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  1. It's not too surprising to me. It's not like they have enough raysium to mess around with, even if someone came up with the idea, you'd be limited to a very expensive small pointy stick to test it out. Much better to not waste it.
  2. Yeah.... I've always been confused on why Dalinar releasing Odium would be enough, when Cultivation is also binding him. But then I remembered this line: And only one Herald needs to break... The Stormfather isn't just the largest piece of Honor. He's also Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow, the remnant of Tanavast's mind and soul. So perhaps it's not the power that's directly relevant at all, but rather the fact that Dalinar, via his starting to merge with the Stormfather due to the Nahel bond, can do the equivalent of a Herald bending their Oath, releasing Tanavast's hold on Rayse's mind (sort of similarly to how Leras's mind trapped Ati's, until the Well's power was given up and the prison lifted). It also helps explain to me how Rayse could kill Tanavast, a Vessel of a Shard of Adonalsium, yet killing the Stormfather was too risky and would open him up to an attack from Kora. If Tanavast was going full Leras-mode, then Rayse might've been able to slowly tear him down until he was weak enough for a finishing blow, with Tanavast's own actions in making the prison leaving him vulnerable to this. Here's how the Oathpact is described: Here's how Ati's prison is described: HoA 55 epigraph: HoA 55 annotation: HoA 58 epigraph: By sharing the burden with Kora, Tanavast was probably able to last in a better state than Leras for a while, but in the end, the toll on his mind drove him Intent-mad, from what the Stormfather says: This reminds me strongly of Leras by the time of Secret History. (I plan to do a deeper dive for info and write up a neater post eventually, but here's my current thoughts.)
  3. covers

    Yep, same steps for the logos. Kindle eBook. Interesting, I've just got giant red rectangles in my Arcanum Unbounded eBook in their place, lol. Wonder if AU just doesn't have them for some reason, or if Amazon screwed the book up somehow. Checking the free sample of the Secret History eBook, yeah, I see the symbols you're talking about. Hm, I'll bring it up in the Discord or something and see if someone with the SH eBook can grab the symbols out of it. Oooh, that looks cool, and is simple enough that it should look good. It's late where I am atm, but tomorrow I'll try adding it to the Final Empire Prime cover and see how it turns out. Where'd you see it labeled the Kredik Shaw symbol, btw? Is it referenced as such in the book or something? (Not doubting that that's what it is, it certainly looks like it'd fit Kredik Shaw, just curious since I know I wouldn't recognize most of these symbols if not for seeing the names on the Coppermind )
  4. The Fourth Bridge is kind of complicated. There's two concepts that need to be understood (both of which are delved into a bit in Dawnshard, if you haven't read that yet): Aluminum can be used to cut off a plane of motion from a conjoined fabrial, if positioned appropriately. For an example from Dawnshard, you can cut off the horizontal transfer of motion, and thus move each half independently left and right and forwards and back all you want, but leave the vertical transfer intact, so that moving one half up or down will still move the other. Conjoiners move in accordance to the frame of reference of people nearby. Thus, forwards, backwards, up, down, etc are relative. For example, if you take a pair of reversed conjoiners on a ship, you're not going to end up with one shooting the other backwards due to the forward motion of the ship, because they share a frame of reference. Similarly, the motion of the planet through space doesn't lead to very quick and uncontrollable space pens. In a related vein, motion is relative. If a person on one side of the planet raises their spanreed A straight up, and spanreed B is on the other side of the planet, B isn't going to go down just because that's the direction A was moved in. It's going to move in the direction everyone around it perceives as up. Move A forwards, and B will move in the direction people nearby expect to be forwards, even if it's not technically the same direction A was moved. The Fourth Bridge combines these concepts, and uses two giant gemstone lattices for movement: One has all horizontal movement cut off, and is raised and lowered by a ton of pulleys off a plateau near the tower, to control the vertical movement. One has all vertical movement cut off, and is pulled by a line of chulls, to control horizontal motion. When they reach the end of the open space, they can temporarily disjoin, rotate, and then rejoin and march back. Because direction is relative, this will work fine, and the ship will continue to move forwards. (Note: the book's phrasing of the last part is ambiguous; it's possible that they keep the fabrials disjoined the entire journey back and just use more chulls. I put what my reading of it was, but I can't be certain that's what was meant.) Disclaimer: This is how I understand what was said in the book, but some of this strains my head to visualize, so I could be mistaken. Edit: Sorry, forgot to explain the glove. This one, I'm a bit confused on how exactly they accomplish it, but it's sort of similar. Instead of merely ignoring force, however, it redirects it relative to the orientation of the gem. Normally, when the weight is dropped with one end, the other end goes shooting up into the air. However, by using this redirection, it instead pulls you in the direction you're pointing the glove, because it sees that as the correct direction to move.
  5. I like this idea and have tried to pursue it a few times, but I always end up running into the problem that it's just really hard for me to speculate much with it. With quadrants and the associated theories (4x4, Allomantic, plain quadrants, etc), you can make Shards into bite-sized groups of similar Shards and try and work out what exactly the similarities are, but it's (for me, anyway) a lot more difficult to do that with this method. Might give it another go soon, though.
  6. Why would killing her void the contract?
  7. You'd think so, but he also didn't even bother to tell them that spren were able to be trapped in gems like any other Investiture (the Fused didn't learn of this until BAM's capture, but the gemstone archive specifically mentions preexisting knowledge of spren being captured, and the only breakthrough mentioned is that Unmade specifically can be caught, so it was definitely a known thing at some point that he never bothered to alert the Fused to), nor did they even use raysium at all until the latter end of the Desolations, from the sound of it. Even now, it's super duper rare. So it seems like his help is selective, lol. And ultimately it's better used to let a lot of Fused drain Radiants of Light than make one or two Shardblades for every hundred Fused anyway.
  8. Sure, but that doesn't mean he actually speaks for them on the topic of freeing Odium. I would guess most of the rest of the coalition would very strenuously disagree with such an idea in most cases, and all his power would fall apart pretty quickly. Yes, but if all of humanity is bearing the power, then Dalinar shouldn't be able to just release Odium alone, no? (This also ignores the fact Cultivation is involved in the binding too.)
  9. covers

    Thanks! I believe what I did for the effects was: Add the text with color #cbbc92 Add a gradient with that and #968766 Use the Sponge 01 brush with #968766 to add texture (or I think that was it, anyway; might've been Sponge 02 or one of the Cell brushes, it's been a bit and they all look sort of similar) I'm afraid my copy of AU doesn't seem to have icons at the start of each part, just the chapter icons, are you able to grab an image anywhere? A Kredik Shaw icon would probably fit pretty well, since it's the Final Empire and all, lol.
  10. At this point Dalinar no longer speaks for even a single full nation, only the Radiants (and even then his grasp is tenuous over some of the orders). And at the time Odium started meeting with him, he officially spoke for one highprincedom. He has never himself held any official authority to speak for any significant (on a planetwide scale) number of people. Why not go after the king of Jah Keved, or the prime of Azir, or even Elhokar? They all speak for a far larger group than Dalinar.
  11. Why would he need to focus so hard on getting Dalinar to release him if any human would do?
  12. No, because that breaks the big rule of Investiture interfering with other Investiture. Imo it makes more sense if there's something odd in that specific case, whether it's atium ordinarily being way less Investiture-dense than other godmetals due to something Pres did when making the Pits, or if it's that something with Ruin and Scadrial means Ruin's Investiture doesn't directly interfere with Scadrian magics the same way, etc, rather than such a broad and seemingly arbitrary exception to such a fundamental rule.
  13. It's also possible (but unconfirmed) that the Selay might, due to their "skin ripples". Additionally, the people of Natanatan and Babatharnam have Siah blood, so it's not just humans and singers that can mix.
  14. That seems more like atium specifically being really weird (mainly due to it predating Brandon making the rule on Pushing Invested things) than godmetals as a whole, since the specific reason given for Shardblades being hard to Push is that it's super Invested. (Confusing side note that may or may not be related, but atium "must be refined" to be used as a Hemalurgic spike in the manner indicated on the Hemalurgic table, so atium might just be sort of weird in its current form.)
  15. How would they have known?