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  1. Because Radiants can achieve that, no mistborn with the possible exception of Spook ever used four of the metals known now, so how on Earth do you propose one get's them? A Radiant can still get to fifth Ideal.
  2. No not really, crap I was really interested.
  3. If their era two no Atium, if their era 1 no chromium/ Nicrocil
  4. Yes but surprise no longer works
  5. I would like to join gamertag _DarkGuy_
  6. There are no era two mistborn.
  7. What era two mistborn?
  8. If you give the Mistborn knowledge of how to kill a Radiant then you give the Radiant knowledge of how to defend.
  9. If I recall correctly it's in OB during the Kholinar mission before the heart of reavel. Hope that helps.
  10. We don't know either. Welcome to the cult, uh what I mean club.
  11. Shallan had trouble speaking and holding things but on the thinking end she was fine, personally I think it was just her being stupid that she didn't just rip it out to begin with.
  12. You dare mention that Tolkien rip off in my presence. Ahem. I'm fine fine I:m cool I'm fine.
  13. So if say someone had a spike in their arm, and a Shardblade severs that arm, would they lose the spikes benefit?
  14. If that where true I would have been fifth oath years ago
  15. It's called ARDA! *cries* and no one knows *weeping continues*