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  1. Brandon has previously said that Darro would be appearing in the Nightblood novel. However, the answer wasn't clear whether it would be as a worldhopper or transplanted character, so I PM'd him on Reddit to ask. His answer was that he's not sure yet, as a lot of things about the Nightblood novel are still undecided. However, he's leaning towards Darro being a native Nalthian, because (while "things in Stormlight" have canonized it, presumably meaning Mraize's gem) he's not finished with the worldbuilding for the Aether world yet.
  2. Never happened onscreen, but that was Meridas at some point.
  3. Perhaps he was inspired by Wheel of Time lol Ah, that's why he felt familiar! I kept feeling that he seemed like another Sanderson character but couldn't remember which one.
  4. Yes, but from the sound of it, she did it very obviously and everyone knew it was Soulcast (sorry, "Awakened"). If he had naturally dissolved, however... But who knows. I can't imagine he'd be gone for the whole series, so if he didn't return then, he may have later. Side theory: Nale mentioned that maybe Taln got back by getting an Elsecaller to return him... and "the Elsecaller" was expected to be the key to everything. Perhaps that was part of how he was going to return, or perhaps she was going to bring someone there?
  5. Probably it was going to dissolve into smoke, revealing him to be a true Herald. I don't think I saw him, but I'm also not particularly observant. But since this was written early on, I assume he's probably going to be a very very small reference, and maybe not even by name? Maybe one of the lords at one of the parties?
  6. Yeah personally I'm doubtful that but I was trying to think of things that could possibly occur in later books based on tWoK Prime. Personally, I hope it doesn't, as seeing would be nice, and I think a certain individual is the most likely candidate for someone who would do that. Now THAT would be interesting indeed. Perhaps Maybe The other one you brought up: I'm still curious where this would have led if tWoK Prime had had a sequel. But it could possibly hint at something in the published version as well, yeah.
  7. The first thing that pops out to me that it might spoil is but that's something that I've seen as a pretty common theory. Something else that might be possible but doesn't feel likely to me is Out of curiosity, what two things are you thinking of? And yeah, Book 6 is probably close to a decade off. Book 5 I think he said he plans to start writing January 2022, so would probably finish midway through 2023. From there, he plans to write two Elantris sequels and three Mistborn Era 3 books. Assuming a year a book, that gives 5 years after 2023, so 2028 would be when he's free to start Book 6. And that assumes he starts immediately. He hasn't said anything on it, but I'd probably guess he'd write something lighter for the 6 months after finishing Stormlight, to start Mistborn E3 Book 1 early 2024, meaning 2029 would be my guess for when he'll start Stormlight 6? And that's assuming he doesn't write other things, like the Nightblood novel. Of course, I imagine his schedule isn't set in stone, so he could always start sooner or later than that. But like you said, it's gonna be a while.
  8. Part 3 done. All I can say is hooooly Heralds. The dude Ishar was masquerading as was Balsomething the advisor, correct? If so, I'm surprised I got it right. When I suspected he was a Herald, Ishar was my top suspect. The peasant who claimed to know Taln, combined with Taln not dissolving, tricked me. Completely. And then it was actually two Heralds?! And the Heralds themselves appear to be fooled, in this timeline. What exactly was meant by "the one who betrayed the others"? Does it mean he joined with Odium Prime? Does it mean he broke the Oathpact without consulting them? And does it still hold in the release timeline? I personally like the theory Ishar betrayed the rest already, and I'm very interested in the fact it appears to have been in the plans, at least at first. And when did they think Ishar died, to be shocked he was still alive? And the Heralds believe when they die, it'll be final, now? What's up with the Voidbringer Primes? I have so, so many questions. Some might be able to be figured out from later Stormlight books, some never will be answered, because it's been rewritten so heavily. This was exactly what I expect from a Sanderson book, even if it's an unpublished draft. Definitely better than Aether (although I stand by my previous statement that I want to see the Aethers fleshed out more than the Epellions, though that's reversed for the published novel - I think I would prefer to see the spren fleshed out more than Aethers. Although, didn't Syl originate in an Aether rewrite? So I suppose the spren are almost a spritual successor of the Aethers [yes, I know the Aethers do still exist in canon]). Edit: I forgot about the cuss filter lol. Because "holy storm" didn't have the same ring to it as the original non-book curse, I've changed it to a different one still based on the novels that sounds better to me (although I can't recall whether it was ever actually used in-universe).
  9. Part 2 finished. Maybe I should've done chapter-by-chapter... so much happened. Curious about Meridas's backstory. He was probably someone important somewhere, but where? Who was the "witness" to the Traitor's innocence? Has there been an answer yet to who the mysterious third army was? Most of these I expect might be answered in Part 3, although it was gonna be a large series, like Stormlight, so probably not everything will be answered. I expect Dalenar will win the duel, but will it be a proper win, or will Elhokar do what Dalinar was considering and give himself up? I didn't expect to even consider the latter, but this chapter does show he seems to care, at least. (Sure, Dalenar could lose, but I doubt it. But it's not beyond possibility.) Curious about the guy (spacing on his name) who left to join the Vedens. The advisor. I half expect he's one of the Heralds, assuming that, like in the published books, they abandoned the Oathpact (as opposed to being Vyred). Part 3, here I come!
  10. Yeah, this book has really made me see what Sanderson meant when he said that he plots the Stormlight books out as a trilogy-in-one. I'm still relatively early in Part 2, but imo it almost feels like a sequel more than a "Part", in some ways. (Though it doesn't quite have the pacing of a sequel either, but it feels a lot closer to one than most books have.) From the look of it, Part 3 is much shorter than either Part 1 or Part 2, so I wonder if it'll fit more with Part 2 than 2 did with 1, or if it'll just be like a shorter book to finish the "trilogy"?
  11. This post will have reactions to Part 1, in the replies I'll post reactions to the other parts. I actually forgot that this was only Part 1. This just felt like such an ending to the book. But of course, it may be a draft, but it's still a Stormlight (or rather, Oathshards) book. Elhokar's being in on it took me by complete surprise. I had seen a WoB that in tWoK Prime, To move to another topic, the absense of spren has felt weird, considering the role they play in the published books. Seeing WoBs has spoiled certain things I know will come later: And of course, knowing how the Oathpact went in the published books, I can make a pretty good guess at what I expect has happened in this book (although who knows, I guess). Though the fact that the Church refused to say that it was over for a couple centuries seems odd to me. I imagine the rest of the book may answer that. Do keep in mind, all these are only based on Part 1 of the book. So far, I'd say it's better than the other unpublished novel of his I've read, Aether of Night. Although, I feel like Aether's magic interested me much more than tWoK Prime's has so far. But as this is Stormlight, I assume that as I go, I'll learn much more, and become more interested in it.
  12. Yay, it is indeed working again! Thanks.
  13. The TWG archive doesn't seem to work anymore, after the site maintenance. (Or at least, I think that's when it stopped working.)
  14. (Sorry, know I'm a bit late) I believe it's because they're much more easily accessible now. In the past, the only way to get them was emailing Sanderson and waiting weeks to months for a response, but now you can get White Sand from the mailing list and Aether from the request thread, so anybody who wants to can read them. At least, I think I remember reading a post in the Aether forum explaining that.
  15. Honestly, I kinda liked the mixup part, although it definitely could use some improvement (for example, him actually acting more like Hern, and I kinda like the idea of most of the Senate figuring it out and holding it over his head if he disregards their goals too much, to add some more stakes to the political maneuvering). But you're right that he could probably cut it out.