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  1. I lean toward Jasnah/Kaladin. We've yet to see a conversation between them from either of their point of view, I think? They can bond over how gross Amaram was. Another option was the horse trainer. Maybe Adolin dies later and Shallan becomes single again. Though Renaren's powers makes that unlikely. Though I don't like the idea of it being Shallan's role to cheer up Kaladin. But that's my own issues.
  2. It's the one story in Arcanum Unbounded I haven't finished (audiobook, so it was falling asleep, not stopping reading), because the protagonist read like a bit of a Mary Sue. I did think if I could try the graphic novel, like from the library, I might get a better taste.
  3. My husband was sad when he got through that no others had been written yet. He also got it on audio, and gathered he missed a lot in drawings.
  4. It's a Raising Arizona reference. With krem replacing a bad word.
  5. I think the Vorin church might react to Jasnah being crowned. It's just a logical step. Not necessarily something I need to see. Today I was finishing WoR and wishing for more of Renaren playing with Pattern. (Sorry if my spellings off, I'm an audiobook type, though I should see the drawings sometime.). I could see them having a hyperliteral standoff. Lopin sassing Lift might break my brain with sheer awesome.
  6. He also grew up a surgeon's apprentice with herald's wisdom about Yoda's n krem
  7. :Looks at post dates: :Has a hopeful kind of sad:
  8. Pancakes. Are. Awesome.
  9. Warbreaker is a little lurid, but fun. I like the second era quite a bit. It took me several years to get started on Stormlight Archive but now I'm in waiting-on-book-four hell with everyone else. There is an important resolution in the first three book that I think makes it worth reading them anyway. Besides just they're awesome.
  10. Hi Carlos!
  11. Except I'm not trying to recover. My favorite Sanderson book is the Emporer's Soul. Though Sixth of the Dusk is pretty close. As my handle indicates, I'm curious about Feng Shui. Also Wu Xing. I have degrees in linguistics and nursing with minors in Arabic and psychology. And, apparently, a personality disorder.