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  1. thank you @Pagerunner glad to see I wasn't the only one to jump to that conclusion. hmm shardaic presence, perhaps endowments base of operations cognitive side? very interesting. (also thanks to @RShara for pointing the anomaly out I would have missed it.)
  2. Thank you @Calderis
  3. What about when Taravagain said that he heard one of the honorblades was stolen one that gave progression.(I know it was probably a lie but when we find out one actually was stolen I'm inclined to believe him)
  4. So, Nale stole one of the Honorblades from Shinovar one that gave access to the surge progression, my question always was which one, Edgedancer, or Truthwatchers, And furthermore Why not his own? (Also bonus question: when writing this I wondered "how did he steal it, he follows the law and that cannot be legal in Shinovar, so how on earth did he get it?" I could see him not grabing his because he already has access to those surges, I could see him grabbing the blade that corresponds with Edgedancers to fight Lift with her own surges on top of his. I have no Idea on truthwatchers.
  5. The cosmere exists in Brandon's head and Hoid is the small part of him that has gone insane.
  6. I wonder if Patji is controlled by Autonomy or if the Shadaic intent has separated them?
  7. Ok, so in forgery you re-write an objects history in a believable way so could someone who knows and thinks about objects as atoms, could they re-write the history of say pure-Iron to change the number of Protons in it, a small change and create basically anything?
  8. Favorite has more to do with the surges I would use Windrunner surges are the ones I would use most offten, but I am a Skybreaker at heart.
  9. Personally(and yes I am a little blinded by bias) I think Dalinar would take the spot for Herald and Kaladin Honor's shard though The heralds would serve more as agents of Honor than as actual guards on Braise.
  10. I think It's because It has become so much a part of him his spiritwebb has changed to incorporate it.
  11. Kaladin does what Dalinar asks even when he totally disagrees(Except trying to kill Elhokar but Kaladin was supper high during that) It makes people think if: Kaladin is so strong why does he obey Dalinar, how much stronger must Dalinar be? if Kaladin is married into the family It's just a family tie that he's doing favors for them.
  12. Kaladin serves Dalinar in the end him not being married in helps their reputation.
  13. Thanks man no problem.
  14. oh yeah. woops
  15. ok I know some of these questions have probably been answered and others won't be but Is aluminum anti-investiture or just heavily resistant. Can aluminum travel I.e. oathgates, timebubbles etc. And finally does aluminum manifest in the cognitive realm.