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  1. 5). It also houses massive amounts of intellectual resources.
  2. Nope. 4). This place also houses massive amounts of investiture.
  3. 3). This place is the house of an incredible amount of treasure.
  4. Nope. Two , this place is currently the residence of an extremely invested person.
  5. Okk. So let's see 1). This place was home to monsters once.
  6. Duladel or jindo
  7. The SkyBreaker fortress in marabethia near the Purelake. We haven't actually seen it's interior. I'm guessing maybe there are other fortresses that the order use as bases.
  8. Welcome to the shard. Combining magic systems has dramatic effects , case in point , the Lord ruler. Minor point : iron stores weight , steel stores speed. Hmmm, You might use the increased momentum to crash into something really hard , then use stormlight healing to recover from ur injuries. Or If someone puts a lashing on u , u could increase ur weight to resist it. Brandon has also said that there is a precise measurement system for the magics. Like one lashing is actually 50 Newton's or something like that. Right now the radients are just instinctually adjusting it and think of it as one lashing or half or several lashings. Once science progresses in the Cosmere , we will be able to quantify it more precisely.
  9. emperors soul

    Well idk , i think there's way too little information to say anything. But I think it is the emperor , only a bit brainwashed. I don't think his soul passed onto the beyond . I think when they healed him his soul remained but was marooned. What Shai did was tweak his cognition a bit before leading the soul home. I think she didn't brainwash him. Not exactly. Ppl change everyday. Sometimes these changes are cumulative , accruing over years or these changes are sudden. For example a near death experience often leads to ppl making major lifestyle changes or atleast changes in how they view life and thier philosophies. Shai herself states she couldn't just change him into whatever she wants , otherwise the forgery would never take. She also ponders if after a time , the soul could reestablish it's connection and not require the stamps at all. ( I don't remember correctly , but I think she says that ). I think ashraven was really dead, they quickly healed him , but like szeth they couldn't heal him quickly enough and his soul got seperated . What Shai did was use her stamps to basically create a highway for the soul , filled with familiar comforting things to soothe it , back to its mind and body . I think it is the emperor with regrowth. He's as alive and authentic as szeth or kelsier , only his resurrection method is very different. Also I don't know what caused his soul to be marooned , I mean szeth got resurrected completely with a little time delay , but then again organic resealing and regrowth are very different , not to mention nalan is way older , experienced and practiced , compared to the resealers of the rose empire who have only a few decades of practice in a mostly shunned art. It was only after the heritage faction came to power that resealing was accepted in mainstream culture . Hmm yes , I guess that's why they couldn't staple his soul back. Even in szeth's case , we see that his soul trails behind his mind and body. I think when they healed ashraven they saved his mind , body and soul. Only they were seperated and the soul couldn't find it's way back. Shai created a pathway for it and after a while I think the soul will know the path well enough to not need the signs. Ie, ashravan can function without the soulstamp. On the whole i think it's a better deal than what szeth got. His soul was stapled immediately but he has to live with that wierd disparity forever , Ashraven wasn't healed immediately but he can make a complete recovery . Slow but steady wins the race. As for his personality changes. Well , idk maybe he would have done it anyway , near death experiences galvanize a lot of ppl into action. I think that's what made shai's cognitive manipulation stick in the first place. So on the whole , i think it is ashraven himself , he's not lifeless , he's not a construct , he's not a cognitive shadow. I don't know why hoid did what he did . That sounds like a d#@k move , knowing that he would be abandoning to be likely executed and it's not as if he has visions of the future granted to him by Endowment. Maybe it really was collateral damage , hoid can make mistakes after all. Or maybe he was forced to abandon her ,maybe a skaze or bloodsealer was hunting him. Idk. I guess we have to Rafo . So yeah that's my theory
  10. She does. Hmmm I'm sorry. It's been a while since I read skyward. Maybe I got it mixed up
  11. My callsign would be : Genocide. It will have the Superiority rolling around about how aggressive I am.
  12. So we know that humans nearly succeeded in overrunning the Galaxy three times but were always defeated or atleast beaten to a tie. Now we know the delvers were behind the defeat in the second war. But what happened in the third and the first ?? I'm willing to believe delvers first arose during the first war and ended it. But the third war ??? It seems unlikely that humans would carry out the same mistakes and cuna doesn't mention any major delver attacks . Compared to the Superiority ,Humans also seemingly have vastly superior technology ( see the irony ) Mbot is atleast 3 centuries old and he's still far more advanced than the aliens. Sure the outlawing of AI probably stunted alien tech. But it still doesn't explain why the aliens have such inferior holographic tech , Even After three centuries and even when holographic programming is a popular profession among the aliens as spensa learns from morriamur and the kitsen. The technological disparity is also focused on in Defending Elysium. And the delvers hate all life so I don't see why humanity would have suffered worse than the aliens. Even if they had , the technological disparity would have bridged the gap. It's also mentioned that they almost won in the third war as well , but in the end they lost so soundly as to be made into pets or being forced into preserves. How ??? I have one theory. I think it's cause humans lacked political unity. When FTL travel was opened to humans. I think it wasn't one pan global political organization which took to space but rather different nations which did. The aliens with thier suppression of dissidents were able to gain political unity , but humanity didn't and remained divided. I guess they split up even more as human colonies on other planets declared thier Independence and tried to start thier own colonies. Maybe during the human wars , they weren't just fighting the aliens but each other as well. The divisions could be based on race , original earth nationality , culture , language, religion ( or lack of it ), different political ideologies, different policies regarding delvers or due to interbreeding with other species. ( We have some clues that this might be what happened with the UrDail ) So what do you think ?