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  1. The Metallic Arts were not "created": Sixteen was already the number of metals (SH 1.2), which is why he chose it for his "sign" (probably the mists Snapping atium Mistings?): Glys is red.
  2. Possibly, but Dalinar did end up essentially come up with a new contract from the one Hoid suggested, and when Odium goes over the final terms, he did not list that as part of it.
  3. Few WoBs I feel are relevant. One, this WoB that I assume Frustration is referring to, Voidbinding usually but not always originates with the Unmade: Second, Voidbinding has in the past been looked into somewhat but not fully explored: Lastly, Voidbinding is not exactly using SL to fuel a different set of abilities, but is close (and Renarin is very relevant): I unfortunately have not managed to draw any good conclusions from these, but they seem relevant, so I figured I'd note them.
  4. Could be. Would also provide another alternate explanation for why there's no Adhesion Fused, as well (I simply do not believe Odium truly is incapable of granting it, because it goes against everything else we've been told about how granting powers works). If so, perhaps if they died with those bonds still active, the separation of spren and singer spiritwebs left a temporary gap Odium was able to fill in, if he acted quickly enough?
  5. Thanks! Used GIMP for the editing. Font is Tresillian Script (screenshotted from the "Enter your own text" box because I'm not spending $65 for the sake of these covers ). I think the actual tWoKP cover uses the Bold variant, but I used the Medium variant because I wasn't certain which of the two was used.
  6. theory

    Imo, the cause-and-effect there is the other way around. I think the reason Braize is nine-centric is because its inhabitants, the Fused, only believe in nine fundamental Surges.
  7. theory

    Potentially. I'm not particularly sure of the idea, but I think it's at least a possibility. I personally don't think he can't grant it. I think he's scared of the potential of a Fused with power over Connection (for example, what if they find a way to use their power and break free from his hold?), and so pretends he can't, and the Fused fell for it. We've been told before that powers are not exclusive to Shards, and I can't see why Odium wouldn't be able to grant this.
  8. theory

    Something perhaps interesting on this as well:
  9. Lol, welcome to the club
  10. Relevant WoB: "related in some way" is pretty vague wording, however.
  11. theory

    From Sja-anat's interlude:
  12. Yes, they are: Not quite, actually. When a god metal is burned, rather than drawing from Preservation, the metal itself, which is made of Investiture, is used to fuel the effect:
  13. theory

    I am in this case using "assume" to refer more to speculation than actual assumption as fact. (Hmm, what term describes this? I keep thinking "hyperbole", but I don't think this is really that.) From the sound of it, Sja-anat at least requires Odium to be active on Roshar to stay "awake" in the Physical, and I would guess this applies to some of the other few remaining "intelligent" Unmade (are there even any other sapient ones, besides Sja-anat and Ba-Ado-Mishram?). And there's definitely not all 9 of them sapient in the Physical.
  14. I don't really feel it does. In fact, I was intending me bringing it up to be in support of what you were saying, by suggesting part of the way she might be keeping an eye out, lol.
  15. The way killing with the dagger works is it flows out of the gem, going through the metal. I mean, that applies to anti-Light and random rocks as well. Personally, I think it would exactly like normal Voidlight when interacting with other Lights, but I have no evidence to back this up, just a gut feeling.