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  1. Evidently I need to make an expedition to go and read dragonsteel. Oh well I don't hate being proven wrong, hope you enjoyed the theory.
  2. So as of late I have been pondering how exactly Hoid has such a seemingly insurmountable healing factor and how he has managed to live such a long time. Well I think we might have some clues from the; fused, returned, heralds, and our beloved survivor. All of whom found a way to keep themselves anchored to the physical/cognitive realm and refrain from passing on. The common denominator of course is that Shards and likely heavy amounts of investiture were involved. Why is this relevant? Well I think Hoid might actually have gone through a similar process during the shattering, since we know he was the only one there to refuse a shard (at least as of now) we don't know what impact the shattering might have had on the rest of those present when Adonalsium was killed. Anyway I think the shattering may have released enough investiture to give Hoid the same kind of immortality cognitive shadows have, he was just fortunate enough to still have his body at the time. As I read on the coppermind odium gave the fused a portion of his power so they could become cognitive shadows, but since they lack an anchor to the physical realm they require hosts. Heralds on the other hand have no bodies created for them at the start of each desolation. While I must concede neither the Heralds or Fused share Hoid's healing ability and this does somewhat hurt my theory I do think it is worth noting that Honor, Odiun, and Endowment are just shards yet they are able to create immortals. One could only imagine the magnitude of investiture Adonalsium must have had within it and I doubt that God went quietly into whatever awaited it. So I think the fact Hoid was alive and therefore tied to the physical realm gave him a more potent immortality and is why he seems simply unable to die. Hence, why nothing save Nightblood (seemingly the embodiment of entropy for the cosmere) well known to devour investiture is one of the few weapons that seems capable of causing him lasting harm. As always I must acknowledge this is just a crazed theory and I admittedly do not have much supporting evidence for my inference. I do hope you enjoyed this idea though. Sorry, also forgot to mention Elantrians who are also immortal, seemed unfair to leave them out. Yet another edition. As for why the others took up shards when they might have already been immortal. Well I think they just might not have been aware, and were likely eager to become gods.
  3. I would guess no. Because if memory serves honor does not have a divine metal (outside of the honorblades). Not only that but I would assume allomancy and feruchemacy would not work on god metals unrelated to the shards that made those magic systems. But then again I could be very wrong, and it's certainly interesting to consider,
  4. Yeah auto correct is rarely my friend.
  5. Oh difficult question. As my profile suggests i am fond of hoid. Overall my favorite characters will be picked from each series. Mistborn-Lestibournes Stormlight-Tie between shallan and Dalinar Elantris-sarene Warbreaker-Susebron and Lightsong tie. Arcanum unbound-Shai
  6. Also really random thing but I'm curious. What are reputation points?
  7. Oh marvelous! Thank you very much.
  8. Have not heard of that one. Is it out, and if so is it part of the cosmere?
  9. Hello my fellow cosmere fans. I've been on here for about a day now and have spent most of it spreading my crazy theories. Always eager to discuss more and look forward to learning the secrets of the cosmere with you. For those that are curious I've read the arcanum unbound, stormlight, mistborn (both eras), warbreaker, and elantris. So don't worry about spoilers with me.
  10. Didn't know some of these been awhile since i read stormlight. Thanks for the updates and the words of Brandon.
  11. Alright had a crazy ideas and felt like sharing. Something always bugged me about shinovar, we know they have a collection of honorblades and that their home is far to the west and experiences very mild highstorms (Which originate in the east). Furthermore they seem to consider both stormlight and stone sacred. Anyway a question came to me rather recently. How do they train honorblades users in their abilities which require vast amounts of stormlight? While a certain amount could be explained through trade and hoarding, their is still likely a lack of stormlight in their area. So I couldn't help but wonder where they get enough investiture, hence why I am making the logical jump that honor's shardpool is there (i am aware the coppermind says his perpendicularity has no set location but I don't know if that is word of Brandon or not). When Dalinar summoned honor's perpendicularity vast amounts of stormlight came out, while i doubt this would be the same in shinovar a consistent leaking of investiture from the perpendicularity might explain how they have enough stormlight for things like using honorblades and trade. Also this would not be too shocking as shinovar is the lands given to humanity when they came to roshar and found honor. Also this is not unprecedented as on scaladarial preservation's shardpool slowly accumulated investiture into the beads of lerasium. So That is my theory on where Honor's perpendicularity may be. Hope you enjoyed.
  12. Well the whole idea of this theory is he could potentially get access to more kinds of investiture that were previously locked behind things like the genetic component of scaladrials investiture, or things like the dor which are influenced by your origin and location. Lerasium is the only substance that can rewrite a spirit web (to my knowledge). Hemalurgy just attaches someone else's to yours and most other forms of investiture merely fill in the gaps already there. Lerasium was unique in that it could completely alter what was already there. That is of course assuming i am correct and lerasium could be used in a manner besides just burning it to become a mistborn.
  13. I had not I'm kind of new to the 17th shard.
  14. Unfortunate i had not seen that word of Brandon. Oh well, it was still fun to imagine.
  15. So for starters this theory is based upon the premise that Hoid did not just eat the lerasium bead to become a mistborn. Rather I believe he used it's unique ability to rewrite a spirit web in tandem with his vast knowledge of investiture to rewrite his spiritweb to gain access to forms of investiture he was previously unable to. Now this unorthodox use might have limited or even temporary effects as hoid so far has only shown what I would assume are misting and possibly ferring abilities in stormlight (Well excluding breath and yolish lightweaving). Of course he might have acquired unkeyed metal minds at this point so nothing is certain. My first post hope you all enjoy.