight class).
  3. breeze

    Could I sublet some of your minions to work on my writing ideas as well?
  4. So, recently I got a friend of mine into mistborn and he is amping up to run a game in era one. Personally while I love the capabilities of mistborn and full feruchemists I think the limitations of era 2 can create really fun characters. So I invite anyone who is willing to share their concepts to do so here I'd be delighted to hear. With your permission the base concepts may show up when I run an era 2 game of my own. In the interest of fairness I will share my first idea. A twinborn steel allomancer, and gold feruchemist. Initially grew up in a Terris enclave unaware of his noble blood. After getting into trouble with the law as a youth and subsequently getting kicked out of the village they ended up joining the constabulary years later and settling into a semi normal and happy life. As an open coinshot they hide their blood maker abilities often allowing someone to seemingly fatally shoot them. Only to fire up on them at close range with their allomancy or a gun. Look forward to hearing what great ideas people come up with and thank you in advance for sharing. P.S. I do hope I picked the right channel for this.
  5. Awaiting the delivery of my signed and stamped copy of the lost metal. The wait is killing me!

  6. The man is in serious need of more happy moments. Love the little syl in the bottom corner there, overall just a great art style.
  7. I loved that series as a kid, was really sad to se where Will ended up in later years. Adored the brother band chronicles even more when they came out cause of Hal, sadly my dad kept the books when I moved out. Even so, thanks for the reminder of a series I loved and stumbled upon as a child at my school library.
  8. God I forgot what a wholesome scene this was, our stormblessed friend needs more happy moments like this.
  9. I would have to scroll back immensely to find any of them, believe I tried to figure out how to make computer Aons, other uses for lerasium, and work out the criteria for various spren for selecting bond mates.
  10. While I have left my compliments of your work on several occasions, nice to meet you in a more formal sense. Welcome to the shard hope you continue to add great works to the fandom. My only contributions have generally been my insane theories or strange ruminations on various themes and such.
  11. Strange seeming him happy, nice, but strange. Another beautiful bit of art, keep up the great work.
  12. Delighted to say, my friend who has started reading mistborn (per my recommendation) is loving it. They really enjoy Keliser...look forward to their thoughts going forward.

  13. Looks great, can practically feel the irritation with those blue eyes.
  14. That is my hope, we tend to have very similar tastes, so I am hopeful he will enjoy it.
  15. Delighted to say my buddy got the final empire trilogy for his birthday. After months of talking about my love of the cosmere I am finally getting someone who I knows reads a lot into it (some other friends got other works but don't read much at all). Very excited to see what he thinks and hopefully...I can get him and a few others to play the ttrpg setting I wrote up a year ago.