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  1. You get notified if it's edited in.
  2. "Get out the window, and into the one below it, I'll wait until you're down so I don't break the bubble."
  3. still was near perfect, the whole time. Shallan can use art to do hyper advanced cartography, that professionals couldn't do in six years! Kaladin barely beat the shardbears and Szeth was basically insane at that point and let himself be beat. Yes, fighting is not useful. Taravangian, Ghostbloods, Sons of Honor, Renarin, Dalinar etc. etc.
  4. @I Used To Be A Fish wins
  5. I have I think it can be done with hemalurgy, dur-aluminum for connection and identity, Atium for it's wild card potential, Chromium for potential destiny, or Lerasium, because it was preservation. We know Warbreaker So why not this, and which spikes would it be?
  6. He must have close to 6,000 notifications.
  7. Please no, that's so wrong. She won't return she's gone to the beyond.
  8. Kaladin and Adolin are far from perfect, and they have to try. Kaladin wasn't strong enough to beat Amaram on his own, Adolin is severely undermatched in this new world, and Jashna was too slow to stop the Desolation.
  9. Is it a joke? 2/10
  10. So would that be a dur-aluminum, or Atium spike, or nicricil? Is this the use of the all elusive lerasium spike.
  11. Exactly my point, there is no good reason for perfection.
  12. is that a confession?
  13. I have seen him criticized for preforming a last clap on his first try. When does Shallan actually work to get better at art? Even as a kid she was insanely good at it. Kaladin's reasonance is the ability to have more squires, would you question if he suddenly had say a thousand of them while no other Radiant got more than say three? because that is the kind of difference we are talking about. Yes I have read the resonances page, even before you linked it.
  14. but "why cognitive space exists?" is? no I get you.
  15. And the Physical realm? does it only exist because there is stuff in it? Perhaps you're right, I can't disprove it, but I don't think that a physical realm could exist where a cognitive couldn't.