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  1. @Enter a username @The Unknown Order @Kings_way
  2. row

    The purple light began to move down the hallway.
  3. theory

    How would other nations know if the Shin used them? No outsiders are allowed into the homeland, and none of the Shin seem even slightly intrested in sharing That's completly possible, but not the only option. Thanks... what brought that up?
  4. theory

    Even if they blatently used the Honorblades in every major Shin city no one other than the Shin would know due to their isolationism, so there is no reason to assume that they are trying to hide the Honorblades in the first place.
  5. theory

    He trained with all ten surges, Battle of Theylan Feilds in OB for referance. Considering Vistim the non-shin who is most familiar with their culture outside of Taravangian, hasn't even seen thier farms, it wouldn't be too difficult to keep the rest of the world from finding out.
  6. Just saw Zeth
  7. theory

    Why would they have only recently started using them? Szeth trained with each blade they had to the point he could recognise and adapt to any of the surges.
  8. So simply pass it around to everyone who's used it and empty it, if too many differrent people have used it get a different piece of iron.
  9. Why would they be able to store their weight in the medalion but not tapp it?
  10. All Paladins of course, except Adolin, he'd be a fighter.
  11. Adonalsium is whole, or was.
  12. Cannon Fodder 6 jumps on Corrupted Hero and dies.
  13. row

    All Radiants to the Heart of the Tower now, hurry!
  14. row

    Suddenly the quartz nearby began flashing violently.