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  1. Hmmmm not really. I mean if they get together I'm ok with it, if she stays with adolin or more likely falls for The Lopen , that's ok too . But my own favorite ship Jasnadin. Hmmm , those two are perfect for each other and it will really herald younger male -older female relationships It's midnight here now btw
  2. Ooooo noice. So anyway since u r gonna be here u might as well look at my memes . We have a meme page where anyone can submit them. These are mine Yoooohooooo
  3. 16 , ooooooooooo the sacred no. \(^o^)/ I remember being 16 sometime back in the shadow-ages . hmmm ok ur choice about the spoilers. So u haven't yet read. 1).Shadows of self 2. Bands of mourning 3. Collected in AU : The emperor's soul. The hope of elantris Allomancer jak and the pits of eltania Mistborn : secret history ( don't read it unless and until u finish bands of mourning !!!!!! ) Shadows for silence in the forests of hell. Sixth of the Dusk Edgedancer Khriss's essays . (Those essays change everything. U know , u will definitely lose out on the shock and awe of those essays, the facts they present are basic knowledge for a lot of theories and it's almost impossible to not get spoiled by them on the forums. ) ___________ 4).White sand 2 and 3. Yep those are all the published Cosmere works.
  4. Yeah I agree with rj . U should probably get off the forums. We almost Spoiled some stuff to u too. I'm 22 , u ?
  5. Nah it's ok. It took us yrs to read it too. Lol. We are just older and got introduced to it sooner. So yeah the spoilers I read about stormlight was that
  6. Wait so u have read all 3 books of stormlight and all two of skyward right.
  7. Ok so u haven't read BoM and AU yet ? What about Warbreaker ? Machine intelligences are abominations child. Do not grow attached to them. They bring forth great calamities as u should know.
  8. Oh then it's fine I guess. But u should start off by saying u haven't read BoM or AU yet. Many might accidentally drop major spoilers if not assuming u have read it. I mean I hadn't read stormlight Archives and I visited this page once. Major spoilers. 3 of them Actually.
  9. Yeah , when I first read Alloy of Law ( AoL ) , I thought so too. I read the prologue , it was exciting and grimdark as I expected. Then I move on and wth ??? It's all so..... Comic and funny and watered down I didn't touch it again for a month. But then I started and I Loved it just as much as era 1. Worm is good . Rj is always pushing it on ppl. MeI push sci-fi short stories by Greg Egan and Japanese horror novels. But both our recommendations have got gore, violence , profanity. So be warned . Also rj can introduce u to other web novels as well. I quite like the zombie knight saga. Hmmmm , dude maybe u shouldn't be on the shard then or should limit urself to stormlight forum ( but even that has major spoilers for Arcanum unbounded (AU) so be careful ). AU is perhaps among the most important book in interconnecting all the series.
  10. Bro u should definitely read Defending Elysium then. It's just a few pages but it's amazing. It ties in with another series u have read. Also u have read band of mourning then right ? Be careful of spoilers then , esp if u haven't read all the Cosmere works . U will find a whole lo of em. Esp in the general Sanderson section. Have u read Arcanum unbounded ?
  11. We only accept species of Primary or Secondary intelligence . Humans are too violent. So unfortunately no.
  12. Hello , would u like to make some friends today. So , wow, it will be decades before we have a complete true understanding of the Cosmere. Look forward to ur theories tho. I loved legion as well. The ending was quite sad but also not completely. I didn't cry but my eyeballs got a bit sweaty , na mean ? I loved David too. Although I only enjoyed steelheart in the trilogy of books. I loved the Skyward series . Have u read Defending Elysium ? I'm not a theatre person I'm afraid and I live in Asia so yeah..... I think mistborn and other Cosmere books would be better adapted as a series , best as a Animated series. Also have u read mistborn era 1.5 aka the wax and Wayne series ?
  13. I'm afraid the safety of the Superiority and it's client species is of greater worth to us, young child. We will make sure to give you a painless death.
  14. Oh yeah typo.
  15. Hmmm , Recent advances in thought and skepticism have made civilization here too dangerous. Allowing it to continue risks further advances we cannot control, and so I must recommend the Krell to remove life on this sphere as well.