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  1. I don't know if the streaming computer CPU problem got addressed by now, but Brandon likely shouldn't need to get a new computer to stream from if they make sure to use a hardware video encoder like QSV. Dunno how to reach the Sanderson team on this but it'd be nice to save buying a new PC if it's not needed.
  2. I'm incredibly fond of the middle section where it sounds like it's stumbling. Song is on the free cover album “Clockwork” from Pixel Mixers https://pixel-mixers.com/
  3. As potentially underwhelming as the result might be, I kinda want to see Nightblood get a new sheath.
  4. Nono, let me try to get the right. I was in era 1 fantasy land saying "some allomancers can draw upon the mists" would not refer to allomancers drawing on the mists, but the strength and safety some mistings and mistborn feel in the mists. And from there I springboard into nonsense using tineyes as the start.
  5. No, i was addressing the how the point was raised "some allomancerS" can draw upon the mists. and I use it to ramble on with craziness but you missed the s of the quote. I suppose we could have moved into era2 again to explain how the allomancers was plural due to the changing of the mists now that harmony holds 2 shards, but that doesn't allow me to talk crazy so it wasn't what i was addressing.
  6. this was not in question. this was not the point either. the question is to narrow how the mists interact when people are using allomancy and we only see full eye-spiked inquisitors or single spiked individuals. so perhaps i should have specified era 1, but the mists being rare in era 2 it seemed clear what the question was targeting
  7. This is the part I hate most. I accept that's how the story is, but I hate it. Back to this. It doesn't seem to me that Allomancers are 'drawing' on the mists for power. I've always thought that the mists would act as a sort of natural amplifier to allomacy, reminiscent of how the mists accommodate tineyes. To the degree it harmonizes with the allomancer might have to do with how connected they are to Preservation I'll have to re-scrape the WoBs again, but I've been wondering if a person spiked similarly to Edwarn or Telsin would struggle to pierce the mists with tin.
  8. Sazed writes before the Epilogue of HoA It does raise questions on why TLR couldn't use the mists, but there could be a number of reasons for that including but not limited to his bands.
  9. I'm starting to have a deep fear that Maya cannot be revived, but Adolin will be able to fully kill her/lay her to rest.
  10. Probably a mangaka or manhwa. That hope is such a reach given language barriers I'll not get my hopes up entertaining names.
  11. Re-reading Land of the Lustrous this week (aka Country of Jewels / 宝石の国). Even knowing the story arc it still feels nuts.
  12. 11 minutes ago, Ookla the Prolific said:

    What was Queen Fen told by Honor's voice at the end of the first vision Dalinar showed her?

    Do we know this for certain? I was not able to find confirmation.

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    2. Karger


      Does this WoB help?

      JordanCon 2018 (April 22, 2018)
      #14 April 22, 2018 Share Copy


      How do visions in the cosmere work? And I'm thinking Realmatically.

      Brandon Sanderson

      So almost always [it's] glimpsing into the Spiritual Realm. But you are often seeing it through the Cognitive, and so like a vision that...

      So like the vision that Dalinar sees. What's going on is-- being pulled, and kind of stretched a little bit through the Realms, into the Spiritual Realm.  Where a Cognitive construct is adding a framework to seeds that are set in place.


      So that you can kind of comprehend the Spiritual?

      Brandon Sanderson

      You can comprehend-- and also there's a little bit of a life to it. Meaning it can respond to you and things like this, to an extent. So imagine, it kind of works like an AI. Imagine there's some-- You've got that power in the Spiritual Realm and you're adding a framework to it, that it is shining through, and that is giving you the vision. Complicated, I know. Spiritual Realm is supposed to be weird, and we aren't supposed to quite comprehend it, but that's why we've got the Cognitive framework there.



    3. Tide Eyed

      Tide Eyed

      Yes and no? Not really.

    4. Karger


      Shrugs.  I kind of doubt you will get much in the way of meaningful information from your question.  What Fen received would just have been the same platonic ideal of the same message put through a slightly different cognitive filter based on her own understandings.

  13. What was Queen Fen told by Honor's voice at the end of the first vision Dalinar showed her?
  14. I worry for Adolin because he's been stacking up the "grieve later" moments but we haven't seen him have time to mourn. Don't think it'd go as far as a new vessel for Odium but it's another point for that theory.