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  1. If you compound you don't need the brain to be intact. Myles was able to blow his head off with a shotgun point blank in the face and was perfectly ok. The Lord ruler was rumored to survive being beheaded and from Myles's showings it is perfectly possible that he did.
  2. they also had a thousand years of no Human (and so no Feruchemist) DNA and sDNA. When the Lord Ruler made Mistwraiths he created them with a spiritual and cognitive block to stop them from ever using the Metallic arts (namely Feruchemy). After a thousand years of breading with this block if turned back to human there is no guaranty that they would now be able to use the metallic arts. This is all moot though because if Harmony wanted them to be Feruchemists they will be Feruchemists.
  3. From this we can concur that even if Harmony were to turn all the Mistwraiths backs to human they would not necessarily be Feruchemists. After all only the first generation were Feruchemists and the rest are a thousand years removed from those genes.
  4. long exposure to Investiture will expand your soul. This is what lets beings linger in the Cognitive realm after they die. If you can expand your soul enough you will have the option stay permanently hence becoming a cognitive shadow.
  5. I mean these are words written by the vessel that holds the power that created the world of Scadrial. I don't see how much more holy you can get. Just like the Bible or the Quran are holy because they were directed by the creator God of those respective religions.
  6. Spren is the Rosharan word for all Cognitive entities. Seons are the same type of phenomenon as Spren (both being splinters of a Shard that has gained sentience). Seons however originate on Sel. Mraize called the Seon a Spren because it is the only word Rosharans have for that type of phenomenon.
  7. Brandon simply says that he considers that all the people of Scadrial to be the children of both Ruin and Preservation since they both created them. Whether you consider that they they "boinked" to make is up to you. Brandon neither confirms nor denies. He says this on the recent spoiler stream at 1:52:30 if you want to check it out. Considering Harmony was able to create life on Scadrial without "boinking" himself I don't think they did. But they're shards. Maybe mixing their Investiture together is their form of "boinking."
  8. The only way to get A-Duralumin for an Inquisitors at that point was to spike a Mistborn since they didn't know about Duralumin Mistings at that point. Ruin didn't like doing that because it was a huge waste of potential. He liked to turn Mistborn to his side either willingly or unwillingly by spiking them. I don't think Marsh ever had A-Duralumin during Era 1.
  9. We actually see this exact thing happen in WoA. Marsh pushes on Sazeds metlaminds. Both his copper bracers and his rings. I attribute these inconsistencies to Brandon not having all the rules of the Cosmere worked out at that point. After all the Inquisitors were using their spikes as Metalminds the entire time.
  10. It is more like the soul changes shape to better allow the power to flow through it. Savants actually have far greater control of their power then non Savants. Again this is due to the Soul changing and adapting to better utilize the constant stream of Investiture flowing through it.
  11. During the Era 1 Inquisitors were using their own spikes as Metalminds. Brandon has acknowledged that this causes problems in the canon because Investiture is suppose to resist other Investiture.
  12. He is not changing the information inside the Metalmind. He is corrupting the information as it is being transferred from mind to Metalmind.
  13. Marsh: Masochist who loves getting spiked.
  14. I mean you have the Shard of Dominion there, It makes sense to me. The Shard dictates how the magic is accessed. Having the literal embodiment of Dominion there means you would have to be apart of a specific domain to access a certain magic. The only thing that is up in the air is if you could use a regions magic everywhere on Sel without the power drop before the Splintering. If the answer is no then I am will be confused.
  15. You've also got Teft's father. A religious zelot that thought live sacrifice and other atrocities would bring back the KR.