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  1. Delighted to say my friend (and player when I run ttrpgs) has just completed way of kings. Can only hope they will now catch the cosmere fever like the rest of us.

  2. Well took way longer than the first time, but I finished my reread of the way of kings. Must say the leather bound was well worth the money and the wait.

  3. I believe the pact was more specifically to keep the fused on Braize. I don't know the full story but I imagine the oath pact was meant to be a one time deal. The heralds would go to braize to keep humans on Roshar safe forever. The oath pact would be weakened when a herald "broke" and relented allowing the fused and the heralds to return to Roshar. Granted I could be wrong, but given Honor's intent I could see that being the case.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to all my new follows. Will try to come up with some new insane theories for you all though I may need more material to do so. Otherwise feel free to make a post or something to chat about anything else if you wish.

  5. Fair enough critique. The magic system is in its infancy at the moment.
  6. Will have to do so. I have the basic mechanics out, basically every magic is warlock based. Humans are incapable of casting on their own, so they make deals with supernatural creatures (some long term, most short) to use it. Just working on devising rules and integrating it into how I envision the world.
  7. Wishing you the best of luck. My own magic systems are not coming along as well as I would like. Hoping you won't have my writer's block.
  8. Well I like it, and particularly enjoy the negative effects that come with overuse (so they cannot be spammed)
  9. Very intriguing magic system you got here, I like it. My question is, would the story using this magic system explore the morality of harvesting ink?
  10. Still reading through my leatherbound way of kings. Just needed to take a moment and gush about the art. It is breathtakingly gorgeous and I love it even more in color. The new additions are amazing as well (particularly love the one of Jasnah).
    On a semi related note, I have since managed to convince one of my players for ttrpgs and my mother to start the series. So I am quite happy about that.

  11. At their ideal state yes skybreakers should be confident. But Nale is not confident in himself, he has fully surrendered his morality to outside systems. Because he himself has stated he (and by extension other skybreakers) cannot be trusted. Though even he is horrified at what he has become when his insanity subsides. Given that he saw szeth as the perfect candidate for a skybreaker I can only imagine what his average recruit must be like. Granted there is also an interesting pattern in how a lot of insanity from heralds seem to be perversions of the traits they were said to exemplify.
  12. Would be curious to see what skybreakers were like in their more ideal state. Honestly I can just as easily see windrunners causing a lot of problems same as the current iteration of skybreakers. Much like a paladin convinced of their righteousness can cause havoc, I could see windrunners ending up doing the same doing what they believe to be right.
  13. That is a fair assessment I suppose. I mostly am looking at it from the perspective of someone on the journey not so much the destination (had to use the pun). Doesn't help that Nale's vision of the order is the version we get the most exposure to.
  14. I understand, it is not so much a hard rule as a general observation. I would argue Windrunners and Skybreakers have a great deal in common though. Both are concerned with making the "right" choice. They just have a fundamental disagreement on how one makes the right choice. A windrunner will always stand for what they believe confident in their moral compass. A skybreaker doubts their moral compass and thus puts an external set morality as their guide. Both at their best wish to protect the innocent from harm.
  15. Yet another astute and interesting observation. I figured given their shared surge there would be some crossover in the mindset of edgedancers and truthwatchers. But you brought a new idea to my mind, thank you.