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  1. So yeah I was wondering why the honorspren aren't bonding and maybe it's cause they believe humanity is doomed with 1). Humans have little to no knowledge of past events 2). No heralds to lead them. 3). No Dawnshards 4). A startup KR organization with amateur self taught members with no one above the 3rd ideal 5).The Skybreakers on Odium's side. 6). The Everstorm and the more dangerous Fused yet to come against the amateur humans. 7). Honor himself being dead. 8). Heck even the other orders of Spren distrust humanity and are willing to stay neutral or even ally with Odium or be hostile to both sides. 9). The Sibling being asleep. 10). The other Spren being hostile towards honorspren cause of thier failed wars of conquest and imperialist ambitions. 11). And ofcourse thier own lack of trust in humans. 12). They don't seem to know much about human tech progress and how it might affect the war either. But maybe they can survive the Desolation by holing up in their fortress. It's bound to have good defences and Odium won't be around forever. Even he will lose interest after Cultivation is killed and will move on .Then they can come back I guess. Maybe even rule Shadesmar once the other Spren voidish or otherwise are spent in thier wars. The Fused and Odium wanna wipe out humans not necessarily the Spren. If the honorspren remain neutral or atleast have no humans to bond with , they aren't a threat . Besides the stormfather himself is less than ecstatic about honorspren bonding with humans again and he seems far more bound by Honor than the Spren and can't refuse to do the task Tanavast asked of him and hence , has bonded Dalinar knowing he will probably die but the honorspren themselves need not do it. Perhaps he even has told them not to. Also maybe the Honorspren are autonomous enough to plan thier own stratagies. Besides can Odium truly kill Stormfather , like the stormfather existed even before the Shattering or atleast the Highstorm did and once manifested Spren can't truly die. Perhaps one incarnation of him will be murdered by odium but he will still survive but without investiture of honor or Tanavast's CS. Over a few hundred yrs or so , he might even recover from deadeye status. And yes , the honorspren themselves might be Splinters of honor but minuscule ones and Odium is only concerned about large Splinters like ol' Stormdaddy. So yeah. I think the Honorspren intend to stay out of the war or atleast be sieged for a while in Lasting Integrity until Odium finally leaves.
  2. Kal only saw it once when he was in shadesmar and with a device meant to divine the future or with direct assists from Stormfather who only helps him cause he's bonded to his favorite daughter. As for him seeing deathspren. Hmm idk , maybe it's a general thing for all radiants. Besides it fits in seeing the other surge of the willshapers is transportation. Huh I wonder if jasnah knows this trick too. I thought it was the Everstorm. The voidlight was stored in gems but was useless for illumination purposes so we don't see it used trivially much . And perhaps Odium can directly recharge the voidlight stores of the parshendi through thier gemhearts. Atleast with the fused who already have Connected with Odium , although I think it's only possible during Everstorms. Perhaps they then pass it on to the Regals and the like.
  3. So it's a new attribute to be able to use both voidlight and stormlight. Huh , chimes in well with the willshapers love of novelty and oddity. Hey is renarin the same ? Could it be that he hasn't been able to unlock his abilities properly cause he requires voidlight for that ? Or perhaps both voidlight and stormlight simultaneously ? Oooooo that would so cool
  4. Oh my god , oh my god , omigod. Wow , Rebellion is the spiritual ideal of the willshapers as interpreted by Venli. Yesssssss. To Rebel . That should be the title of the prologue if Venli is the next pov of the night of Gavilar's Assassination.
  5. Ah sorry. It was in the AoL broadsheet as stanlemon said.
  6. Yep. U should read that story. The main story itself is well it's good but not great. Entertaining but Mostly bleh by Sanderson standards. You do get a vague reference to duralumin compounding there tho. Some tidbits about Koloss society post catacendre. But the footnotes by Handerwym . Mam now those are amazing. Comedic gold. They are so blep rather than bleh.
  7. Huh I wonder if odium and cultivation cancel each other out
  8. Read Warbreaker first bro. Then OB then check out Arcanum unbounded
  9. The oathgate at kholinar palace. The coup de etat by kal and co. Similar to the coup by amaram in the oathgate at thaylenah city
  10. Also I wonder if Kal is trying for sub intentional suicide. U see it a lot in depressed ppl. Ppl who won't accept they want to die but who find other ways , doing dangerous stunts like driving at superspeed or taking selfies in front of a train and jumping away right before it might hit u or in case of drug abusers , trying to get a superhigh by shooting yourself up with way too many drugs . Generally using thrillseeking and reckless , stupid bravery as excuses. Like it would be cowardly and dishonorable to give up. But to die by " accident " . Well that's just bad luck u know. I wonder if that plays a role in kal. Like we already know he wants to give up but thinks of it as cowardly and dishonorable , so perhaps he's trying to fight thinking maybe some opponent could kill him. Much like szeth used to wish . Now that doesn't mean he doesn't want to protect his friends or not care about them. He probably isn't aware of his bias himself. It usually takes a long time for the victims to realize they aren't stupidly brave but just passively suicidal. It could be that he couldn't say the 4th ideal in OB cause if he did he would save the day maybe but he would continue to suffer and see other friends die . Live to see other days like the day when elhokar ,his watch friends and his parshendi friends die. That happened even tho he tried his best to help all of them and was the only Windrunner in Roshar. Saying the fourth ideal will make a honorable death that much unlikely. If so I wonder if kals words wil be " I will continue to protect , even if it may mean I have to continue to suffer and see others suffer as well ".
  11. No like a lot of ppl and perhaps you or Trav were saying Lirin would die and that's what pushed dalinar to retire kal. Sorry if I misremembered. I'm pretty sure the eye thing is fading away now that anyone can be a radiant and get Shardblades. Also taln has dark eyes and they know that . Dalinar and the others are pro equality now genderwise and eye colour wise. Have we seen anyone being discriminated against cause of that ? I mean kaladin was just angry at dalinar right ? Yeah . It is funny and ironic yes.
  12. Told u Lirin wouldn't die. Also dalinar did the right thing. Besides he can still interact with them at Urithuru. Racism ? U mean the parshendi. Oh that honorspren or are u talking about dalinar ? Not. Really. Seeing ten's the ideal number in Roshar
  13. Wel well well , the God Beyond strikes again