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  1. Sorry, I realized too late this thread was old.
  2. Two inputs, though i'm not so familiar with the Cosmere yet: 1. During his vision of travelling with the Stormfather in WoK, Kaladin sees a people living in an upside-down city. That is probably on Roshar since, well, highstorm's vision, but it could indicate descendants from Ashyn who are more comfortable with this. 2. Hollow world that cracked. The sky is filled with lava. Assuming the sky counts as up and the center of gravity is down towards the planet's core, the world could contain vast caverns with stalagtites (-mites?) hanging down from its roof, pointing towards the planet's core. Well, shatter the crust and you get lines of magma in the sky if the cavern is deep enough in the planet's core. I mean you get all kinds of issues with ventilation and cooling but... (also, Shattered Plains connected? If Ashyn was a kind of first battleground...)
  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the welcome! (mistborn 1 and OB spoilers) Cliché but Windrunner. Flying beats any other power, and the Skybreakers are...not my cup of tea. ...oh nice forum games
  4. Unfortunately, this wore away at their teeth and so they had to organize a good dentist.
  5. It is your deck, and I am not as Invested in MtG as I once was. Always happy to give feedback, I had fun looking through the cards
  6. Unleash the Larkin is ridiculously cheap. An unconditional counter for 3 mana that spawns a flying token? I'd at least make it "Counter target non-creature spell" and increase the cost by 2 or introduce a "unless the player pays 2.". On Lighteyed Practice Ground and other land cards it should be "add R to your mana pool" not just "add R". (please change the creature type "bird" to "chicken" i beg you) Shardplate seems rather weak considering its canon power, especially contrasted to the strong bonus your Shardblade gives. Stormfather would be hell in multiplayer but in a good way! Basic lashing, Influx of Stormlight, Frost, Awaken, Defend the tower, Mists of the Night are all too cheap for the power they bring. Odium's Champion and I think a few other "take control" cards have no time limit attached to them. 2 mana to take control of the most powerful creature, forever? Denth and Jasnah are really good! And Amaram lmao. Generally from what I can tell it's pretty good.
  7. Hi!

    Hi, I'm Eva, I'm obviously new to the forum and rather new to Sanderson's works. I loaned WoK from the local library in, hm, may or april, loved it and went back for book 2 and 3. I'm finishing my reread of SA and have read the White Sand prose and Warbreaker, which I will forever accidentally refer to as Warbringer by accident (and Oathbreaker, obviously :P). I'm from Austria so I have a harder time getting my tiny hands on the english originals (especially US editions because UK is also expensive but not as expensive as the dumb hardcover translations) but ordering online does allow me to burn my aunt's giftcards so The Final Empire arrived yesterday - I'm 300 pages in and love it. And wow, what a community you've all built, it's amazing! Seeing such a tight interaction between fanbase, author, and author's support staff is really really nice and all the fans I've encountered so far are super helpful and a cool bunch in general.