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  1. 25. Just because axehouds are edible does not mean I should eat them.
  2. I'm fine with that. He spoils us all. but Amazon sure doesn't, where is my book!?
  3. @Aspiring Writer I've read White Sand. And I would do it again.
  4. I draw the distinction as you read a book because it was recommended because you trust the person who recommended it to you, Whereas reading the WoT for Brandon is disingenuous to the work Robert Jordan put into it, in that mindset of slogging through the majority of the series just for the end, that is what I find insulting. I would rather have my stories told, but I can understand where Martin is coming from, it's personal to him, his work, something privet, not for outsiders.
  5. Posting the same thing in two different threads is fine as long as it fits in both places.
  6. Says the only one to do it on the whole page. Edit: ironic
  7. I see where you are coming from(in a way) you have sunk money into this and you want to see it through, however you do a huge disservice and if I'm perfectly honest where rather disrespectful to Robert Jordan there, and the sad thing is it's true people do read WoT for the Brandon books at the end, which I find incredibly disrespectful and I haven't even finished, you relegated Robert to the sidelines and forget the work he did to make WoT work. Now you looked at this from a buyer's standpoint, but you completely overlooked the point of the authors'. I feel a little attuned to this hoping to become one myself, and while I would prefer my world and story out there(as long as it isn't stolen.) I can totally see the angle of 'this is my life's work, it would be wrong and inappropriate for anyone else to finish this.' You forget their attachment to the story instead looking at it from a money and influence view. All in all what I'm trying to say is, George has an interest in his books to and you forget his attachment and decades of work put into it, no one has sunk more into the story than Martin. But all this is from an outsider looking in as I have never read the story.
  8. But at the same time, it would be like someone else doing his thing. I can totally see that thought, this is mine, it's a part of me it would be wrong for someone else to do it.
  9. Indefinitely you say? Well with infinite funding I would make a submarine and leave it submerged at all times, when forced to re surface for air, make sure all prisoners are unconscious, because drugs. Additionally now opening in the cell is no larger that the size of the prisoners head, and only feed them once a day. With limited funding just do that but underground, exit must be though a ladder in the ceiling, it must be several feet from the wall and at least twice the height of the prisoner.
  10. Are we talking kidnapping, or do you just need a trap?
  11. Was I reading too much into what you said? Probably, just forget about it. Uhm, no that was not planned to be a point of conflict, but maybe a few books down the line I'll bring it in.
  12. Everything opens up storytelling possibilities, but if you mean real world allegory then no that is not it's purpose. Also: What about Dragons?
  13. The human body is not very conductive, but it only takes like(I forget the exact number) 0.1 amps to stop the heart. if it only happened to the hand? I don't know.
  14. Let it slide this once
  15. I can't confirm this but I have heard that given his current estimates he will be 70-80 by the time he finishes the Cosmere, if he only writes Rithmatist 2 in that time, finishing another series is not something I want added to his schedule.