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  1. I favor "yes" because it's mentioned they are not like other scholars from the area. It might explain why Zahel describes himself as a fossil, as if he managed to be killed somehow. The place we run into trouble is in the storyline of the 5 scholars, at what point there would have been 4 who could have been working together. I'm guessing it was 5 minus Vasher, at some point between him making Nightblood and before he felt compelled to silence Shashara.
  2. There's also 4 arms on the denizens of the neighboring planet. But that's pretty random. I do think 4 is a strong argument.
  3. 13 is the number of tiles one has between turns in Mah Jong, and 14 is the number during a turn, including the win. Mah Jong has 3 suits, bamboo, cookies (but could be stones?) and numbers. In Eastern painting, there are 4 gentlemen: Bamboo, Cherry blossom (appearing in Painter's final portrait of Yumi), orchid grass and chrysanthemum. Also, there's 4 scholars. I don't know if they could somehow be the Nalthian scholars? I'm kind of embarassed that though I'm half chinese, most of what I know about these things I learned in college.
  4. I figured one was pushing and the other was pulling. But when it comes to Taoism, I prefer a Ba Gua where pure Yin and pure Yang are oblique rather than opposite one another (later heaven).
  5. I posted this elsewhere, but it was intendend for a discussion like this one. But I guess as long as we're entertaining corny theories, it could as easily be the intent of thinking Steris in heavy safety garb is cute. Extending that, it could be if the experiment is performed by someone who is content, as Wax is argued to be. Though I'm not sure that I buy him being actually content. I'm confused at his apparent inadvertent use of Iron and Pewter but not seeing and using the other metals (like say duralumin, or atium) he had access to, or realizing he had burned Lerasium. I guess I'm watching for uses of other metals as I'm reading. (P.S. copper, chapter 28, tin chapter 66, and possibly mental speed or gold? Or is he just able to concentrate? The mental speed would require feruchemical stuff I don't think Lerasium affects.)
  6. I know were out of the Spoiler timeframe, but I there's definite end zone content in this post. The Kandra say that if harmonium splits, harmony ceases to be harmony. In the Lost Metal, we see a progression of Discord splitting from Harmony, in the Part 1 conversation with Wax, in the conversation with Wayne, and then in the coversation with Kelsier. I believe Discord has happened. Thinking about it, I bet what we have now is a Gold/11th metal division of Sazed's selves, and based on the part 3 impression Wax gets WRT being a sword, it's a scholar/warrior divide.
  7. I had missed the perseveration on 17, but that does seem too many to be coincidence. I was bullish on Wayne becoming a shard, but it's really emphasized that he went beyond after his death. So I had considered that theory as dead as a taxidermized frog. I have a theory on the creation of atium/lerasium after my 3rd reading of The Lost Metal. the Kandra say that if harmonium splits, harmony ceases to be harmony. (spoiler not for any actual spoiler, but to offset a bizarre theory).
  8. This idea could have some merit. What do aethers do with water, and where does the seethe go? If aethers are in any way plant like, they should be releasing oxygen. Or something. I mean, end of the day most investitures don't hold up to science as we know it on earth. This is probably why he leaves it vague. I appreciated, on re read, how the planet is basically a big D12.
  9. Thanks, Treamayne! I also learned vexilology is an actual thing. The Kramer reads it as boring (adjective) boring (noun). It's like short for boring boringness.
  10. I figured some kind of big thing down there is breathing. One of the applications of fluidized sand is low friction beds for people at high risk of bedsores. In answer to Hoid's question of whether one sees blackness, our visual neurons fire with dark stimuli and don't fire with light stimuli.
  11. Another magic that might have produced something like a talking rat could be awakening/ the lifeless squirrel. This thread title (not having even opened it) got me thinking Charlie was either huck or hoid (based on something Hoid once said to Shallan about her reminding him of someone dear). I generally leaned toward Huck, except when Hoid kept telling her she has everything she needs. I wasn't certain until the exchange between Huck and the Sorceress as Tress starts to turn away with lizard Charlie. (It's unfortunate that lizard men have become associated with anti-semitism).
  12. I don't think the preview chapters include the reference to the Iriali disappearing 300 years before (I'm an old fogey who uses audiobooks mostly, so sorry if that's a misspelling).
  13. I'm not sure what "geas" means on page 170. "The Sorceress was quite specific with each geas:..."