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  1. Mmmmmm @Booknerd a Jedi you are not.
  2. I like your quotes.
  3. It also has a very very good ending.
  4. power
  5. When Sazed holds the power of Preservation and Ruin, "I will unite them!"
  6. Throne of Glass. It is a very good fantasy series better than anything but Sanderson. It is by Sarah J Maas. I think it is a six book series and the finale just came out this year.
  7. yes it is
  8. Homework is pizza.
  9. It is against the rules of writing to bring back someone from the dead, so I do not think that Tien will be in any of the next SA books. Yanagawn, the new prime of Azir was brought back from the dead but that was right after he died, and he was not a big character before that. Tien has a big impact on Kaladin and Kaladin may or may not have the most chapters, so that association makes Tien important. He will not be brought back from the dead.
  10. F in the chat.
  11. That is not funny.
  12. Congrats you had the most liked content ;)

  13. Fried chicken burgers