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  1. I think spren likely could give Lifebinding, they just don't know how, sort of like how they didn't know how to give surgebinding until the Honorblades were created
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    Why hello there
  3. This makes my theory instinct tingle so much I think this explains my thoughts better If they use Stormlight - Surges Towerlight - 1 surge 1 life LifeLight - Lifes Not sure How Lift works into this, Lift is weird and we don't have as comprehensive a grasp on non-lift Progression and Abrasion as I would like, but if I had to say She would have one of each with Abrasion as a Surge
  4. How is an X-ray going to help? For all intents and purposes they are Human.
  5. I don't think that is at all what they were saying
  6. row

    "I'm afraid crisis is the wrong time for pleasentries, though I hope to make up for it later."
  7. Well, you aren't wrong, but that's not the natural that I ment. How is "It's not default Surgebinding" then? That is a fair point, my answer to this is that our information of the past is very limited, so maybe they did know, I realize this is a stretch however. Something else to note, is that the first use of Surgebinding, Honorblade, Ishar's acts as far as we can tell identically to Dalinar's which I think is at least a small indication that the Stormfather's Bondsmith is the most 'pure' With the Sibling giving one Surge and one Life, and the Nightwatcher giving two Lifes. However I will concede that Venli's Oaths being accepted by Cultivation/Nightwatcher as a counterpoint
  8. "My research suggests that, indeed, there should be another series of abilities that is even more esoterric than the Voidbindings." -Khriss WoB's Fused have Corrupted Surgebinding, not natural, as can be seen by their red eyes and souls. And on Nightwatcher all Bondsmiths behave differently, is it that much of a stretch to be a Lift having "Stormlight" actually being Lifelight, and Nightwatcher giving Lifebinding?
  9. Actuallly this assumes Surgebinding is of Honor Radiants use Stormlight There are hints at Cultivation having another system, but not Honor Honorblades, Honor's exclusive creation give surgebnding Windrunners were close to waking than Edgedancers or Truthwatchers. And besides 99% Honor 1% Cultivation is still both Oh contrare "Don't tell anyone. I can't say it. I must whisper. I foresaw this.
  10. I mean, given that they would call Allomancy Surgebinding I don't think we should use Rosharan definitions. I think it would be best to go, Surge Illumination, Void Illumination, Life Illumination. Of course it could eventually be called a surge independednt of each system, and it would be Storm illumination, but I don't think Brandon will do that.
  11. Aw thanks guys It is nice, all you need is one good topic, or joining the right RP and you can count yourself as popular.
  12. row

    Jasnah stormed into the room, her face a mask of control. "Tell me everything."
  13. I think you are spliting hairs on this part, Hemalurgy still uses the same metals but is a different system, and can be classified as such i.e. H-steel, rather than A-steel However they use Stormlight, not Towerlight, with one exception. Um, no, none othe the shards ever say that. And there is evidence to the contrary.
  14. Well, I never made one of these, and as I like forums over staus updates for something like this I'm going to put it here. Hi, I'm Frustration, and this is my second Shardiversery, I first found Brandon Sanderson after my friend told me about Mistborn and Stormlight, I tried reading the Final Empire, but my first full Sanderson novel ended up being WoK. I found the Coppermind a little later because me and my friend who were both Cosmere aware, but increadibly uninformed, and were looking for answers. I didn't find the Shard itself until I found Shardcast while trying to find SA related Youtube videos. Two Years in review Now for the thanks @RShara was the first person I had any real interaction with on the shard, and we've crossed paths a few times since then, I have massive respect for her, and her sheer knowledge of WoB is what I aspire to have for myself one day. Fish then HemalurgicStickBreaker intoduced me to the community at large. During my second era here I met and greatly enjoyed the friendship of @Experience @Nameless @Mist @Vapor @Condensation @McWafy @Feruchemical Bowser @Ark1002 @The Awakened Salad @Channelknight Fadran @DancingQueen @Chinkoln @Danex @AonEne @Negative_Null and just so many more I can't even begin to list everyone but thank you ALLL! @LewsTherinTelescope also deserves a shoutout, I hope to one day be as good at theories as you I also have to thank the KotC, for dealing with my weird very new to RP self, I look back and cringe at my mistakes @Tesh @Blessing of Potency @phoenix2563 and everyone else thank you I'd also like a moment of silence for Freurcemical Bowser who is no longer with us. Current member statistics as of this post