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  1. This idea could have some merit. What do aethers do with water, and where does the seethe go? If aethers are in any way plant like, they should be releasing oxygen. Or something. I mean, end of the day most investitures don't hold up to science as we know it on earth. This is probably why he leaves it vague. I appreciated, on re read, how the planet is basically a big D12.
  2. Thanks, Treamayne! I also learned vexilology is an actual thing. The Kramer reads it as boring (adjective) boring (noun). It's like short for boring boringness.
  3. I figured some kind of big thing down there is breathing. One of the applications of fluidized sand is low friction beds for people at high risk of bedsores. In answer to Hoid's question of whether one sees blackness, our visual neurons fire with dark stimuli and don't fire with light stimuli.
  4. Another magic that might have produced something like a talking rat could be awakening/ the lifeless squirrel. This thread title (not having even opened it) got me thinking Charlie was either huck or hoid (based on something Hoid once said to Shallan about her reminding him of someone dear). I generally leaned toward Huck, except when Hoid kept telling her she has everything she needs. I wasn't certain until the exchange between Huck and the Sorceress as Tress starts to turn away with lizard Charlie. (It's unfortunate that lizard men have become associated with anti-semitism).
  5. I don't think the preview chapters include the reference to the Iriali disappearing 300 years before (I'm an old fogey who uses audiobooks mostly, so sorry if that's a misspelling).
  6. I'm not sure what "geas" means on page 170. "The Sorceress was quite specific with each geas:..."
  7. I was very excited for this book, though I'm not done yet due to illness in the family. The preview chapters hooked me on what it is about love that's still important after being married for 32 years of nauseating ups and downs.
  8. PDF, pg 43, "fare maiden" Oh, nevermind. It was part of the story.
  9. I made a matrix of this idea. When I jotted down the shards, I felt like Odium and Mercy seemed most like they were missing something, at least in a listing of godlike attributes. But that gets into a whole thing about defining love (beyond devotion). I'm still messing with it. Well, I can't figure out how to display it. I did find that there turned out to be a high association between a putative Unite dawnshard and the shards that have already "died" (Honor, dominion, devotion).
  10. I suggest that each of the four dawshards has a cardinal shard and then 3 that relate in some way to the other dawnshards. Like the relationships of the 5 elements, where fire is generative parent to metal and consuming parent to wood, or however that goes. I'll think about it. So my theory is that big letter is the intent and little letter is the predicate. A prominent example would be "destroy for the sake of preserving" which we see both in Windrunners and the Hero of Ages. A. Change B. Save C. Divide D. Unite A.a. Whimsy: change for the sake of change A.b. Innovation: change for the sake of saving A.c. Ruin: change for the sake of dividing A.d. Dominion: change for the sake of uniting B.a. Cultivation: saving for the sake of changing B.b. Preservation: saving for the sake of saving B.c. Valor: Saving for the sake of dividing. B.d. Devotion: saving for the sake of Uniting C.a. Autonomy: dividing for the sake of changing C.b. Ambition: dividing for the sake of saving C.c. Odium: dividing for the sake of dividing C.d. "boundaries" :dividing for the sake of uniting D.a. Endowment: uniting for the sake of changing D.b. Honor: uniting for the sake of saving D.c. ??: uniting for the sake of dividing D.d. ??: uniting for the sake of uniting I'm more for realmatic theory, but have a lot of interest in this. I was kind of puzzled by how aggressive Autonomy was in TLM.
  11. On the topic of pulling the Cosmere stops, I have to say it was a lot better than how cryptic the interludes and chapter headers were in the first 3 Stormlight books. My husband hates that stuff, and not knowing what will matter to have paid attention to later. (Everything, right? What about the binary number one?) Though I guess reading about Kaladin's depression is what has always been hardest for me.
  12. I've also thought a lot about who the kandra on Roshar is, and thought it would be funny if Melaan were filling in for Hoid over there. We know her aluminum true body is tall for a man. But I don't think too hard about it. It was just a funny idea, Jasnah with Melaan. Gah, nevermind, I just became acquainted with the big timeframe SA 5 occurs before any of Mistborn Era 2. Now I'm super confused.
  13. On re-read, the foreshadowing of Wayne's death is sooo heartbreaking. Like when you realize Marasi's about to see him for the last time, and we take a Chapter just for that. I was stoked to see Shai show up, which I hoped as soon as I heard her say "nights!" But I'm a weirdo. I'm kind of cool toward White Sands and Hell, so the world hopper stuff was kind of not super engaging to me, except for wondering where things were going to link Harmony's Sword to Stormlight 5. My pet theory is that the sword is secretly One thing that finally clicked for me was stopping feeling like Marasi should have wound up with Wax. I was with Wayne on that one. Should have got her murderin' on.
  14. I figured Shay-I would persist because she's a better version. P.S. Hard to imagine, since Shai is my 2nd favorite character in the Cosmere (after Lift). But if Shai believes she's better, which how could she not be, as an Elantrian?