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  1. Once the object is damaged enough and can't perform its commands the Breath will return to Endowment.
  2. Not owning up to Gavilar's assassination would probably work. Also not have Szeth dress up in white and be seen with the Singers before said assassination. The whole war as well as the resurgence of the Fused could have been avoided if they didn't have this strange custom about how assassinations take place.
  3. That is what I am worried about. If that is the case it would mean that every Allomancer is essentially a Mistborn when it comes to Atium's alloys. Hopefully if he does change the way that Atium works he makes it so that only pure Atium can be burnt by all.
  4. Who you going to call
  5. Well not all divine beings are considered good so I guess it could work. Lucifer represents hubris so you could count that in as well.
  6. I wonder if this Atium change is a hint as to what he is going to do in the books. Like everyone has said already, it is clearly within Harmony's power to change the Spiritwebs of all Scadirans to be able to burn Atium without being a Mistborn. Maybe this will be the significance of the return of the "Lost Metal." Edit: If he is changing it so every Aollomancer can burn Atium does that mean every Ferring would be able to store it as well?
  7. with the amount of Investiture TLR can generate he would probably be able to wild Nightblood and still use his powers like Szeth does.
  8. I got Elsecaller. This came as a surprise. I thought that I would more Skybreaker or Truthwatcher. Interestingly they were both equal second.
  9. Allik teaches Marasi and the gang to tap Brass in their sleep in BoM. It would seem that you can tap a metalmind unconsciously it just takes practice. You might not be able to store this way though.
  10. Mass is conserved yes. It would just be more practical for the explosion to be concentrated in a smaller volume with something like Tungsten the with something less dense like water. As a planetary terrorist you need to know these things.
  11. Because it is so dense that you wouldn't need to create much to cause a huge explosion.
  12. A thought occurred to me, how would cybernetic enhancements from era 4 interact with Cosmere healing. We know that healing in the Cosmere such as Stormlight and F-gold are very influenced by how the user perceives themselves. If someone had a cybernetic prosthetic arm for years and had it blown off. If that person also had access to healing magic would they be able to heal that cybernetic arm or would it just grow their original biological arm? Would you be able to do this for other things like complete cyborg bodies or for an AI that has been placed in an Android body?
  13. Yes a Shard has much more Investiture then one planet. The Shards Ruin and Preservation created the planet Scadrial and still had an enormous amount of Investiture left over. Brandon has said that Harmony (the combined power of Ruin and Preservation) would be able to Influence the entire Scadrian solar system.
  14. Survive The Mists are my friend All tyrants must die All those who do not actively oppose tyranny must die I am hope
  15. The Lord Ruler when holding the well of ascension. Even after the holding the power he is terrifying. All the Shard holders.