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  1. Oh for sure, I'd be very surprised if they don't. I can still have this for now though
  2. Nope, the effect in Era 2's Ars Arcanum is just "See Other People’s Futures", while the poster says We don't actually know what an atium-electrum spike would do, so it's possible that that would work, but yeah there's a good chance he has a pure atium spike. What I mean is that we don't see the creation anywhere (i.e. we don't see Marsh go in and stab a Mistborn with it, afaik), so it feels weird to me to call out that we see the effect at the end of the book specifically if the comment just means that spike that he has the whole novel. Again, Peter explicitly says the poster lists the effect. Sounds to me like he's confirming that someone does know at the time it's made, which makes sense given whoever made it has apparently experimented with both atium and lerasium alloys enough that they know the general pattern for their effects. (Personally, I suspect it's an Era 3 document, since I don't think we ever had a time period confirmed, and Brandon had it made before he conceived of Era 2? But I may be wrong.) Wouldn't be surprised if he did, since he knew all sixteen normal metals and yet told nobody else about almost half of them. Otoh, also wouldn't be surprised if he didn't, since surely he would've put the recipe for an alloy more useful than malatium in the cache if so.
  3. The book is contradictory here - at one point, it's explicitly stated to be not metallic, at other points it's stated that it is.
  4. He says this in the same sentence as saying it's on the Allomancy poster, it would be odd to me if he weren't referring to the Allomantic effect. He also specifies the end of Hero of Ages, but we never see an atium spike created and while Marsh has one, he presumably has it for the entire book, not just the ending. Brandon has not confirmed that the Allomancy poster refers to the alloy, just that what people in Era 1 believed to be atium is the alloy (but the poster is clearly not from Era 1, as it lists cadmium, bendalloy, chromium, and nicrosil, and also talks about alloys plural of both atium and lerasium). I can't see any other way to read this besides as Peter confirming that the poster's description does apply to pure atium, and further suggesting (but not outright confirming this part) that the retcon may date all the way back to when the poster was designed in 2008. Yeah, I'm curious as well. I think it should be perfectly viable, myself, but if Brandon wanted to prevent Allomancer dolphins he could probably find a reason to do so. Ah, good point. So more that pure atium's effect is a... well, pure version of what powers like electrum do, perhaps?
  5. Yeah, same. [Rhythm of War] There's actually a bit of a weird WoB that may or may not be related:
  6. Peter's since implied this retcon may date all the way back to 2008: So I think there's a reasonable chance of the "A Mistborn isn't likely to have a tie to that type of Investiture" WoB being with the retcon in mind, but probably gonna try to get clarification next spoiler stream. Same Word of Peter also says we saw pure atium's effect at the end of Hero of Ages and the description on the table of it as "an expansive vision of the future" is accurate, so seems to me like it may be what happened to Elend when he burned atium and duralumin (why burning duralumin would purify it, I have no idea).
  7. There's a couple accidental non-letter characters present only in the EPUB, not PDF: Chapter 10 (p. 65): Chapter 49 (p. 356):
  8. I don't really love calling it "atium[-electrum]" and "pure atium", but I think it's the least ambiguous naming scheme right now, because otherwise people who don't know the fan names are going to just keep calling the alloy "atium" anyway, so you end up with people using the same word to mean different things. Hopefully in Era 3 we can get a proper canon name for both... Always liked the sound of "hathsinium", myself.
  9. You used a quote block rather than a spoiler block, fyi.
  10. This seems likely, since Rlain mentions Kaladin's Plate is always present, just invisible, or something like that.
  11. Interesting. My guess would be that you form the bond with the spren the first time you summon it, so if the bond is already established you're fine, but if it's not you're tough out of luck because there aren't any spren nearby to bond to? Since Kaladin describes the windspren choosing to enter the Physical Realm and Connect to him.
  12. It was a specific chunk of his power, though. Ruin was still able to use the Shard, just not the Investiture cycling through the Pits. (Weird side note, apparently he'd have to manifest and literally eat and digest the atium to reabsorb it, if I'm remembering the WoBs correctly.) That same WoB also says that the Vessels cannot access it all. (Also, as mentioned in the forum policies, please do not double-post. You can quote multiple comments in one go by pressing the + button next to Quote, or by quoting it normally but cut-pasting it into your last message as an edit rather than sending a new post.)
  13. It wasn't actually unkeyed, just dampened. We know Vasher has not figured out how to Awaken using Stormlight, so I don't think he's managed to convert it to Breath. Far as we know, it's just that Returned can be powered by Stormlight (the WoB you linked compares it to Nightblood, so they may be working on similar mechanics).
  14. While it doesn't use the term "power", the Investiture that makes the atium was stolen to put them on even footing again, which doesn't make much sense if it's not referring to the power of the Shard. There's also a distinction drawn between what Preservation normally did and when Leras used his own essence to render Ati powerless, the use of which left him nearly impotent.
  15. The Stormlight Archive board is for Stormlight-focused questions. I've moved this to a more appropriate spot.