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  1. I need to step back.

    I'll be off of the shard for a week. Goodbye my friends, I will miss you all. See you soon.

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    2. Emery the Steelrunner
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      Very! Have a nice week off the Shard

    4. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Hope you enjoy your break!

  2. VGC or Smogon singles?
  3. If Renarin had been a second late he would have died. He challanged Wit, not Jasnah, and Dalinar had talked him out of it. He did not strike Wit, and did nothing against him. He didn't was about to walk away from the whole thing, when Jasnah comes and stabs at him. He blocks her strikes then throws his sword away and says "This is pointless." He never made an attack of his own, he clearly had no intrest in fighting her. You're good.
  4. He needed to constantly be tapping Youth in order to live, why would he not have died when his store was taken away? It would take the same amount of time as if it was allomancy.
  5. Thank you good sir. You make a compelling argument. I am inclined to agree, the current system with only gems will not work. However I think I can fix it with a few small changes. By attatching both sets of fabrials to large blocks, so that the total weight of each System is 100 Kg, and assuming the weight of System 3 is less than that of System 2 will result in the following System 1 will drop 1 meter and because it is exerting ~166 Kg of upwards force on System 2, System 2 will be brought up 5 meters Upon the disconjoining of gems A and a System 2 will drop 4 meters, and System 3 will move 4 meters Upon the conjoining of gems B and b both Systems 1 and 2 will have the same effective weight, however since System 2 has momentum behind it it will fall 1 meter raising System 1 by 1 meter. I'm pretty sure that will work. And if not we can adjust gems B and b to be different sizes However we can do more First we mount fabrails on the top and bottom of System's 1 and 2, capable of both attracting and reppelling air. When a System falls the fabrial on the bottom will repel air, enableing both systems to fall in a vacuum. And the Fabrial on the top will attract air, making the system experience greater pressure than it otherwise would. When raising the effect will be reversed, creating a vaccum above the system, and increasing pressure bellow it. Does that work or am I completly stupid?
  6. A single ATP molecule contains 10^-19 joules A single oxygen atom is made from roughly 2.39*10^-6 joules. Just creating the energy ATP would be used for is so much more efficent it's unreal.
  7. I doubt it would create oxygen atoms. Healing works by correcting the body to the soul. I think it would more likely provide the energy cells would use ATP for rather than make a final electron acceptor for the ETC.
  8. Considering gold can almost instantly heal from any poison, and even small amounts can repair a lot of tissue damage. I don't think something small like sustaining cells without ATP to be too difficult for Gold to accomplish.
  9. It takes almost no stormlight to provide the oxygen needed for survival, why would gold be significantly worse?
  10. Very little gold actually. How much cadmium does it take to stop a bullet?
  11. No, he continued to get new metals, storeing the attributes in different metalminds as he burned his current one.
  12. You CAN but why? Gold does everything Cadmium does and then some. It would be like storing a-pewter for the speed benefit, it's so much easier to just use f-steel.
  13. Only so long as they have the metal. Once burned the metalmind ceases to exist.
  14. I'm almost with you, can you just fill in the math behind your calculations for me?
  15. A standup comedian will be hired to read preprepared insults to people who attend, as well as generally crack jokes. They will not be informed that it is my funeral. My gravestone must be suitibly awesome for someone of my magnitude. All my stuff will go to suitable heirs, individuals to be decided.