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  1. 1). I know it isn't a multiverse. It was just a thought. I mean come on tlr with Nightblood 2.0 and lifeless Koloss armies !!!!! Add in the honorblade surges and shardplate too. 2). I wasn't talking about resonances. I was referring to the way allomancy and feruchemy interact in compounding for instance. Take compounded steel with abrasion for example. 3). Also I don't see a limit on the number of magic systems u can have. Esp when talking about honorblades and breaths.
  2. @Nnatel, Spren are similar to shades but there's a key difference. Spren are cognitive beings and have negligent properties in the physical realm. Most Spren can only exist momentarily in the physical realm . Some like windspren can play a few tricks with adhesion. They require a nahel bond to do more and even then most of the action is executed by the human or singer host. Seons and skaze seem to be even more harmless. Threnodite shades on the other hand , even one of them are extremely dangerous. They can not only manifest in the physical realm they can destroy entire creatures by thier own effort without a host to catalyse thier action. Parshendi shades are almost harmless without singer or human hosts to provide them with the reqd bodies The thunderclasts are the big exception but even they manifest via stone and they are few in number compared to the hordes of shades . Threnodite shades of on the other hand can be said to be almost incorporeal or atleast just like dispersed ectoplasm. Yet they can have such a strong destructive physical reaction with objects in the physical realm. @The traveller u both mention she could have cannibalized on parts of Odium altering her intent. I guess it would be possible but would Odium really go up against 2 shards at the same time if he were missing chunks of himself. I guess ambition would have to integrate a large chunk of Odium if it were to be enough to alter her intent. Idk , while feasible and probably makes more sense than my theory. I still think retribution could be a tangent of Ambition alone , a different angle on the same crystal. Nice to know u guys atleast partially agree to my theory. And . Wait I thought Ambition was splintered or atleast khriss thought so. My theory is like she is partially splintered , but still somehow loosely held together on all three realms by her threnodite shade like entity now. But if she were completely splintered like honor , then I guess it would be hard for the pieces of the shard to find a new vessel. I mean the closest honor got to a new vessel was when Dalinar combined the three realms momentarily. That's not much really. Not compared to Vin or sazeds Ascensions. Dominion and devotion didn't even get that
  3. @robardin yep I'm 20 yrs old and I live in India. So I have no idea what that reference means. . Edit: ok I googled it and came up with a song named Luka so I guess
  4. @robardin, @John203 what about nicrosil compounding. Ok first of all maybe during his Ascension he created a small secret stockpile of it .Hell he was able to move planets , that wouldn't be all that incredible in comparison. Now correct me if I'm wrong but u store investiture in nicrosil right . So like could u burn brass , then store the soothing effect in nicrosil instead of directing it outside and then when required u burn the nicrosil mind and boom u have atleast 10X the original soothing effect. He didn't usually have too much reason to come out and show it. He only had to do be in a crowd like 5 times a yr Maybe. So he could quite possibly be using nicrosil compounding to enhance his allomancy. Atleast that's how I thought nicrosil compounding worked . As to why he didn't tell about these metals on the steel plates. No idea. Maybe he thought if he were dead , he would already run out of them .
  5. @Quantus. Wait what ? Quote Chaos Did the Lord Ruler's children have something to do with the Lord Ruler's plot to once "give up" in the Final Empire? Brandon Sanderson Yes. /r/books AMA 2015 (June 5, 2015) What was the plan to give up ? I haven't heard of it before ?
  6. Wait what ??? He was stronger than elend. I thought he was only as strong as spook or maybe equal to him. I thought he basically compounded weight and what not to make himself look stronger. I didn't know that. How does that work ? Like how can u make urself stronger than a Lerasium Mistborn ? And why did harmony make spook a considerably weaker mistborn then ?
  7. @asmodeus. Yep it does a bit. Welcome to the shard btw
  8. So I just read a question about whether the Cosmere was a multiverse or if it prescribed to the 'many worlds' theory. Which got me thinking . What if in an alternative timeline , tlr decided to leave Scadrial , either out of apathy or he was able to get a political system to remain stable without him acting as a linchpin. Suppose he went to roshar , used hemalurgy to kill the heralds , ok maybe not kill them but used it to steal thier connection with the blades and stole thier honor blades , then destroyed the spikes thereby eliminating the risk of them summoning it right back . Hell maybe he wouldn't even need to kill the heralds , after all the shin had 8 blades. Maybe he could take them out . It would be hard but not impossible. Esp not for tlr. Got control over all ten surges . Got himself some shardplate too while he was at it. Figured out a way to turn metal based investiture into stormlight via zinc compounding. Then suppose he went to nalthis , got some 10s of thousands of breath by bullying the ppl or something. Got himself weaned from atium compounding. Followed the example of the 5 scholars and made himself a Nightblood 2.0 , used zinc compounding and tortured vasher to gain the know-how. It would be hard to fight vasher but seeing that denth was able to do it . I'm sure he could have too. The new blade's orders would be to kill tlr's enemies based on tlr's opinion. A much more specific command compared to destroy evil. And guess what ? Lifeless Koloss!!!!!!! Then there's the way magic systems interact to give a something greater than the sum of the parts. How would awakening , surgebinding of 2-10 surges, hemalurgy , feruchemy and allomancy interact in a single person ? Just a thought I had.
  9. So the number ten is sacred on roshar. But is 10 really a truly significant number or just a cultural lie ? Like on Scadrial it was assumed there were only 10 metals . But in reality it was 16 metals . Leras made it a constant which can be recognized anywhere.Tlr suppressed knowledge of the other metals and they didn't have the technology to refine then either Similarly could it be that there are other surges , 6 of them undiscovered cause technology and scientific progress hasn't really increased. I guess electricity could be considered a surge. So could strong or weak nuclear forces. Now the surges aren't strictly limited to natural forces , concepts like transformation and Transportation are alive and can be bound as well. So there might be undiscovered concepts like maybe , quantum mechanics or qbits. The surge of Information. Perhaps relative time could also be a surge similar to allomantic cadmium and bendalloy. But then again maybe I'm overthinking. Maybe 16 was leras's obsession and it's significance is endemic to the scadrian system ? So whatchu think ? Any WoBs ?
  10. So I have heard that tlr had atleast one son or daughter named Lutha ? So what happened to his wife or mistress and his child(Ren) ? Were they all killed during the first few centuries of turmoil ? If not, why didn't rashek create a dynasty ? Letting his son or daughter inherit and die in peace instead of being tortured by Ruin or u know head over to nalthis to gain the fifth heightening . Which begs the question , were his children fullborn or atleast mistborn or feruchemist or twinborn ? Could he have over the centuries have carried out a eugenics program with himself and his progeny , have taken or (and) made his children take mistborn or feruchemist mistresses or wives or husbands or misters . Eventually he might have had a fullborn kid. Hey wait a minute. He had the Lerasium , two beads of it. Couldn't he have had a normal feruchemist kid and then fed him the Lerasium. There could have easily been 3 lrs over the millennium and then the tlr at the time could have ascended again and gotten a few more nuggets of Lerasium which this time they wouldn't be forced to use as bribes to gain allies. So why didn't that happen ? Did Ruin somehow make sure all such attempts would fail ? Did tlr did not want to let go of power and had his kids murdered like chronos from Greek mythology , afraid they would usurp him ? What do u think happened ? Any WoBs ?
  11. Ok so we know Ruin was able to talk to rashek , eventually driving him insane. But how exactly ? An obvious explaination would be hemalurgy. But I doubt tlr was that stupid. He knew exactly what hemalurgy could lead to. So could it be he was slightly insane . I mean when he first ascended he did a lot of mistakes resulting in probably millions of death. Not to mention he had to turn his entire feruchemist brethren including his friends and family into mush. Then I guess he had a rough couple of centuries. What with all the rebellions and the unsuccessful attempts at his life and the successful ones at his lovers and children. ( I heard he had atleast one kid named Lutha, after whom luthadel was named ) I guess it would drive anyone bonkers. But my favourite theory is that it was the atium bracers . Not only did he burn atium but also had the bracers piercing his skin and while they weren't hemalurgically charged , they were Ruin's physical essence. So I guess him having to rely on atium compounding 24*7 meant he had a direct connection to Ruin all the time ? Or could it be that ruin hated him and concentrated his efforts on him enough to speak him even without any holes in his spiritweb ? Or is it a combination of all these factors , except hemalurgy , that's just stupid. Then there's the fact that rashek ascended and unlike Vin he allowed the power of preservation to channel through him. That should have made him atleast a bit immune to ruin , right ? Do we have any WoBs on this ?
  12. Only a few of them were mentioned before
  13. Steris. Skyward, skymark , starsight . Santhid , surgebinding, shardpool , shardplate, shardblade , sylpherena ,sylblade, stormfather ,shock Spren , starspren, Shan elariel ,Sazed, Steel ministry , steel Inquisitor, Sazedium, southern dominance , southern isles ,seran, Sadees the sunmaker, Steelheart, spensa, Silence mordane ,Spike ,Sela tales ,Steen , sesamalex dar, Steamwater ocean , southern depths , Shallow crypts , shulin , Sea of souls , the scar constellation , salavashi trench , sea of oracle's , smoulderbrand channel , salumon the third tower , Sebariel , Simol, Smokeform, Stormform, Song of secrets, Scholarform,Singers, Shamespren, Subsumers, sparkers, sentries, soulbearer, skimmer, spinner , Shash, sky eel, Straff, Steinel , Sea of Yomen
  14. So we know that on Scadrial , there are there magic systems , two pure ones ,i.e, ,allomancy and hemalurgy ; one hybrid ,i.e, feruchemy. Feruchemy was the result of the investiture of two shards interacting. So by the same standards , shouldn't Roshar have 7 magic systems. A pure one from honor A pure one from cultivation A pure one from Odium A hybrid from Honor and Cultivation A hybrid from Honor and Odium A hybrid from Cultivation and Odium And one hybrid from all 3 Shards. Yet so far we have seen only two systems. Surgebinding and Voidbindings. I'm pretty sure Surgebinding is a hybrid system of Honor and Cultivation. And I'm willing to bet 10 firemarks that Voidbinding is a hybrid too. I mean look at the two systems. They are more alike than not. The notable difference is that Voidbinding requires voidlight and that the singers can utilize only one surge at a time. However , they can swap the surges like how they swap forms right ? Look at Scadrial , allomancy and hemalurgy have nothing in common , except for metals being thier common focus. But both Surgebinding and Voidbinding use Spren as focal points but are also extremely similar. So since it shares so many similarities with Surgebinding , I'm guessing Voidbinding is a hybrid system between Odium and another shard formed by sheer accident much like feruchemy . Which begs the question , where are the other 5 magic systems ? Idk if u can count the old magic as a magic system as the only entity capable of practicing it is the Nightwatcher , who's a super Spren. So any thoughts ?
  15. Ok thanks. I was wondering why tlr simply made inquisitors that way. But thought maybe he couldn't get his hand on the required mistborn and was afraid it would make them too powerful and non controllable. This makes much more sense.