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  1. KoW actually (no one does TWoK)
  2. Given the amount of control the Stormfather has over the storm he could probably bring it there at the time. Though your mention of the storms reminds me of this one death rattle So we could get some freaky storm action
  3. Oldbloods are actually a group of aristocrats that used to rule Alethkar.
  4. So I found this WoB And given that any coinshot/lurchers can learn to use steelsight That means that a coinshot can not only determine if someone has metal shavings in them, but also what types they are, regardless of whether they are burning those metals or not.
  5. Kaladin needs to die in KoW. Preferably about 3/5 of the way through, as Odium's champion attempts to kill Dalinar before the contest starts. Kaladin manages to stop them but gets completely curbstomped in the attempt.
  6. Some thoughts: I don't like Ganondorfs' voice Cool monsters Yellow lightning Why does Zelda want Link to give his power to Ganondorf?
  7. Inquisitors only see trace metals, they can't push on them. The Scientific method says to accept the Null until proven otherwise. Null value is, Copper has no effect other than preventing investiture detection, and preventing manipulation via emotional allomancy. A skimmer Halfborn would most certainly lose to a 4th ideal Windrunner.
  8. Chromium can leech copper. Therefore it will not resist Reverse Lashings. And lacking evidence against is not an argument in favor.
  9. We have no indication of them being harder to push or pull on. And they are confimred to be suceptable to other metalic arts like @therunner said, with skill you can see them, but it requires power to push on them.
  10. Copper doesn't prevent reverse lashings or Shardblades. And pushing on trace metals is a matter of power, not skill.
  11. We have no evidence that he did either. No, he's only said that there isn't a Anti-Adonalsium, not that there aren't other forces out there.
  12. Bodnsmiths can get time dialation of around 15:1
  13. It ends when one of them dies, as they are both alive to start with.
  14. Contest ends as soon as one champion dies. Anything after that is no longer part of the deal, and thus cannot impact it in any way.