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  1. Ok. I don't understand. I always thought autonomy meant self-sufficiency and in extreme cases isolationism . What other interpretations are there ? Hmm I wonder if there are multiple interpretations, then could her Avatars manifest all of them ?
  2. Well isn't autonomy's intent well autonomy. If so she might have more than average to amazing Futuresight based on the fact that she wants to maintain autonomy and that takes long term planning right ? Like how countries make long term investments in military tech and spend a lot on it and have thinktanks to discuss all sorts of scenarios , analyse intelligence from a variety of sources ( cia, mossad, raw, nsa ). All in a effort to guarantee thier autonomy in the future Except in autonomy's case , she doesn't have to deal with shortsighted , ignorent politicians ,etc. Her avatars Futuresight might be different tho. Maybe that's why she's so confident about odium. She knows she has far better Futuresight and she can't any where odium breaks out of roshar. I mean sure I know the theory that she is allied with rayse . But I have my doubts, maybe she was allied before but not now with her Intent pushing her away from alliancing.
  3. DamnSon, that was amazing. Love it Also maybe u could add that Leras felt it unfair or miserable or jealous that honor and cultivation got to be together with no hindrance.
  4. Congrats on your 333rd post! 



  5. So I was thinking of BoM and got to wondering why it was that marasi gave up the BoM to wax , like how did she know he was dead and I remembered this thread I read where it says Harmony basically influenced her kinda like how kelsier influenced ppl in SH. AND I got to wondering, how good is Harmony's Futuresight ?? Like he has preservation so that's a plus but then he has ruin so that's a minus. His intent is to maintain harmony. So I'm guessing he worries about the future. So I'm guessing he has good Futuresight. Maybe not as good as old Leras, but good enough. Saze is still young for a vessel so he might still be learning the ropes. Whatchu think ??
  6. I'm betting on the shards Depravity and Imitation
  7. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
  8. Also if we had knowledge of hemalurgy and I'm assuming we do since we have read about it . Well we could make every bullet a potential spike. They might neglect it thinking they will heal and we will strip them of atleast some of those powers. We could also make our very own fullborn or atleast compounders.
  9. The ship was at a low altitude relative to Wax. If it were at a higher altitude , Wax wouldnt have been able to do it. Well , it would get pretty terrifying not ever stopping , going on non stop. Killing so many , watching so many of your own die. Traumatic stuff. Something like pewter dragging but probably worse. I'm sure even fullborn can't do that for too long or they will have negative consequences to suffer from. He's army. He probably knows more about artillery than the rest if us. Do you know of carpet bombing or cluster bombs ? Thin aluminum shrapnel so fine you have to slow down to pick em out. Or u have to burn them , depleting all metals. Keep the fullborn boxed in long enough and he/she will run out of metals eventually. You saw how quickly Wax ran out of F-zinc for example. The same way we invaded normandy , hard and fast. Set up in some desolate corner of TFE or out in the roughs, fire some nukes to attract attention and Wipeout known fullborn locations. Any fullborn not dead by Nuke will come running in and get trapped. U make a good point about the satellites tho. The kandra too can be very hard to deal with. But it's probably possible to identify them using biochemistry based detector kits or something.
  10. Oooooooooo That's something. Noice. I still like my idea better. But that's cool.
  11. @SwordNimiForPresident ok u have convinced me that Scadrial isn't as easy to conquer as I thought. I still think it can be done but I accept there's a big chance that they can hold out. Elantris tho I completely disagree with. U said nukes wouldn't effect magic but that's not how investiture in the Cosmere works. They are within jurisdiction of other laws of physics. Saying Elantrians won't get nuked cause of magic , is like saying a Mistborn need not fear stonehead arrows. We have seen Mistborn being terrified and even falling to stone arrows. Also we could remove all unnecessary metal or get them galvanized with aluminum. And while they are op too. They aren't as op as fullborn and they are geographically locked to a very small city. They emotionally find it hard to live. Let's see them try to live through trauma a war with us Earthians will bring. Roshar I agree is impossible to conquer. The best we can do is scour the landscape with nukes and hope they all die. Maybe concentrate the atmosphere with all sorts of natural or engineered viruses. Taldain seems easy tho. Nalthis might be hard but I think we can overrun lifeless and awakened stone with some heavy artillery. If they create more smoking swords. Yep then we are stormed. But the swords still need someone to world them and lots of investivure to sustain lest they subsume the souls of the wielders themselves. It wouldn't be too hard to snipe out the wielders. And then maintain a mile wide quarentine over them. With orders to snipe out anyone who touches the sword. Friend or foe. Fots seems easy enough to capture. Threnody. Idk. Ambiguous information. But if it's only shades. I guess aluminum could be of use. Maybe. Idk. And there's the Evil. Probably best left alone. Although we could bring a nuclear winter on them. Braize is probably untouchable. They are already dead . What more could we possibly do ? Ashyn might be easy. Take out the sky cities. They don't seem to have surgebinding anymore so maybe we can easily conquer them. Or hey just hit the guys with penicillin darts. @Bigmikey357 FTL communication on roshar ? Where did we see that ? Wait spanreefs aren't FTL ? They are just fast as radio . Maybe light speed but not FTL
  12. The element of surprise. He might move fast but I'm sure a hypersonic missile would still take him by surprise. In the few scant seconds he might take to get over the shock it might be too late. Well easy , wrap them up in aluminum or some alloy . Use ceramics . It doesn't even have to hit him on his head , it only needs to get a km within range and the resulting fireball will still vaporize him. Well good luck finding any other fullborn. Rashek is the only one u got. Seriously. The entire scenario is supposed to be hypothetical. U don't really think Scadrial exists do u ? U are talking as if we are discussing a real life invasion. We know it since we read about it in the books. We are attacking it cause it's a fun scenario to imagine. Let's say north Korean scientists discovered how to open a wormhole into any of the Cosmere planets . It's a hypothetical scenario , what else am I supposed to say ??? Really one or a few leechers can take down the forcefield but not a Nuke. I know it can be drawn by them. But if you wipe out the city. I'm sure the investiture will collapse. Elantris was built and shaped specifically to harness the dor. That's why an Elantrian can only be strong at elantris and not anywhere else in arelon or elsewhere. That's why throughout thier history . They haven't strayed beyond the city walls much. Even if that wasn't the original case, by now it is. You destroy enough of elantris. Vaporize it. Take our the shape of the city off the surface of sel. And any surviving Elantrians will turn to hoed. Supposing any survive. And this time I don't know if u can repair it just by changing the shape of the aon . Lot of difference between some desolate corner of arelon and it's heart. Even if the hoed bounce back. They will be few and can be taken down. At high cost maybe. But ain't impossible.
  13. A preemptive nuclear strike taking them by surprise would work. Suppose Tlr is resting in kredik Shaw . Boom we suddenly hit luthadel with a Nuke travelling on a hypersonic icbm. They would have no way of detecting it. We could use high load thermonuclear bombs that would dwarf nagasaki. It would irradiate the place but the planet is already a wasteland anyway. We can target kredik shaw with great accuracy and Within microseconds the temperatures would be enough to melt Tlr and his metalminds. The only way he can survive is to go the underground bunker. But even with compunded steel he might not have enough time. He will be surprised , shocked ( similar to when Vin ripped out his bands ) and he would only have microseconds to react . He would be dead before the can even think to compound steel. Besides he might not even know that the underground chamber will protect him. For additional safety we could use extremely high loads , like 5 megatons or more. Or maybe a barrage of nukes hitting one after the other with intervals of a few minutes to blast away even the underground Chambers. Hmmm I wonder what effect this will have on the well of Ascension and the Lerasium beads . Same applies to elantris. U hit em preemptively with a Nuke. They don't even have guns to worry about so they sure as hell won't be expecting icbms. Even if they do I'm not so sure son eto would suffice to protect them. First of all , it's meant to protect from small scale explosions or arrows and stuff. Not from nukes with kilotons or megatons of destructive powers. Second. Even if it can , it will take a lot of coodination and time to establish one to cover the entire city with a force field. Idk if that's even possible In The first place. Even if it is , with a hypersonic icbm u have maybe seconds at best to create the force field. Not enough time. Suppose they somehow pull it off and maintain a permanent forcefield . So what ? I'm sure a Nuke in the megaton range or multiple hits of kiloton class nukes in quick succession would overwhelm it and then even if a part of the city is warped that's enough to disable the entire magic system. Fire one more Nuke to be on the safe side and elantris is wiped out.
  14. Oh yeah Selish gravity is 50% higher than Earth. Hmm , I guess they would have to stay somewhere inconspicuous for a while. Get acclimated to gravity and then march to conquer
  15. I seriously doubt if the Romans would be that successful. SEL away from elantris is easy to crack. Sure enough. So might be most of nalthis apart from halladren. They would get wiped out in era 1 Scadrial. First the ash , they will have problems breathing within a few days Second the Lord ruler. He could single handedly wipe out the entire armies . Third. He doesn't even need to bother since he has the Koloss . The kandra can be used to assassinate commsnders. Fourth . They rely too much on armour. A few iron or steel mistings alone would destroy the disciplined ranks. As would soothers . Inquisitors and mistborn would wreck havoc. Not to mention they can literally Marshall millions of soldiers . Not as disciplined but they can win by numbers alone. Worse comes to worse , Tlr releases the atium cache to his Inquisitors or mistborn. Not that that would even be necessary. Suppose they overcome all that , suppose they kill tlr too somehow. They would be heavily weakened and then the full feruchemists would come down upon them. Era 2 is hard too. Now you don't have to worry about bigshots like Tlr , Inquisitors , mistborn or full feruchemists but you do have to deal with lots of mistings , ferrings and twinborn. The Romans might be victorious at first. They may even take an outer city or too but then elendel could use it's rail and riverways to quickly mobilize militias and metalborn. Coinshots , lurchers , rioters and soothers would wipe out any discipline. Esp if they have Nicroburst to aid them. Once the shields are down , u get an hail of bullets. Bullets with the force of nicrobursted steel behind them Wax alone could decimate legions. Steelrunners , brutes , thugs , bloodmakers , spinners , oracles , sliders they could all give serious damage. Firesouls could overheat the armour too I guess esp with Nicrobursts to aid them Pulsers could manage to isolate entire squads of men for days with minimal risks if they have Nicroburst working with them as well and once the bubble drops they will be overwhelmed by well rested troops. Some dynamite thrown here and there could wipe them out. Imagine a stick of dynamite falling through the gaps in thier turtle shell shield defenses. . Imagine miles just walking into those formations with some dynamite. And there's no way they would succeed in roshar. Surgebinders or fused would wipe them out. The fused esp would hate them far more , seeing them as another unwelcome wave of human pests. There's the entire order of SkyBreakers. They have no defense against shardblade and shardplated warriors would decimate them. Then you have szeth with Nightblood, Thunderclasts , midnight essence , yalignar , aimians, the shin with the honorblades, Truthless. Warform warriors would be very hard to defeat as well. The Romans could bring diseases but the Parshendi won't be affected by it. Then u have the highstorms and the everstorms. They might manage to get Spren bonds if they survived long enough. Even then there would be few and they will too weak. As for taldain. Just no way. They would die out in the deserts , in the hot sun , wearing or carrying lots of heavy hot armour, thier circadian rhythms would go haywire, the sand creatures would swallow them whole. Then they would have to deal with sandmasters. On darkside, they might have more success but they would still get wiped out by guns. The environment might have deadly predators , thier circadian rhythms would go haywire again.