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  1. I think you misunderstood me, or perhaps I phrased things poorly. I never suggested NB started the Manywar (or never intended to suggest that); this post is about my theory on the end of the war. The only part that is about the beginning of it is me saying that the Idrians were probably reluctant at the start.
  2. TL;DR: Vasher's killing of Shashara turned the Idrian royals against him, and he seized control of the kingdom in response. Not really a complex theory, but I'm colors-cursed bored, so I'm going to be overformatting this post. The TL;DR + relatively common knowledge from WoBs should be enough to guess what I'm going to write without having to read it all. Also, probably not a new idea, but I hadn't seen any post on it, and a very quick search did not find anything saying it. Quick overview of the pieces Let's make some deductions from this evidence And finally, here's what I think happened References
  3. I liked most of it (though the very end had a real vomit-worthy moment in it...) And there's a point that definitely feels like it was a sequel stuffed into a couple chapters. Overall though, I like the book, perhaps more than it deserves, and I hope the published version stays closer to this version than it sounds like it will end up being. There's a specific moment towards the end I hope both remains and gets expanded (spoilers for the end below!) A lot of the book was more tell-over-show (like Raeth's crazy speech abilities that really were not all that deserving of the responses he got to me), but that's probably stuff revision would improve. Overall, I think a nice neatened up and revised version would be pretty good.
  4. 1) I found the Shard via.... not sure, my memory sucks. Probably someone pointing me to the Aether of Night request thread? 2) It's gotten me way more into the Cosmere. I already enjoyed the books, but the obsession came from reading through random posts on the Shard. 3) I haven't really been actively involved in enough to have a lot of "memories" yet, but reading the RoW chapters and discussing and going crazy over them has been fun. (I'm actually mainly active on the Discord rather than the forums, but that's technically still 17th Shard, soooooooo... [I do like the forums still, but I just prefer the more instant discussion style on a chatroom for most things besides super detailed theorymaking.])
  5. theory

    Interesting, not a connection I had made previously. I'm gonna have to mull over the theory a bit more, but my first reaction is it makes some sense, and I kinda like it.
  6. Not necessarily, spren bonds are a Cosmere-wide mechanic. But Honor and Odium are probably the top two candidates (Odium because "he was instrumental", Honor because that makes more sense than Cultivation). Thanks, I'll give it a read!
  7. I could believe that too, yeah. In that case, presumably the Dawnshards would be directly given from a Shard, I think. The thing is, it seems like the Heralds didn't expect Surgebinding, iirc. Unless what they didn't expect was spren being able to repeat it without using a Dawnshard to initiate the bond? That's a fair point. In that case, some form of spren bond for their old magic seems likely.
  8. If Dawnshards are aethers, those things are a lot more powerful than they were in AoN XD (though them being the aether sources could make sense, if aethers were somehow on Roshar) Your theory could very well be what gave me the idea, I only vaguely remember "I think I saw a theory something like what I just wrote" lol. If so, then thanks for the inspiration! (If not, thanks for making a theory anyway, because theories are fun to read.)
  9. Tbh my tinfoil on why there's only 9 Fused types is that the Unmade are somehow related. That, or there are in fact Bondsmith Fused, just only a few and they don't go to battle, similar to real Bondsmiths.
  10. Have we seen it have properties anywhere besides Threnody? It might just be a weirdness with shades specifically. Shades already have a lot of weird rules no other Cognitive Shadows have. (Also, WindJogger said it seemed "fishy" before they read Shadows.)
  11. Why is it "fishy" that silver's not an Allomantic metal?
  12. I'd say yeah, he can. The power gap between the two is insane, if he gets Cultivation out of the way and doesn't have to worry about exposing himself to an attack anymore, the Stormfather is doomed. Hell, Odium could probably break the highstorm, if he needed to do that to kill the SF.
  13. TL;DR: Dawnshards "bind" things to powers, sorta. They were used to make the Surge fabrials, and before that, were used on Ashyn to create the disease magic, a pandemic of which is what led to the Exodus. I can't actually take full credit for the theory; I saw the theory they were used to make Soulcasters elsewhere, but I can't remember where to give credit, unfortunately. So far as I know, however, the latter theory is my own. First, what do we know about these things? Dawnshards: One was in Aimia (and most likely still is, considering Brandon said "yes" before he caught himself). [1] One is different from the rest [2] Honor considered them important to the fight against Odium [3] They were used to cause the cataclysm that forced both the Exodus [4] and the fleeing to the floating cities [5] At least one was at one time believed to be able to "bind any creature voidish or mortal" [6] Soulcasters: Seem to match the Surge of Transformation much more directly than a normal fabrial Use spren that are in Shadesmar, and potentially even Radiant spren [7] Came from Aimia [8] Other Surge fabrials: Brandon seems to consider the Regrowth fabrial similar to Soulcasters in that it accesses a Surge directly [9] The Ashynite cataclysm Involved the Dawnshards [4] Caused the Exodus [4] "Forced people into the skies" in their floating cities [5] May have been caused by disease magic getting out of control [10] (canonicity questionable, as it is from a reading from The Silence Divine) Odium was "instrumental" [11] Spren: Nahel bonds [12] and fabrials [13] are examples of Cosmere-wide phenomena Bondsmith powers: Essentially power of Connection [14] Likely existed on Ashyn [14] A Bondsmith "bound other Surges" [14] Created or discovered the Nahel bond [14] Ashynite magic: Magic used to destroy Ashyn used the "same basic principles" as Surgebinding, specifically referring to the Surges themselves [15] Investiture usage on Ashyn was not always disease-based [16] The diseases would likely still give powers off-planet [16] Now, for wild speculation connecting these things! Here's the ones I'm at least semi-confident in: Soulcasters were made by the Aimian Dawnshard, binding spren to the device. It makes sense. They somehow have a spren bound to the fabrial, Dawnshards can "bind any creature", and they come from the only place with a confirmed Dawnshard. A pandemic of one or more of the diseases granting magic caused the Ashynite cataclysms. In reading from The Silence Divine, the main character thinks about how staying away from Incubators is important, and how the "sky" (actually, destroyed ground) above is a reminder of the consequences of not doing so. While the sample is not necessarily canon, the theory does make sense. After all, when thousands to hundreds of thousands of people suddenly get crazy magic powers, and it's super easy to get them, things will go badly. The Exodus was only of people who had avoided getting sick, or had gotten over any diseases they had had. WoB implies that the diseases could work and spread offworld. I don't think they'd risk carrying it over, and if they had, we would likely have some hints of it still. The old Ashynite magic system was used to create the Dawnshards in the first place. Otherwise, where would they come from? The one that is "different" is possibly just because the others are broken and that one still functions. But what about the parts you aren't confident in? Alright then, he's some much more stretchy parts of the theory/smaller separate theories. Dawnshards were used to create, or at least enhance, the disease magic. After all, they were used on Ashyn, which so far as we know, has no spren. And the various spren bond types work with other things throughout the Cosmere. Why were the Dawnshards used to do this? Beats me. Science, I suppose. But the disease magics being created in a lab or something, and then escaping and nobody being prepared, makes more sense than the disease magic already being around, or just happening to occur when Odium was around. This also explains how the Dawnshards were so involved in Ashyn's destruction. Some more potential evidence from a new WoB: the disease magic is from bonds between microorganisms and "spren-like Investiture" [17]. If the Dawnshards can bind spren to things, perhaps they can bond these "spren-like" things to the microorganisms. An Ashynite Bondsmith made the Dawnshards. Power over Connection seems like a good way to make things that bind things. The old Ashyn magic was of Odium. Not saying every person on Ashyn was, but we know he was "instrumental" in what occurred, and that the planet had a full, proper magic system, which tends to only occur on planets with Shards. Unless there was another Shard in the system, Odium seems most likely. That system no longer being around is probably because Odium left. An update to this: the "spren-like Investiture" involved in the disease magic could mean Ashyn has or had an equivalent to spren, and perhaps an equivalent to truespren. So, Ashynite Nahel bond for the old magic? Each Dawnshard could bind one Surge. This one is even more speculative than the last ones. But the fact that Soulcasters are so common, and other Surge fabrials essentially unheard of, leads me to believe that perhaps the Dawnshards capable of producing the other Surge fabrials were destroyed or damaged. This leaves the "different" one as the one that still functions, and the Soulcasters as so common because they continued to be manufactured for far longer. Either nine or ten Dawnshards, just because that's how these things tend to go. Maybe nine normal Dawnshards, and the "different" one is a tenth meta-Dawnshard used to make the others? I'm here for crazy theories, these at least have some evidence or logic! I want my money back! What, that wasn't crazy enough? It's a theory on Dawnshards, that basically makes it crazy speculation on its own! Also, what do you mean you want your money back, you didn't even pay me for this in the first place. Fine, here's some crazier ones that I don't for a moment believe, but momentarily popped into my head: The first Nahel bonds were made using the Dawnshards. Syl says a Bondsmith created or discovered the bond. I have no idea what this could be referring to. And that's not sarcastic, I've got no storming clue. So maybe Dawnshards? But I don't really believe that. Maybe a Bondsmith was just the first Radiant, who knows. The Honorblades were perhaps inspired by the Dawnshards, not necessarily in mechanics, but in spirit. This one, I'm more willing to believe, but I have no evidence for it, so I'm going with not the case. The name "Surgebinding" could come because previously, they had to bind the Surges to things to use them. Now, they can just use the Surges themselves, but the name stuck around. Seems unnecessary though, Surgebinding just being because they bind the forces of nature to their will makes more sense. Closing thoughts [insert my usual disclaimer about typos and odd ways of phrasing things, because I'm too lazy for more than a cursory scan of what I wrote] I'm not convinced of this theory, but I prefer it to just Surge enhancers. So yeah. Also, anyone have any idea where the theory that Dawnshards made the Soulcasters came from? No idea where I saw it the first time. And as usual, this theory is somewhat rushed and not super thought through. So may have some glaring issues I didn't notice, idk. References [1]: [2]: [3]: The Way of Kings, chapter 75 [4]: Oathbringer, chapter 113 [5]: [6]: The Way of Kings, chapter 36 epigraph [7]: Rhythm of War, chapter 9 [8]: Oathbringer interlude I-4 [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: Rhythm of War, Syl interlude from the newsletter [15]: [16]: [17]:
  14. My guess is that it just means we're seeing The Former and Decay thousands of years after the Shattering, which would count as far in the future from Dragonsteel. For all we know, the Vessels of those two Shards were intended to be important characters in either DS Prime or the later books he had planned. I'm also surprised by how early on he tried to write Dragonsteel and Liar. I guess it's because he didn't expect people to care enough for him to be able to wait decades for it lol.
  15. Personally, the way I want to see them is a Vessel (who presumably is still their parent) splitting the Shard they hold into two, and giving it up. I'm curious how that would work: could you get two smaller intents covered by the first (for example, Ruin -> Destruction and Entropy)? Because these would each have half of infinite power, I'm curious if they'd end up with still infinite power, but with the amount already Invested in any one location cut in half, or something.