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  1. I've noticed something that doesn't add up, and has causes me to wonder, is Odium actually Odium. Odium(the word) is intense hatred, not something I've really seen from him except maybe against the other shards. Furthermore by WoB Odium(Shard) wants to splinter the other shards to be the guy on top. Interestingly that reasoning seems to reflect Ambition, which if you look at where Odium has been he leaves traces of Ambition in the cultures there, Shu-Dereth on Sel, and Vorinism on Roshar both talk with awe about Ambition. So either Odium isn't Odium but instead Ambition this has two versions, 1.Ambition won the Odium Ambition fight, and Odiums vessel was the one killed, or Odium actually took up Ambition as well. Ambition(Vessleless) is following Odium for some reason I can't understand
  2. To an extent your right my earlier Ends don't justify the means is however misrepresented in your post but I will move past that, you still persist with "gray" morality but have yet to show me a character that doesn't fall into one or the other you mentioned Kelisier killing people he didn't need to but forget that he was raised in a society where that was accepted, it wasn't right on any way but he has been tainted by years of corrupt, and outright evil living, no matter how good you are to start a human can't help but reflect if only slightly the attitudes that surround them. My point is that you can't find a character who isn't acrosed the boundary of good and evil no one is undefinable.
  3. But they inhabit only one at a time, that's my point, you can change but that doesn't change the fact that morality is a binary system. A person can't be both good and evil. That as I have already stated is an act of evil, blurring the line of morality allows evil to recover itself and pretend it is good. Stalin wanted Utopia a good end, but the means was murdering 20,000,000. Now tell me does any end justify that?
  4. When Brandon talks about investiture he says it usually manifests as solid, liquid, or gas. I do note that plasma is not mentioned. Also plasma would probably shock the people using it, so Kal would be deep fried if it where plasma, so, either gas, or maybe magic Photons(J.K that has no evidence at all).
  5. Not being perfectly good doesn't mean you can't be a good person, if you try to help people you are a good person, even if you do mess up and on occasion hurt someone. What I'm saying is that the Idea that good and evil are 100%, and everything less is a gray middle zone is wrong, good and bad are like two bordering countries you can't be in this neutral ground you are either in one or the other. The blurring is an act of evil trying to excuse itself, the ends don't justify the means.
  6. I personally would like the books to be longer I get through them in about a week.
  7. The world is black and white, Hitler was Evil no one would say otherwise(unless you are really messed up,) A person is always good or evil some might be less evil, or good, and some might be in the prosses of changing, making a mistake doesn't make you evil, nor does unintentionally helping someone make you good, you can't do the wrong thing for the right reason, that is not the action of a good person. Feel free to debate the point, but that is my stance.
  8. emperors soul

    It also says that stamping someone to be themselves has never been done don't be too quick to rule out the possibility.
  9. emperors soul

    Yes, but the stamp is supposed to make Ashravan himself, not someone similar, like restoring lifeless with their own breath, it's easier and smother that way, and in my mind permanent.
  10. Szeth: former critic now most Zealous minister.
  11. Does the name J. R. R. Tolkien mean nothing to you?
  12. I feel Brandon is almost shooting himself in the foot not using particular writing aspects, in particular: Soft Magic(I know it pops up in some instances, but I would like a little more) Evil victories, I honestly feel this needs to come up at some point in fantasy because everyone is starting to fall into the mindset that the hero's always win. There are probably more, what would you like to see Brandon use in his writing?
  13. Two problems with this, Not all orders get their blade at the third Ideal, Shallan, and Renarin and The Diagram Dustbringer all seem to have theirs before the third Ideal. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think the orders get their plate at different times, Jasnah spoke about it almost as fifth Ideal so did the Skybreakers when they were teaching Szeth.
  14. How would you feel if some guy was suddenly wielding the power of a guy that trapped you against your will and you killed some thousand years ago, you be flipping out about how that wouldn't be possible, also Odium didn't see that coming, from a dude that can see the future, the guy is watching his world crumble around him and he doesn't know what to do about it.