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  1. We only got a few. Also what is the Aon for death? That's a one hit kill right there.
  2. Mainly that unless the Mistborn can tell where the person making the illusion is, it still has uses, make a big enough illusion and they know generally where you are, but not close enough to hit.
  3. Syl found Gaz no problem, Pattern found people and Spren tailing Shallan. It's not too much of a stretch. Additionally no Mistborn is burning tin 24/7
  4. While I agree with the post above I'll try to help out here as i have found myself in a similar situation, and my recommendation for you is this, write the book first, then get the name. When doing the name itself two things to keep in mind The Title should reflect something about the book It should be memorable and simple it's what your audience will associate with the book it needs to be a ready on hand type name. There is a reason that the first book of Stormlight isn't Bridge run.
  5. Why do you have four copies?
  6. That WoB answer your question?
  7. False Odium has a very cold heart. Additionally when the sky is blue it's warmer than when the sky is red. Also @Karger time travel is a thing, it was used by the communists to assassinate JFK.
  8. Ah man. At least she still has food.
  9. On an ambush. What about open combat
  10. Let's assume that the Mistborn is snuck up on, Shardblade is put through their neck, no healing, so.... Deceased Mistborn.
  11. I agree that Dur-aluminum could get through but that burns through a Mistborns steel much faster and a Radiant can fix plate with Stormlight. So they would have to touch them, before they fixed it if they want to use Chromium. And that assumes that the plate would shatter, rather than having the same reaction as the rocks did. I would assume that it would prevent them from being summoned, but that already summoned shards would be fine. But we should get confirmation on that is there a WoB on it or should I make that my question if I ever see him?
  12. I am referring to Shardbows not granbows Those Slings where throwing head sized rocks and only caused "small cracks" and puffs of stormlight from joints I'm alright banning the Radiants from having arrows but Mistborn loses coins in that deal Your forgetting Plate, coins can't get through it. As for outlasting a Radiant they can last just as long as a Mistborn can, longer in fact because Blades have an infinite run time and living plate probably does as well. A Mistborn has to get through Shardplate, overcome the Radiants stormlight and then kill them, all without getting touched by a weapon over 6 feet long, easy.
  13. It's closer to a copper cloud Elsecaller, Lightweaver Stoneward, Bondsmith, Edgedancer, and potentially Dustbringers and Truthwatchers all can avoid that. And a Mistborn without metals is at a sever disadvantage fighting a Radiant, we're going to take them at their peak meaning 5th Ideall Radiant and a Mistborn not a Misting. They can make bows, and have soulcasting
  14. A coin wouldn't even crack plate there is a you tube video I'll link later called armor vs arrows medieval myth busting. But I'll summerize here, basically regular plate is almost immune to arrows shot by a bow with a draw weight of 160 pounds, coins aren't doing anything to Shardplate, not a crack. Yes but you can't do anything with that knowledge if the opponent is faster than you. Pewter can't beat plate and Stormlight. You can't give an Era 1 Mistborn era 2 metals. In era two there is almost no Atium and none in the public access so they can either have Era 2 metals or Era 1 metals but not both. Cracks close in a Radiants armor, and a Mistborn can only do it in the first place with Dur-aluminum witch leaves them open to a counter strike.