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  1. My money would be on hoid
  2. I thought that Honor said something along those lines. That Odium had realized he didnt need to fight man kind as they were destroying them selves. And while the second books reading said that they killed Gavilar to prevent the return of their old gods, we dont know exactly how he would bring them back or what exactly their old gods are. So It could be that his unification of Roshar is the trigger for the old gods returning. The old gods could either be Odium which doesnt exactly fit as Odium is singular, or the Voidbringers. I know there are a lot of holes in the theory in general but Im having fun with the possibilities. having to wait so long for the next book is driving me up a wall.
  3. I have been thinking a lot on my most recent read of the way of kings as to why the knights gave up their shards. A few Ideas combined in my head as possibilities. 1) Sil does not like shards. she is glad that Dalinar has given up his shard blade. However during the time of the Knights radiant all of the knights wore shard plate and had shard blades. And if all of the knights were bound to spren then at some point they did not hate the shards. what changed? 2) Odium. From what I have seen no one knows exactly what Odiums power is. We know he can kill other shard holders and that he is a destructive force but not how. My guess is corruption. He can turn something on its self. That way he would not have to directly confront another shard holder but slowly turn their own power back on them in a destructive way. 3) Could it then be possible that odium was corrupting the Knights through their shards? Similar to how Ruin took control of Inquisitors and Kandra. I am going off of the assumption that the Knights didnt betray mankind and that their abandoning of the shards was a way of depriving Odium of powerful instruments. Similar to the Kandra final resolution. The Knights could have realized that they were being corrupted slowly by Odium through the shards and decided to abandon them to protect. The shards still have remnants of Odium's corruption. This is why Sil hates them. It fits with the oathpact as well. I find it strange that the desolations seem to end every time people stop fighting. After the herolds leave, after the Knights depart, the desolations stop. Its almost as if when there is no one to fight against the desolations they do not happen. The Parshendi killed Gavilar because he was unifying the land. If the land is unified then Odium would return to tear it apart. Still early in my working my way through the details. But I think the idea has possibilities. All looping around Odium being Corruption.
  4. They are very very large books. capable of mass destruction when dropped.
  5. you can access memories you stored in the future! wait thats feruchemy.... Temporal copper. It could leave copper clouds in your wake or even when you are not burning it. or the copperclound puts you in a copper shaddow. Since copper is all about hiding from allomancy, burn Temporal copper and you leave behind an image of yourself that everyone thinks is you while you are moving ahead of it. Kind of the reverse of an atium shadow. That way while burning atium-copper people would attack where you had just been. Actually that sounds really cool.
  6. There is also the possibility that a god metal like Lerasium could change forms in another world.....
  7. Nice catch on Lerasium symbol! I never caught that. Knowing Brandon there is a meaning, even if he doesnt know it yet. I know they were done by an artist and he did roughly 1,000 symbols or so (according to writing excuses) However I bet that Brandon gave him instructions on what they all needed. (such as the dot) Connecting the magic systems and lore could be a very cool thing way way down the road in his writing.
  8. If he was screwing with the system to make a point... why 16? would not 14 or 19 been better numbers with the knowledge the characters had? If it was preservation trying to help out Vin and Elland would it not have been better to use a number they would instantly associate with allomancy? And yes Brandon has implied the existence of many more metals, but we only know of around 19 right now.
  9. I have been rereading the mistborn trilogy the past week and there seems to be a flaw in the third book. Mainly with the rule of 16. According to the book the sickness the mists bring is caused by snapping and it correlates to the 16 allomantic metals. however there are not 16 metals. by my last count there are at least 19. If you remove the god metals from the equation then there are indeed 16 known metals. However this also does not work as 1/16th of those who got the mist sickness become Atium mistings, which is a god metal. The other bump is that they did not know of all the metals. yet they imply that all of those who were snapped by the mists became mistings and thus would have only been from known metals. I believe at that point in the story 14 metals were known including atium but not including lerasium. I was just wondering if anyone had ever explained the seeming discrepancy with this whole thing as I thought the rule of 16 to be a very cool thing that worked really well.
  10. Thats what I was thinking yeah. after all there is other magic on Sel. Elantris is the only group of magic users that transform. It could be that the transformation was something they made to make their Aeons more powerful. They made the city as an amplifier to the existing magic that they had and to create the Shaod.
  11. 1. A Misting- Bendalloy. Time bubbles are an awesome solo skill. 2. A Ferring- Bloodmaker all the way. 2. A Twinborn- Dual Chromium or Zinc and tin Dual Chromium would allow you to strip away the metals from anyone you were fighting and the compounding from feruchemy would generate you insane amounts of luck. With Zinc and tin you could have Zinc to increase your mental speed and thought processes. and tin to have expanded senses. Would be almost as good as Atium burning. 3. A Misting with a Hemalurgical spike- A smoker with a nicrosil spike. would be a huge ace in the whole in helping another allomancer in a fight.
  12. I always assumed there was no Reod pre Elantris. If the city is a drawn spell to transform someone into an elantran then before it was built there would have been no transformation.
  13. August sat in a metal cage with his hands tied behind his back. He smiled as the sun rose in front of him illuminating what he considered, was going to be a beautiful day in the wasteland. The first line that popped into my head while working on my latest project. It pretty much hit the setting and character voice all in one go and when I thought of it I knew where the book started.
  14. Has anyone brought up that shard plate and surgebinding are incompatible. Szeth says in the first chapter that surgebinders cannot use shard plate because they would draw the storm light from the plate leaving it heavy and useless. so Dalinar can not be a surge binder yet. if he was his plate would be useless. However now that he has given the plate away he might start to become one.
  15. I have a feeling a stormlight game would be epic. shardblades and plate, surgebinding, parshendi forms. these would all lend themselves in an epic way to gaming. Warbreakers magic system is also very video game oriented. It almost threw me out of the story due to be seeing breaths as a mana bar half the time.