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  1. Dalinar listened to WoK and decided to change before going to the NIghtwatcher.
  2. Becoming a savant of any metal is really hard, and doing it for aluminum would be almost impossible. On downsides it would probably remove your natural investiture ressistence. Again that's a ballast The grenade would have to touch them. Coppermind is updated, sometimes, not all the time, there are lines without sources, and sources that do not support the arguments, the coppermind is an excelent referance guide, but WoB's are where the information comes from, even if a WoB is old or paraphrased, or both, the only way it is actually disproven is via a newer WoB or a book, so once again it is the WoB not the coppermind that contains the information. Yes we have, Shards have far more than a Chromium compounder could ever achieve, Elend had an increadible amount, etc. @Enter a username disagreed with me on a lot of things yet was perfectly objective, @ScadrianTank and others have all been objective and supported scadrial. Light has no mass, no boson does, well, techencally Higgs does but not really. Light has momentum, but not mass.
  3. You're good Not contrite, accept that they did it, acknowledge it was wrong, and forsake who they were and become a better person, yes. The addiction to alchohol was still there. Therapists make plans for people to imrpove by.
  4. Experience is causing Frustration?! on the one hand YES! On the other hand, what am I now?
  5. Everything Dalinar did and more is redeemable. A srewed up moral compose! The belief that good can ultimatly triuph over any evil is a screwed up moral compose! I refuse to live in a world where people who honestly want redemption cannot get it. So breaking addiction with a councilers help doesn't count? Dalinar didn't walk out of the valley the person he was in WoK, he had six years of growth in between. Because he worked and broke the addiction You quoted one of mine without saying anything. Yes mobile sucks. I'm also entitled to disagree, and so are you.
  6. Now that is an outright lie, there is nothing Dalinar could have done that is irredemable. Dalinar with or without Cultivation would have fallen if he himself didn't grow and resist no, she took memories, you seem to severly overestimate the amount of influence a shard can use over a person. No, the difference is he remade himself over the six year intermission. No, OB is the only reason I actually like him. I do not hate them
  7. Cultivation litterally couldn't do all the work for him, it's impossible for her to have done so. First off the WoB litterally said it was a normal responce Second off he had an instant negative reaction to the rift, he even tried to stop it halfway through Cultivation helped, if Dalinar hadn't wanted it he would have fallen, Cultivation or not.
  8. So? People can accept help, that's not unreasonable NO No no no no, that is not the case. See Dalinar wanted to change, from the moment he heard Jasnah reading WoK change was inevitable. If Dalianr hadn't wanted to become a better man he would never have gone to the nightwatcher, he would have fallen to dispair and he would have become Odium's champion. But that isn't the case.
  9. Likely not to the extent he did.
  10. No I do not agree, Gavilar was a strong influence, Nohadon had a strong influence, The God Beyond had a strong influence, etc. Cultivation was an increadibly strong influence herself but sole reason is too much credit.
  11. So you aren't allowed to have other people help you?
  12. So having a counciler means that you didn't overcome adiction in a legitemate way? The fact of the matter is that Cultivation didn't do everything, she couldn't Shards do not have the power to effect people (without serious spiritual wounds) in such a way. The only thing Cultivation did was remove some memories for a few years. Dalinar worked to break his alcholism, curb his bloodlust, follow the tenets of The Way of Kings, refuse to give Odium his pain, and accept responsibility.
  13. well for starters one of them is a fish. I'm going to say that singers are probably some wierd cross between vertebrate and crustateon.
  14. That's my bad I was sure there was one. @Johnny Boy Spoilers on that one
  15. So asking someone for help isn't allowed?