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  1. Nope 3). This place is politically important
  2. Yo can I take the next name ?
  3. Nope 2). We have seen very little of this place.
  4. When you hear the name Wayne and immediately think of our funny bendalloy burning bloodmaker and his friend Wax , instead of Batman. Happened to me a few weeks ago.
  5. Hey guys , now I know the value of criticism. I know that we all can't see eye to eye on everything but every now and then you stumble on somethings that are so ridiculously arrogant and errorgant that... Well I found this review on the final empire and I just..Huh you know what just read it and find out what I mean by clicking on the link. Try not to fantasize about punching this guy/gal , I challenge you I found this review and I'm astounded at how someone could possibly misunderstand a book to such a great extent . I mean seriously it's clear the person hasn't even read the book halfway . Then you have ppl I the comments dissing stormlight too. I thought I would share it so that we could all be united in cringing and blinking at the presumptuous and Errorgant assumptions and stupid misunderstandings. Maybe we can bash our heads too . That girl/boy said that the plot was a classic case of good vs evil. I mean she just completely ignored kelsiers grey actions . Half the reason Marsh exists is to point that out. He ignored and elend as well. But ok that was an understandable mistake but then she says hey Mr. Great author how come those ppl live in ash and don't have lung cancer ? Where are the dead seas ? It began to chafe at me and then he basically says and get this , that the author tries his best to make us believe Alendi and tlr are actually different ppl from the beginning !!!!! Seriously , who would ever think that. I and I'm sure all of us were sure Alendi was tlr , that the power had corrupted him. It just proves he/she didn't even read it until Vin finds alendis journal , forget the ending. She barely even mentions the magic systems . God she/he was so arrogant and presumptuous. She doesn't even understand Vin , I mean seriously ??? I left a very angry review pointing out it was obvious he hadn't even read half of the book and that all the plot holes are explained in detail in the third book. She just hid the comment. I mean just wow. Don't go around writing negative reviews unless you have actually finished reading a book. Also don't even bother thinking of reading a book if you are already obviously biased against it
  6. Friends @Honorless, @FictionSpren, @greeny-231 @Ookla the Prolific we have all of us been betrayed. The person we believed was our good friend and the greatest defender against tyranny has turned out to be the Wyrn himself. @The traveller u are indeed quite evil to play with our bonds of friendship so. I swear by the 80 suns to bring you down. Beware , a dozen nations of the rose empire descend upon you alongside the Elantrians , with all our allies on and off world. This betrayal shall be avenged in fire , blood and bone. P,S : I think WorldBridgers is a good name for our group.
  7. Idk Nicki's good too but as long as handerwyms notes are present i will read anything no matter how inane Jak writes
  8. Ok . Hmmm , 1). This place is in a hilly area
  9. U know when I first read allomancer Jak in AU , I thought he was a real adventurer and that he had rediscovered the atium mines and the pits of hathsin which was now called Eltania. Then I read it and it was well good. I was really surprised at the legend of the survivor and all but appreciated the glimpse into Koloss society but was still dissappointed. That was until I read handerwyms notes. I spent an hour laughing.
  10. Yup barely sentiant in this case but they are sentiant. More so than thier ancestors from era 1 Thanks man. I thought that the clue about it evoking the pits of hathsin was too much of a giveaway bit it wasn't. I'm really getting better at this. Yay
  11. Nope . Ok the answer is ...... ( Drumdrolls ) The pits of Eltania
  12. Nope Is that the place the gang visits in shadesmar on OB ? Also nope
  13. U know ok I'm gonna give a sixth clue what too. 6). The pov charecter(s) mentioned are invested to a minor degree. This investiture is natural , ie , no medallions or Soulcasters or whatever.
  14. Nope
  15. Um he did use WoBs