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  1. That sounds plausible... so, it could be theoretically possible within the functions of the Oathgates themselves but such behaviour was limited by their controllers (i.e. the Radiants)... I could see that being a way that the resource of Stormlight was maintained through taxation. This would tie in nicely with the aforementioned epigraph quotation about the Radiants beginning to show their "true colors"; their hold on power and their own internal politics starting to waver towards the time of Recreance.
  2. Spren or Seon... none of this messing about with mushy body physical realm stuff Pattern's comment about defecating and "trying to hide it" (which I'm recalling and paraphrasing badly) comes to mind, hah!
  3. I recall that same comment and am trying to find out where it was mentioned precisely... nonetheless you are correct inasmuch that they assumed it must be possible to travel without the need to pass through Urithiru. Whether or not this proves to be actually possible will, of course, remain to be seen.
  4. @Ixthos gotcha, yeah @Rebecca cleared that up for me in the end, looks like I’ve been repped up a bit now and all appears to be well. Thanks for your help, I must get back to my bridge before anyone realises I’m missing
  5. @Rebecca gotcha, that was what I figured and I suppose the message I got did clarify that to an extent but I felt a little sad I wasn’t able to mention you guys directly for being so kind as to come and speak with me! I’m in the clear now it seems tho so, woo, one day I will make it out of the bridge crews !! @Cadmium Compounder Many thanks. I have a passion for writing and even on forums try to write in a way that’s entertaining to read. Before joining I spent my time lurking in the various cosmere book sections just seeing what sorts of things people discussed; I think I’m probably going to be joining you in theories and things as I love a good deep read and exposition of thoughts and things but I want to ensure my knowledge is up to scratch first! I might also take a look at the writers forums I see you have here. It’s been a long time since I’ve put my hand to any prose or poetry of note so that seems to me like a gentle way to ease my way back into things with like minds. I’ve frequented many a forum before but never entered into any games but you might just have convinced me to dip my toe over there as well! Agreed with your thoughts on Siri and Vivenna... brilliant characters and underrated; but i think things like Elantris and Warbreaker are easy to forget sometimes when stacked up against Mistborn and Stormlight... the beauty of it is, as you touch upon, the knowledge that these parts of the cosmere are not “done” with and the roles they have to play in the larger scheme of things will come out in due course (providing Brandon is able to continue his breakneck writing pace and maintain his deific level of skill ). @Lord Furret I see!! I will have to check this out, Color me intrigued! Nice to meet you too!
  6. @Karger. The message said specifically it was to prevent spam from new members so I’m not sure it will affect someone with your post count but @Ixthos I’ll try tagging you both and see if it lets me... who knows... maybe 3 posts is the threshold. Edit: ok, yeah clearly that works now, I’ll try in my original thread as well in case there’s different parameters for different sections of the forum (I can see why allowing links would be required in a tech / support area )
  7. I assume its just a blanket ban on all embedded links and things for new members, but I was disappointed to find in my introduction post I was forced to resubmit my reply to people who had kindly welcomed me to the forum. My post was rejected because of embedded links and the only thing I can think of is that I had used @ tags to mention the members specifically. In case its an unintended bug or oversight I just thought I would mention it.
  8. Firstly, Rebecca, Ghanderflaffle and Karger, many thanks for your kind welcomes, pleasure to meet you all! Rebecca: it was a bit of a foregone conclusion wasn't it really? Hehe! Always leave em wanting more . My favourite Sanderson characters thus far are: Kaladin - as I identify so strongly with both his depression and his desire to protect and care for other people. Kelsier - again, I identify with his struggle against the status quo and desire to fight for whats right. Also... whats not to love about the badass?! Teft and Dalinar - I have long struggled with addiction and self-medication to cope with my various issues including a lack of self-worth... "I will protect those I hate. Even...even if the one I hate most is... myself." is a line that resonates with me deeply. To be honest... I could go on and on answering this question as Sanderson's characterisation is so strong and I haven't come across a character that is poorly written thus far! Honorable mentions go to Lift, Rock, Lopen, Breeze. Ghanderflaffle: I hazard a guess that a Ghanderflaffle is RAFO for something I've not come across yet? If not, what an exquisite name! Favourite Sanderson book is also pretty hard to call... they've all been amazing so far. Probably The Way of Kings though, as from the very beginning I was enthralled by the ideas in the book (the whole prologue gave me the strongest of chills) and the fact that it was ONE BOOK IN TWO PARTS which I had never encountered before. Kaladin's journey and that of Bridge Four was something monumentally page-turning and I (pun intended) stormed through it. I haven't yet read anything Non-Cosmere but I have my birthday coming up and I'm hoping to plug those holes expediently. My main drive was Cosmere books once I realised there was this whole interconnected narrative and big picture stuff. I have, to that end, read the Arcanum though. I love a short story done well - one of my favourite modules at University - and I found the Arcanum to be simply tantalising. Would love to have more expanded narratives especially on things such as Sixth of Dust and Shadows of Silence in the Forests of Hell! Karger: Thank you, your Radiance! Yeah, as above, absolutely loved Arcanum. The Edgedancer and Mistborn Secret History segments were also particularly special of course with how they complimented their larger narrative counterparts (OMGKELSIERWTF!!! - I had moved onto Stormlight by that point when I picked up AU and was sorely tempted to dive back into Mistborn for a re-read following all the revellations, but Oathbringer awaited me, haha!) Again, many thanks for all your kind words. Your humble Stick, ~Atrias~ PS - I had to resubmit this post because apparently us newbs can't post links?? I only included @ tags to the three of you so that I could respond to you personally... seems a bit mean
  9. Greetings Highlords, Highladies... Brightnesses all! I stumbled across The Final Empire in my local bookstore last year whilst looking for a new and intriguing series of books to get my teeth into during a period of extended sickness. I had never heard of Brandon Sanderson before and, despite the old addage, I totally judged a book by its cover and was sold immediately on the premise written on the UK edition cover "What if the Dark Lord won?". I scurried home eager to dive into a new world of fantasy, completely unaware of what was in store for me. I read the prologue and the first few chapters and was completely and utterly blown away by the characterisation, world-building, grounded magical systems and so on... so I promptly set down my book with a resigned feeling of "Oh no, here we go again" and returned to town to purchase the other two books in the series as I knew this was something special. In my defense, not wrong, but little did I know how deep the rabbit-hole truly went! I devoured Mistborn Era 1, then decided to read Elantris to see where it all began (from a published works \ bibliographical sense) and noticed thematic similarities, connections, the same dedicated attention to detail and fantastic cast of characters. I, like all of you before me, had discovered the Cosmere. I was hooked, but like taking the first few rubs of firemoss, I was still naive as to what would happen next. I found Brandon's website. I found to my delight that there were MORE COSMERE BOOKS. I read Mistborn Era 2. I read Warbreaker. Amazing. Outstanding. Could it get any better? Then Stormlight dropped from the heavens and its four almighty tomes that comprised Book 1 and Book 2 proceeded to give me as comprehensive an emotional roller-coaster as I had yet experienced in my 31 years of life. I had to have more... like waiting for Pullman or Pratchett (RIP ) or Canavan, the itch just begged to be scratched. As luck would have it, I was fortuitous enough to have finished SA2 to find that Oathbringer was also available for me to purchase immediately. Such a weighty and majestic hardback I have never before held in my hands! The rest is history. I began cross-reading, lurking on these forums, reading annotations, deleted scenes... you all know the drill! What I find is something so fascinating, so brilliant, beautiful and compellingly powerful within his works. His ability as a writer to speak to the many facets of my own mental health issues has helped me immeasurably over the past year. His ability to give me back feelings and emotions I had long buried and the pervading hope that everything is going to be ok has, without question, saved my life. For that, for him, for his works I am eternally grateful. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all and hope to further expand my own knowledge and understanding in Brandons works, and by extension my own growth and healing, by participating in this board. Your patience in reading my intro post is greatly appreciated and I hope to get to know many of you better in time! Life Before Death Strength Before Weakness Journey Before Destination ~Atrias~