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  1. I might just have uninteresting opinions, but I love the elements of introspection and self-discovery in the order of the Lightweavers, and really enjoy their ideals as well as their surges.
  2. If I were a rithmatist I'd never get anything done because I would just draw chalkings constantly for no particular reason just to watch them move and animate themselves. I mean, I already have constant urges to draw fancy wolves and dragons exclusively and all the time.
  3. I have. It was truly wonderful. Puns are what keep me going in life. Well, puns and the fact that the Stormlight Archive isn't finished yet.
  4. Well my favourite would have to be Shallan actually. I wasn't a huge fan of her at first (despite that fact that she is pretty much me, but cooler and less mentally healthy) but I think as the series has gone on she's gotten better and better. Not that I dislike Kaladin (but he doesn't like bad puns, which is sort of a deal-breaker).
  5. Once I finish the Reckoners, I'm thinking of reading a book about anti-gravity. I hear it's impossible to put down.
  6. Rule 53: Don't panic. You are likely to survive at least four books this way.
  7. I welcome our new canine overlords. Dogs are better than people, so clearly they should be there ones to rule.
  8. I often refer to a specific chapter (the real name of which I have forgotten) as 'The pun boat chapter' amoung my friends, and also anyone who will listen. Hopefully it will be just as punny. I should probably check later though, to avoid death by sister.
  9. Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me. I feel way more welcome already and am really enjoying my time here. I can't emphasize my gratitude enough. I hope we can talk again, but for now my sister calls. I plan on exploring this forum more in future.
  10. InIs this possible? Another person who likes Shallan? Do I no longer have to live in perpetual fear for not preferring Kaladin? (Also, I'm a worldbuilding addict too)
  11. Maybe Hoid is secretly the one writing the books.
  12. I suppose I could. Better than ever considering it at all. I guess I'm already sort of a Lightweaver, using my username to create the illusion of someone far more cultured than I actually am.
  13. I would probably just re-create the character template I use for pretty much any role play with magic in it and make someone socially ostracized/loved/both, give them illusions and most of my personality, give them the last name Penumbra (because it's practically a running joke in my friend circle that all of my trickster characters have that name) and then subsequently use them to mess with everyone. Which surely everyone will see through. And I will be humiliated. At least, that's my thought process. Usually people just lose interest first.
  14. Suddenly, a new spark of hope has appeared under my shroud of cynicism and perpetual fear. I feel as if my life is complete.
  15. Oh right, well I have some experience role playing, but I've always been too timid to even consider joining a Cosmere RP because I'm afraid that my character will be stupid and everyone will judge me for not knowing my favourite series well enough. . . Oh, as for a guild, what exactly do you do there, and how do you join?