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  1. The Investiture would purge the impurities and toxins out of the body leaving the person sober and with a good perception of what they should be.
  2. So I have always wondered what exactly happens to your body when you travel to the CR. After all how do you bring a physical body into the realm of the mind. Luckily for me there is a WOB on this very question. So from this I gather that you body is transformed into Investiture on your way in and transformed back into physical matter on your way out. This got me wondering since you are Investiture while you are in the CR and you technically have no physical body, would a blind person be able to see. After all the reason they can't see is because there is a physical ailment going on with their eyes. Since their eyes are now pure Investiture and they are in the realm of the mind they should be able to see in the CR if they were to change their perception enough.
  3. Soothers working in child or aged care. No better way to deal with difficult children or put aged residents at ease then with a soother. Conversely rioters would be great at stage acting. You can literally make the audience feel what you wish to convey.
  4. It might not give perfect pitch from the get go but it would definitely help in being able to hear if notes are off. With practice I would assume you could develop perfect pitch quite quickly. You would need to turn it off if you are performing to a large crowd though.
  5. We have seen in era 2 that allomancy is integrated into every day life on Northern Scadrial. We see this with the postal crevice using coinshots to deliver mail, leaches being used in the police, rioters and soother in politics and I assume pewter arms in labor. I was wondering what other uses of allomancy (not tech based) would be out there that we do not see. I would say that there are definitely coinshots and tineyes in the music industry. Imagine a really skilled coinshot or lurcher pushing or pulling on the strings of a violin or guitar. They could literally play with no hands and tineyes are a no brainer (perfect pitch anyone). When electricity becomes wide spread I can just see coinshots or lurches being used to spin turbines (obviously before the use of Harmonium becomes wide spread). what are some other everyday jobs you can see allomancers (or Ferrings for that matter) doing on Scadrial.
  6. If both contestants had really good intel on the other I would assume that the Mistborn would store his reserve metals in an Aluminum lined container.
  7. This would be a devastating blow to the Mistborn. Really this whole scenario hinges on how much information either opponent has on the other.
  8. True, but a skilled aluminum burner might be able to target what investiture he purges from their body. We don't know as of right now if this is possible but if it is any direct attack of investiture on the Mistborns soul or mind will be negated.
  9. The way I see it is there are two directions the Invested healing can take. It heals just your Spiritweb and everything that you perceive as you or, It heals the Spiritweb of both you and your child. If it is the former then theoretically you could cut a hole in your abdomen and with enough skill heal your body without healing the unborn child. If it is the latter then what ever you do the child will always be healed in conjunction with yourself. I believe that the latter is the way that it works which still allows Lift heal her toe without bringing back the wart.
  10. IRL if you cut a wart off it will still grow back. I believe that if Lift new what she was doing then she could will the Stormligh to heal just her injured finger and not the wart but I could be wrong. That WOB is what started this thread. From what everyone has said I am now convinced that the Investiture will heal both the Mother and the child's Spiritweb. I would assume that Stormlight would be the best if not the best method because the mother would be absorbing the investiture all the time to do her surges. This would mean that the child would be exposed to huge amounts of Investiture constantly healing it as it is in its infancy. I wonder what this would do to the child Spiritually. Say the mother is a gold compunder constantly tapping her goldmind wile pregnant. Would the constant exposure to Investiture make the child more likely of becoming metalborn.
  11. I always had the feeling that a Savant in Duralumin would be able to control the burn rate of whatever metal he is burning.
  12. If someone was pregnant in the Cosmere and had the ability to use Invested healing how would it work. For instance would using F-gold or Stormlight heal your spirit web and that of you child, or would it not recognize the child as a living being and just heal you thus healing the unborn child by default.
  13. If you were not luck enough to be born Mistborn you can always try splitting Hurmonium into Atium and Lerasium ( this would be very difficult but can be done). You can still be a Mistborn this way, plus you will have some Atium as a bones.
  14. If I got reincarnated as a person in the Cosmere I would chose to be a Mistborn Nicrosil misting. I just wan't to be able to be able to compound Allomancy. Also I would go to Nalthis and get my Mist Cloak (which I would name Misty) Awakened with the command "fly when I command". I would then go back to Scadrial and get an unsealed Ironmind. I would then fly around everywhere saying "I am the new Lord Ruler all must bow before me".