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  1. I'm sure Harmony if he wanted to could create a new body for Kelsier. The Heralds get new bodies every time they return. There is no reason that shouldn't apply to Kelsier. It's just that at the end of SH Harmony didn't want to do this. He believes that it is better for Scadrial if Kelsier stays dead.
  2. The link exists in the Spirit realm. Time doesn't matter their, all times are happening at once. I see no problem with the Mistborn/Allomancer being inside the speed bubble and the spren outside both experiencing different times because their souls experience the same time.
  3. If I remember there was a WoB that said a Lerasium Mistborn with duralumin could have the same soothing effect as the Lord Ruler had. We know that the Lord Ruler could push on metal even if it is inside someone and the metal is Invested (Vin was burning her metals when he pushed on them). Could a Lerasium Mistborn do the same if he was also burning Duralumin. If so a Lerasium Mistborn is insanely powerful. If they learnt the trick the Inquisitors could do in viewing the world through the steel/iron lines they could probably push/pull non metallic objects when burning Duralumin as well.
  4. This sound Theoretically possible but extremely unlikely. What I always thought a Chromium savant could do is leech from a distance. We see other powers that were believed to only work on physical contact can be used at a distance cough.... Jasnah .... cough. We also see that when Ettmetal copies A-Chromium it creates a EoF leeching field so I don't see why a skilled Chromium savant can't do this either.
  5. Hemalurgy can creat Chimeras in genaral. Koloss are an example of this just using five humans instead of multiple different animals. I think what was weird about Tellium was that it could completely Warp someones soul with just one well placed spike.
  6. damnation! I thought I was onto something. Back to the drawing board I go.
  7. Is it possible to perform Hemalurgy on oneself? could you say take a copper spike that is not charged. Spike yourself in the right Bind point and grant tyourself greater intelligence. Since there is no extra Spiritweb being added my guess is that parts of your own Sprirtweb would have to be used to make this work. This would mean that to get greater intelligence you would have to be lacking in something else. This is all assuming that you could survive the shock from your Spiritweb being pulled apart and sewn back together again.
  8. SR surgery sounds a lot like Hemalurgy. I wounder could you steel youth with Hemalurgy. That sounds like something it would do.
  9. Identity in the Cosmere is basically like a fingerprint for your soul. Savantism is when your soul is warped and cracked due to long term exposure to Investiture. So would becoming a Savant change your Identity. Lets say you have a twinborn. He fills up his metalmind then leaves if for 5 years. In that time he has been burning his metal non stop and has undergone extreme Savantism. He goes back to his metalmind. Now because his soul is so severely warp, is his Identity changed enough that he is now locked out of his metalminds that he made before becoming a Savant?
  10. Coolest trick I can think of. Mistbron creates a big Cadmium bubble to slow down time around himself and his opponent. Next he anchors a very small speed bubble around himself so that he can move at normal speed inside the Cadmium bubble. Screams out "Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare" and moves behind them then resets time.
  11. Yep Spren can die.
  12. Might I add to this that when Spook was burnt to near death Sazed noted that if he were a Pewter arm he would have heal right up in a matter of days/week if he had kept burning. I don't know about you but recovering completely from wounds like that sound exactly like Wayne recovering from his burns. I agree with @Pathfinder that from what we have seen Pewter seems to work like F-gold just that It is doing so much more then just healing. You would have to be A-compounding or mist powered to get the same healing speed. But at that point your muscles and bones would be so durable that nothing but a mountain falling on you or a shardblade would damage you.
  13. Going off that then they should be able to detect quieter pulses like Feruchemy. But again we come to another problem. IIRC there is a WOB that states that the Inquisitors had been trying for centuries to use bronze to detect Feruchemy but hadn't found the trick to doing it yet.
  14. I have always thought this could work but have never come across it in the books. Bronze gives you an extra sensory ability to detect kinetic Investiture. Tin enhances all senses not just the five that you have but all senses. Therefor when Tin and Bronze are burnt at the same time you should have enhanced Seeking abilities. If both are flared it should theoretically be able to pierce copper clouds. Either I am wrong, Brandon overlooked this or the characters in the story didn't perceive A-bronze as an extra sense so it interfered with the tin enhancement that should have happened.
  15. I do believe in both of those cases Khriss and Brandon are referring to the sounds one makes when speaking the language. I don't believe they are talking about the Invested Aons making any sound when they are written.