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  1. No, but it's the same logic, there that's a clue.
  2. Pretty good, I liked the premise, even if the ending was a little predictable, I'd like to see where your work takes you. The bit at the bottom mentions 'Domidium' is that a published work?
  3. Nope here are the clues again I'm running out of clues, so I'll have to wait a bit and see.if I can think of something.
  4. That's a given Close, so close.
  5. Nope (Uhg clues get hard at this point) This is a place for the poor.
  6. I seriously doubt that dragon fire poses any danger to vessels.
  7. Good job.
  8. It definitely is not fatal, Nightblood is the kind of thing that might, be able to harm Hoid.
  9. The Sibling also does not use human genders.
  10. That's a question for my AMA.
  11. You know what, I'll just make them as @Shard of Reading is eating them, I will have an Inverter.
  12. And if Kaladin matches one of the intents better than Dalinar, thus being a more viable candidate for acsention?
  13. Are you going for a horror feel, or more wonder?
  14. not in the cosmere, unless this is SotD time period, and even so why would you be checking for bacteria colonies?
  15. Not sure any amount of bronze, aviar, or breath would let you find that but ok.