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  1. row

    Nak looked up from his cell at the visitors above him, his cell was lined with Rakalist, and the floor covered in water. "I am called Nak, I am called the Voice of Chaos, but I prefer the Voice of Rebirth." He said to the Rhythm of peace, doing his best to keep his mask of calm, while inside his thoughts raced. Why had these humans come, he had taken into account all the Palace staff and the Radiants stationed there, these weren't among them. That was troubling.
  2. I suppose it's possible, but unless Odium doesn't want BAM free he would have had her released.
  3. not neccecarilly, there have only been two instinces of an Unmade being captured while the old orders existed, and Ba-Ado-MIshram was the only one hid. Melishi was important in doing the binding, the Elsecallers had the perfect gems, and the Truthwatchers where the scholars of the Radiants so I don't think it was just them.
  4. That's true, but discovering Scandrian metalic arts will be a larger gain for Rosharan Fabrials than Scandrials medalions will get for interacting with Rosharans.
  5. Going to have to disagree with you there, the only people who liked Dalinar were his allies, everyone else saw him as a monster. And eventually even his allies took that view.
  6. It seems pretty concrete that Bondsmiths were in charge.
  7. First off, Roshar is not as far behind as you claim, you are only thinking in terms of how our world progressed, second off Scandrial is progressing incredibly slowly, if they actually tried they would already have radio, but they don't. All magic systems work on basic laws of the cosmere so I'm not sure what you're saying. Emotional Allomancy, not attacks, phycological warefare is still efective, emotional magic, is not. Did you read RoW? spren can and do take sides in conflicts.
  8. If that where the case Brittan would have had the Manhattan project not the US, because they had the Industrial revelution first. And what do you mean by more grounded? Again Investiture resists investiture, manipulating emotion means you have to push through a Radiants investiture. I've had this argument with you about five times by now, getting to Roshar, through enemy lines and bonding a spren that veiws you as the enemy is far harder than you are implying.
  9. @Aldric is correct Bondsmiths are in charge.
  10. The shippers have even started using my theories for ships! I'm not sure how to feel about this. Though you have a point about Teft
  11. How about, Aside from a Bond, and whatever Ishar is doing is there a way for Spren to enter the Physical realm?
  12. I mean, the human body can hit in surprisingly small spaces, someone escaped from prison by sliding out their foodslot.
  13. I like this, Odium is describes as divine wrath, Justified vengence, the anger at betrayal.
  14. Yeah, definately
  15. this one