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  1. Yeah, it seems he can see in an area around the person he's bonded to. For example, in Rhythm of War he has Dalinar walk back over to one of the bodies in Ishar's tent so that he can see it. I don't know why he'd make that lie either, but there seems to be some reason he really does not want to tell Dalinar what's up with the Heralds, so I imagine it plays into whatever that is. See the fact that even though he knew Dalinar was looking for them, he only reluctantly gives a tidbit about Ishar after trying to wiggle out of the question and being pinned down by Dalinar, and only confirms Ishar's Tezim after Dalinar already works it out. And I can't imagine he doesn't know anything about Nale or the Skybreakers, but he never mentions them at all, nor does he mention Kalak's apparently repeated attempts to get the Radiants going again.
  2. Brandon's UK publisher, Gollancz, has officially revealed the UK cover for the finale of the Wax and Wayne series, The Lost Metal! As a reminder, the book releases November 15th in the UK and US (release dates in other regions and languages vary by publisher). Generally, hardcover, audiobook, and eBook are released at about the same time, and paperback a year later. The US cover has not yet been announced by Tor. Cover by Sam Green. (That's the highest quality that's been posted that I could find, sorry.) Additionally, the cover for the rerelease of the second Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians book, The Scrivener's Bones, has also been revealed! The new edition is expected to come out July 5th. Cover by Justin Gerard. How do you feel these compare to their respective originals? Share your opinions in the comments below!
  3. Brandon's holding a contest to design an Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians-themed T-shirt! Also, the wonderful folks over at Cosmere.es interviewed Brandon's art director Isaac Stewart in the wake of the White Sand omnibus releasing in Spain. But first, a word from Brandon's progress bars: the final draft of The Lost Metal is at 86%. Once this is done, it'll be sent off to the publishers, and will release in the US and UK on November 15th. (Release dates for other regions vary.) Onto the main events... to celebrate Bastille vs the Evil Librarians coming out in the fall, Team Dragonsteel is running a T-shirt design contest! The full details are on Brandon's website, and you really should read the terms there if you plan to participate, but here's a summary: Besides that, Cosmere.es (the Spanish Cosmere fansite) held an interview with Isaac Stewart, Brandon's art director (and mapmaker, alphabet designer, etc—he does a lot), in celebration of the Spanish release of the White Sand omnibus edition in Spain! (Which releases in English in November... it's complicated). The interview is in English, with Spanish subtitles, and you can check it out on their YouTube channel or embedded beow: If you're a Spanish-language speaker, you should definitely check their site out if you haven't already. Lastly, Brandon's apparently an asteroid now! Reddit user Rukongai recently had a chance to name a minor asteroid, and felt a certain SFF author was a prudent choice.
  4. The parallels are definitely interesting. I have no idea how such a thing would occur, but... well... this is Brandon lmao. He can probably make it work, if so. SteveMcQwark on the Discord had an interesting observation about this, though I don't know enough myself to add much to it.
  5. It's what we're told is the cause. I don't know that this is really a decision he's made. If he just goes around Ruining stuff, I can't imagine the Shard of Preservation would be happy with him, and I can't imagine the Shard of Ruin would like it if he just stopped everything from changing. We do know that Harmony is not the only combination of the two you can Ascend to, but given that the implication is that that would be a result of being unable to control the two, I don't know that he'd really have an easier time getting things done, if he's actively warring against himself.
  6. There's a mention by Moash that he's relatively certain that there's some very subtle changes to the balance and such depending on the circumstance, which I'm guessing may be what @ShardlessVesselis thinking of?
  7. I don't know if this is because of power limits as much as Intent limits (neither ruining nor preserving is creating something new). After all, the Well of Ascension, relatively small compared to the full Shard, was capable of moving the entire planet with plenty of power to spare. I don't see any reason to think this is the case? Considering the only magic system we know much of so far is of both, accessed via spren of the merged powers, they don't seem very split to me... I have no idea how this would happen but that would be wild.
  8. Moved to the Secret Project forum.
  9. That's a fanmade timeline based on the indicators we get during the books, which can be pretty vague. If you look at the data collected to make it, there's actually about a five-month period that it's speculated to fall within, with the feast being inside that range.
  10. I really want Jorgen to be one (or even the persistent one), but tbh my gut feeling is that Defiant will wrap up his main internal arcs and he'll be more of a side character going forwards. Hoping Vapor is one of the rotating ones, figment book would be cool.
  11. Publisher's Weekly has revealed the cover for Bastille vs. The Evil Librarians, the final entry in Brandon's Alcatraz series! Bastille is cowritten with Janci Patterson, co-author of the Skyward Flight novellas, and is due to release September 20th. Additionally, the print collection of said novellas is out, and Brandon and Janci shared a bit about what Skyward will look like going forwards. Additionally, their article contains release dates for the new editions of the previous books in the series, which are receiving new covers by Justin Gerard to celebrate Bastille finally coming out. (In case you missed it, the new cover for the first book in the series was revealed back in December!) May 3: Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians July 5: The Scrivener’s Bones and The Knights of Crystallia August 20: The Shattered Lens September 20: The Dark Talent and Bastille And now, we venture skyward! Specifically the Skyward Flight collection released this week! If you've been waiting to buy these in print, you can find links to do so on Penguin Random House's website. It also includes a few sweeteners like character art and deleted scenes. Unfortunately, Skyward beta reader and Janci's friend Darci Cole was originally supposed to help write the next trilogy, but had to step down from the project for personal reasons. Janci and Brandon will both continue to be involved with it, however. Oh, did I not mention the next trilogy yet? Well, on the most recent stream, Janci and Brandon spoke about the plan for the future of the Cytoverse after Defiant (the fourth Skyward novel) releases next year. The current goal is to co-write a second trilogy following characters we already know (they can't confirm which, though we know from the Mini-Con that Kimmalyn is likely in the running). They intend for the books to be dual PoV, with one primary character getting major viewpoints in all of them, and a different second character getting their own plot and main viewpoints each time. However, this is subject to change, as they are still early in the outlining phase. Oh, and of course, we have progress bar updates from the latest Weekly Update video! The first draft of Stormlight Five is about 6% completed, which is about on-track for where Brandon expected it to be. The third draft (which takes into account beta reader feedback) of Secret Project 1 is about 80% completed, meaning prep work for publishing it next January can soon begin. Speaking of the Secret Projects, the Kickstarter raised $41,754,153 from 185,341 backers, easily taking the crown for most-funded Kickstarter with more than double the second place. (However, Exploding Kittens still has it, and every other project, handily beat for the most-backed position, with 219,382 backers.) Who do you think the next Skyward series's viewpoint characters will be? Why are there sharks in the sky on the Bastille cover? Is it just me, or does that airship look like Darth Vader? Find out... uh... whenever the books release, I suppose, but until then, share your guesses in the comments below!
  12. Good point. In that case, I think it's more likely he's lying about Gavilar having no bond, rather than lying about the ability to bring people into visions. Yeah, the Shard is awesome! I may be biased
  13. None of the eight knew whether Kalak had survived in the Prelude or not, though, including Ishar. We have. (Sometimes human-sized, sometimes not.) He sends Dalinar visions outside the storm in Oathbringer (and later Jasnah and Navani). Book opens with him having a vision replayed, but there hadn't yet been any highstorms since the end of Words of Radiance, so it was definitely outside a storm. WoB is that he is somewhat omnipresent, due to absorbing Tanavast's Shadow. Normally he can't, but in Rhythm of War, we know he's able to see near where Dalinar is, because he recognizes the spren from Ishar's experiments. So being able to be where Gavilar is is consistent. They don't. In the Prelude, Kalak does not know whether any of them survived or not until Jezrien explains, and Jezrien mentioned that none of them knew whether Kalak was alive or not. So it seems that outside the special case of when Jezrien got torn out of the Oathpact, Heralds cannot tell when another Herald dies. Yeah, this has always been a weird part of the theory for me – if, as proposed, they bonded her because of her mother, what about her siblings? The other things do seem to line up, though, and the mention of Chana's hair in the prologue feels so out of place to me that foreshadowing is the only conclusion I can come to about it. (Shallan and her mother are the only women in the entirety of the first two books with pure red hair, and we know she was seen in one of those books.) So my current opinion is that Chana is probably her mom, but that's probably not an intentional deciding factor on the part of the Cryptics, though it's possible it could be a sweetener. I don't think the timeline works out for it to be because of the Diagram, because Taravangian only visited the Nightwatcher after Gavilar talked about the visions, but it's possible that the reason she became part of the Diagram was because she died, then broke and knew what was coming... It's not clear when she joined up, but Taravangian's phrasing to me implies it was recent. She also may have known the Desolation was coming shortly after becoming part of things, but we don't know whether this is truth, or is a lie to hide the visions and Death Rattles from Dalinar. I'll have to keep an eye out as well, to see whether that theory might have more behind it... For meta reasons, I'm guessing Shinovar, because it pulls the Ishar, cleansing, and BAM plotlines together. Also, Lasting Integrity is right by Tukar, and Tukari attempted to kidnap Notum, meaning that Shallan and Adolin have reason to get involved with his plotline, and Brandon does like to tie multiple things together. Alternatively, it might be in Iri, since the singers in the False Desolation were pushing towards Feverstone Keep and that is apparently near Rall Elorim, but I'm not expecting us to see much of that nation until Book 6 since Lift grew up there. Implication is that she's in a gem, but I suppose we don't know with certainty. Tien was also bonded by a Cryptic pretty young. Definitely. Not sure exactly where she's going, but it's gonna be big.
  14. Given that Honor and Cultivation can apparently combine to form essentially anything, the answer to this is probably "whatever Brandon wants when it becomes relevant", lmao
  15. theory

    Sibling claims that it was Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment that did that, and places it shortly before Honor's final death.