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  1. Not really. #1 you are burning the spike and #4 you are not burning it but you still can if you tried. The end result is the same but the mechanics of how it happened are slightly different.
  2. Both Ruin and Preservation's Investiture try to enter through the metal and get rebuffed by each other but instead of exploding they just cancel each other out. Kind of like Ruin and Vin during their struggle at the end of HoA. The Mistborn is just left with a stab wound but with their powers intact. I would say that this is the least likely of the scenarios.
  3. If you were a Mistborn and someone was trying to spike you with a Hemalurgic spike and you burnt it the moment it penatrated you what would happen. The act of burning would force Preservation's Investiture through the metal first blocking any of Ruins Investiture leaving you with just a stab wound. Ruins Investiture flows through the metal first blocking any of Preservation's Investiture leaving you dead with a chunk of your soul missing. Ruin's and Preservation's Investiture flow through the metal at the same time and because both are diametrically opposed to each other they rebuff each other and cause an explosion similar to Harmonium. Nothing happens.
  4. Windrunner/Stoneward. Windrunner reverse lashes the ground causing everyone to fall to their knees. Stoneward then makes ground soft and drowns them in it.
  5. Less time and effort with normal compounding I guess. You can store F-pewter strength at any time will storing A-Pewter strength requires you to have multiple sources of pewter on you. There might be some loss of Investiture during the transfer from Preservation to you to the metalmind maybe. Either way from what we know of Compounding and the fact that multiple allomantic powers are confirmed to be able to be stored in metalminds I just don't see there being any difficulty in this happening.
  6. Allomantic Pewter strength comes from Preservation's Investiture reinforcing your muscles and bones not from increased muscle mass like F-Pewter. Since it has been stated by WOB that this can be stored in a Pewtermind and then compounded you may get to the point that your body is so reinforced that you become impervious to knives and bullets.
  7. It is possible but unknown at this point. If Voidbinding works like Surgebindeing (bonding a Spren) then yes you could absolutely pull the Void Spren into the Physical Realm thus making a Shardblade. If not then probably no.
  8. Duralumin only pushes out any kinetic Investiture that is inside you all at once. It could give you a very brief super charged surge but once that is done you will be out of Stormlight and would need more. Just burning Duralumin by itself would do nothing.
  9. No worries. us Malzan fans have to stick together.
  10. I think the questioner was asking if Atium worked like Lerasium (a metal that anyone can burn and that turns you into a Mistborn). In Hemalurgy Atium steals any power. The Inquisitors used it to steal the ability to burn Atium from the Nobility or from allomantic Skaa.
  11. Only Mistborn and Atium Mistings can burn Atium. The army of Atium Mistings were directly created by Preservation through the mechanisms of the Mist Snappings. The asterisks is probably referring to the fact that anyone can burn Atium if they are spiked with an Atium spike.
  12. Yes. Kriss and Naza were in the Cognitive realm observing the events of the final empire. From Kelsier's interaction with them they didn't act as if they were seeing anything differently.
  13. What Kelsier was seeing was not the Cognitive realm but the steel sight that all Inquisitors can do by seeing the trace metals in everything. "Immediately, Wax was in a different place. A barren land, with no one in sight and only dust blowing around him.It was a difficult perspective to experience, for only half of the viewer's eyesight was normal. The other was all in blue, lines everywhere. The vision of a man spiked through the eye." Pg 436 What is happening is that you are glimpsing into the spiritual realm and creating a connection with nearby pieces of metal. The metal glows because you are seeing the power of the Shards Ruin and Preservation wishing to come into the physical realm through the metal.
  14. Threnody is a world that I could potentially see Shardblade equivalent weapons being made. The already have guns that can shoot out shades. If you could bond with the Shades and bring them more into the PR then I don't see why you couldn't get a Shardblade. What effects a "Shadeblade" would have I have no Idea.
  15. Brandon has RAFOed whether Spen can be effected by emotional Allomancy. He has said that Spren will react if a rioter or soother were burning there metal in a given area.