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  1. So here's my idea. Remember how Navani could faintly feel the rhythms only when she was touching a large amount of Stormlight? Thus proving the rhythms really do come from it? Well, in Mistborn, burning Bronze let a Mistborn hear the Rhythms of other allomancers, therefore giving them the ability to tell which metal they were using. Coincidence? Correlation? Thoughts?
  2. Well, I think perhaps we did. Navani was a bondsmith before (or right about as) the Fused lost consciousness, so I think that answers that question. My theories are: Kaladin being the Son of Tanavast changes something. Syl is the oldest not-deadeye honorspren. Kaladin's demotion? Maybe he had no Stormlight in him when Raboniel corrupted the pillar. Kaladin being rather close to the Fourth Ideal. Kaladin and Syl having been Bondsmith-ed by Dalinar before. Kaladin's clos-er relationship to the Stormfather than other Radiants. Kaladin being a Windrunner. Adhesion. Being only of Honor. etc. This may explain how other Windrunners are closest to waking up. Something to do with the nature of the tower. Perhaps Kaladin has kept his Oaths the most, which could also be why the other Windrunners are close to waking up, (remember how Shallan notes that Windrunners can't stand broken Oaths?) The fact that the sibling was sort of awake gave her the ability to keep Kaladin awake, but she was so weak she could only do it to him. This could also be why he kept getting weaker each time one of the nodes was destroyed. Obviously Lift is awake because she is 100% of Cultivation instead of a hybrid like others, maybe Kal is 100% of Honor hence "Son of Tanavast" (back to that, of course.) This one is unlikely, but remember how Preservation sort of gave himself to Vin as he died in The Hero of Ages? Perhaps the same sort of thing with Kaladin? Hence "Son of Tanavast" (again . . .) I don't know, but I think it may be one of those.
  3. Yes. Kelsier is a great character, but you can't say he's never cruel. Take, for example, when he attacks the Nobility in The Final Empire. The entire time, he's constantly telling himself he hates those mistings, and that they deserve to die. He slaughters people throughout his mortal life. His crew was nicer than he was. He was, if you really come to think about it, not that nice of a guy. Especially in Secret History. He's really just a grump the whole time. I don't doubt Kelsier to be capable of starting the Ghostbloods, but I do think we may learn that his intentions weren't so selfish or cruel.
  4. I strongly disagree. How does a Fullborn get through Shardplate? Shards aren't metal, they're spren, so I doubt a mistborn could push/pull them. I think the outcome could depend on how much investiture they have, true, considering that a mistborn with unlimited atium wouldn't really be in danger. And it matters about the mistborn's coin count, because otherwise they would be quickly grounded. And it would definitely matter the order the Radiant is. I think a fullborn would beat an Edgedancer, but lose to a Windrunner. A Windrunner could make quick work of the metal sources the mistborn could use to "fly", and then lash them to the ground enough times to render them immobilized. Then atium wouldn't be an issue. I think perhaps emotional Allomancy could be one of the only ways the mistborn could win. The battlefield would also play a large role in it. For example, fighting in a cave would be difficult for a Windrunner, but in that case maybe a Stoneward would be at the advantage. Yeah, but I think that atium is the biggest thing in the mistborn's favor, if not the only one.
  5. Aye, mine would be Nightblood. And you should have it be a picture of Vasher and Nightblood, Vasher's way cooler than Szeth. I also really like Lighsong, but he's not my very fav.