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  1. ahhh that's true, I don't know why it slipped my mind! The OG Kholins then, I'll say. Honestly, the main reason I can't see myself doing much Shallan art is because there's lots of good ones of her already, while Dalinar, for example, I couldn't find much that matched how I picture him. I'm hoping I can do Stormlight art long term though so I might branch out!
  2. From the album Stormlight Character Paintings

    I don't know how consistent I'm being with my Dalinars, but anyway... I tried my hand at a younger version of him - I'm worried he's a bit of a pretty boy here, so I'm going to pretend it's because of his youth, heh. Also, I didn't know how to create an album before and have no idea if it's possible to move my previous posts here :/
  3. I'm really honored, and thanks for the warm welcome!
  4. You're much too kind. I have lots I'm not confident in and can't do yet, I'm just good at hiding it xD Thank you!! I'm happy you like it!
  5. Thanks!!
  6. I'm glad you like that, scars and damage are probably some of my favourite things to draw (no wonder I gravitated to Dalinar first)! Thank you <3 Thanks
  7. Thank you so much! Your comments are definitely going to encourage me to attempt more things <3
  8. Thanks! I'm probably going to focus on the Kholins and/or side characters for the time being, but others definitely aren't being ruled out! Honestly I'm gonna have a hard time even moving away from Dalinar haha.
  9. Thanks a lot, that's what I was going for so I'm glad you think so
  10. Thanks everyone! I'll for sure try to pick up the remaining Cosmere works sooner than later. I'm excited to dive in further
  11. That's such high praise, thank you Thanks! Maybe more Kholin portraits will be coming in the future.
  12. Thank you! If you're referring to Cosmere, I've only read SA so far! I haven't had the chance to check out the novellas and short stories yet, either.
  13. Hi all! I finished Oathbringer after a long break between it and WoR, and it really sucked me back into SA (which I've liked for a couple years). I haven't been so into a book series for a while, enough so that I had to come register here. I've never been great at understanding the nitty-gritty of complicated fantasy, so my main form of contribution will probably be the occasional fanart, rather than any deep discussion. I've already submitted a couple of paintings to the gallery (Dalinar is my fave in case you can't tell.....) I'm looking forward to getting familiar with you all, and making more art!
  14. My second go at Dalinar, with an "official portrait" sort of feel. The style is based on 19th-century Russian military portraits (one by George Dawe in particular), and I used Polynesian, East Asian and Middle Eastern faces as references, to hopefully decently represent an Alethi as described in the books. This is my first time creating a portrait that's not directly referenced from an existing person, and it was a lot of fun. I'm hoping to continue with SA art, maybe expanding to characters other than my fave tight-butt Kholin (I'd love to tackle characters like Teft. Navani and Jasnah someday). Critique is totally welcome, I'm an amateur still refining and figuring things out!
  15. As a newcomer to the fandom, this was my first rough crack at SA fanart. Dalinar cemented himself as my absolute favourite of the series after I finished Oathbringer. This was pretty quick with little research or references (especially with regards to racial traits) so a lot of details are probably off, but I'm happy with the overall feel of it.