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  1. Hi

    Hello and welcome. Glad to see I am not the only one who compulsively rereads the cosmere.
  2. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Yeah Mraize is doubtful, though in the same interview Brandon did say Mraize sees himself as nice. Whether most people would agree well...I leave that up to each reader.
  4. So, recently was thinking back on Brandon's description of the Ghostbloods while talking with the 17th shard. To summarize very very briefly, Brandon mentioned that the people drawn to Kelsier's organization are very cut throat and competitive (much like their leader). However, those that Kelsier handpicks or directly oversea tend to be more along the lines of what we saw in era 1. So, A thought I had was that the organization draws people more innately like Kelsier. Yet, the ones he prefers to serve under him are more like his old crew in that they serve as the brakes to his acceleration. As we saw a lot in the first mistborn book Dox, Ham, Breeze, and Clubs all worked hard to curtail some of Kelsier's worst traits. Now given Kelsier's obvious comfort with his own insanity and his egotism I think he is doubtful to try and work very hard to change that. So instead he essentially hires people out to be his own conscience. Particularly given his natural inclination to like innately good people even while not being one himself. Afterword Thank you to those who read this. Kind of random but I guess I am feeling the withdrawal of cosmere content and wanted to voice some thoughts. If you have comments, contradictions, or just wish to talk more I encourage you to comment. Hope you all have a great day, night, etc. Just keep in mind, "There's always another secret."
  5. Hello and welcome. I share your love of theories and have come up with many insane ones. Look forward to brainstorming with you.
  6. I love everything about this. Even if I did not enjoy reading the lord of the rings.
  7. More than likely I would like to meet Wit. I got a plethora of questions to ask. Assuming I can sort the truth from the gibberish I imagine it would be quite enlightening. Should wit not be in a teaching mood, perhaps Thaidakar or Zahel can answer some of my questions.
  8. Light Spoilers for Stormlight "You cannot have my pain" and the fourth ideal of the windrunner do that for me. The ones that really break me are Wit and Shallan's mentor and apprentice relationship. The layers of shallan's pain and self loathing with wit's empathy and advice really move me. Possibly because according to Brandon's official quiz I am a lightweaver as well.
  9. I can appreciate and empathize with wax's desire as the youngest yet most responsible of my siblings. Do wish I wasn't so easily able to predict the motive of the era 2 first novel villains so easily though. Still I enjoyed the tonal change for the series. Instead of world altering or nations at risk it was much more grounded and character focused. Minor era 2 spoiler I still love that line asking god why they don't send help only for the reply "I sent you"
  10. I may piggy back on that question as I rarely get to talk my favorite cosmere stories. Personally, my favorite book would probably be mistborn (the first book). I just loved the magic system and the heist storyline. Also it is endeared to me in that it was the first cosmere novel I ever read, and later the second I got in leatherbound (the the quote Brandon put in it). As for short story I will have to agree with the emperor's soul, I love the way it expanded upon the art of forgery (magic system and real world version). I shall contribute to the convo by adding an inquiry of my own. Who is your favorite cosmere character and why?
  11. Allow me to be among the first of likely many to welcome you to the 17th shard.
  12. I would likely go Pewter for Allomancy and I would take bronze for my insomnia. Assuming this is the real world of course.
  13. Hello everyone, hope this post finds you all well. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience playing the mistborn tabletop game? I've been trying to convince my players to run it myself and I'm curious how smooth the game plays for new players. Setting aside for the most part I am more focused on mechanics. Of course those who've read it are welcome to comment as well. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. Somehow fan works didn't quite seem right.
  14. Well my sincerest apologies again. I was out of town on vacation and only just returned. I will ponder it, and appreciate the offer to let me try out the system. Thanks again for your engagement with the topics (and the subsequent tangents). Also yes there is a mistborn ttrpg with books for both eras.
  15. Welcome to the 17th shard. I sadly have no questions for you buy just wanted to extend a greeting.