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  1. I've been thinking about this for a bit, and I think that Shardplate probably is as resistant as Rosite. Shardplate is described as harder than stone, which is what Rosite is described as. Looking at it I think that Rosites ability to increase it's thickness is the real advantage.
  2. It says that no surge OR spren have that ability, which is what I pointed to as odd. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Shallan isn't 4th ideal yet, or at least she wasn't until the end of RoW.
  3. So I was transcribing the last of my notes on RoW when I came across the scene where Kaladin had the Windspren part the Highstorm so he could find his father, and not for the first time I wondered if the spren that formed Shardplate have their radiant additional powers, such as manipulating the wind. So I started looking, and my mind was drawn back to this specific except from Words of Radiance (the in world book), which as transcribed by the Coppermind is as follows: If the powers of Radiants is only in surges why did the author go through the effort to say that no surge or spren granted that power? Given that passage and the example we got from the Windspren I think that the plate spren granting additional abilities is almost guaranteed, so I decided to try and find some potential uses for them, though these all just thought experiments Flamespren are the theoretical plate spren of Dustringers, and would probably grant some ability to control or manipulate fire. Lifespren are heavily implied to be the plate spren of Edgedancers and would probably grant some form of life Sense, or the ability to manipulate growing things, even though that ability is granted by progression. Lightweavers have plate made from Creationspren which might allow them to make illusions of things they haven't seen or don't have a preexisting Connection to by transforming themselves into the desired object, and allowing themselves to be studied. Alternatively it could make Lightweaver plate able to form shapes and textures that other orders couldn't. Elsecallers have Logicspren plate which could improve their ability to process information, or regulate their emotions. Alternatively it could allow them to do that to others. Stonewards have been theorized (and I agree) to have painspren plate, this could allow them to ignore, or even become immune to pain, or even inflict it on others. Bondsmiths have been theorized to have gloryspren plate, but other than making people feel good I can't think of any applications for it. Anyway what potential uses for platespren can you think of?
  4. We actually have seen them use Abrasion. The knight in Dalinar's purelake vision is a Dustbringer (you can tell because the armor glows red) and she walks through the water like it isn't there.
  5. Why would that not be realistic? That actually seems like something out of a horror movie, armored figure surrounded by smoke comes upstairs to a family cowering in a room. The father shoots their gun at it but the bullet turns to dust on impact.
  6. Raisins are good too. So long as you don't eat too many of them at once.
  7. Grapes are just fine
  8. I'm for handsome Squidward Dannnex, or maybe Dannex J. Trump, or melted bow Dannnnnnnnnex.
  9. Anyway what's everyone's favorite Dannnnnnnex?
  10. We started going through all of the orders but cut off after Skybreakers, so I'm bringing it back. Who would win, a 3rd ideal Dustbringer, or a Mistborn?
  11. Light Cosmere spoilers.
  12. Yeah, here's the official policy, with the new update:
  13. Well, he made one. And then the mods found out and were like "Hey it is super illegal for us to allow you to have an account" And then they deleted it.
  14. Also Galladon is an Elantrian, he won't die of age unless he wants to.
  15. That was the old policy. Apparently spoiler boxes are okay now.