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  1. Elantris has a special place in my heart. I agree that it's a good intro to Brandon Sanderson's works, particularly for those with little patience for lengthy reading. His brilliance deserves to be glimpsed by anyone interested in this genre. Although Raoden is my ultimate favorite in Elantris, Hrathen comes to a close 2nd. It's one of the Cosmere's shorter stories but Hrathen's character development is still one of those that impacted me the most.
  2. I am Evi. Make love not war. P.S. She really deserved more!
  3. HAHA consider me warned, then.
  4. Thanks! Ah yes, Lopen is HILARIOUS. One of my favorite bridgemen. Oh man, I didn't understand the cookies. Was it supposed to be some cosmere-related reference I probably don't recall? Lol.
  5. Beautiful! Love the Sari inspiration
  6. I completely agree with you on that! I'm excited for what Brandon Sanderson has planned for him in TSA 5 which - I think I've read in a signing event - focuses on his story because he gave the 3rd one to Dalinar which actually makes total sense. Thanks for the welcome!
  7. Yay hey there fellow Kaladin fan!
  8. Thanks for the welcome! Favorite character in total's pretty hard.. I think I'll give one per series I've read. For Mistborn, Elend and Elantris, Raoden because they're nice and geeky but are good leaders who really care about the people. For TSA, so far, Kaladin because he's such a good person despite what he went through or what he used to think of lighteyes and also he's a surgeon?? Haha
  9. Oh my! I'm sorry, I had no idea there were rules and such. Just got so excited when I discovered this site a couple of days ago. Will be more mindful of the rules next time. Thanks for calling my attention!
  10. This is amazing! I've always wanted to find a compiled description of the Rosharan ethnicities and how they compare with those on Earth so that they're easier to imagine. Thank you for coming up with this!
  11. Hello! <3 Relatively new to the Cosmere fam, about 2 yrs since I read my first Sanderson series: Mistborn. Gotta say life has not been the same since then :)) Just finished Oathbringer and I am overwhemed (again) with Brandon Sanderson's brilliance. Taking a break and processing it all before I get started on other Cosmere series. So far, I've finished Mistborn Era 1 and 1 book left in in Era 2, TSA up to Oathbringer, Elantris and Emperor's Soul. Excited to go through this site and engage with every one of you!