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  1. Full feruchemists will be back tho. Mistborn too. Oh boi. That's right. Kiddo you don't know awesome compounding or even mixing magic systems is until u read era 2. Favorite fabrial is painrial followed by soulcasters I guess. And hey I'm an elantrian now. Yesssss. Kid's still just skaa lol . Get some lerasium kid. And ooooof. Hon's a Dawnshard now :v Hmm should put my ninja skills to use . Wonder if I can steal the Dawnshard with hemalurgy
  2. ( First off , damn i should started my previous post by writing " hello fellow spren " ) And yep , hero of ages is my favourite ending too. My favourite magic system would be feruchemy , although i wouldn't deny compounding if given the chance I liked moash until book 4 happened. Straff and sadeas are my least favorite too. My favourite are vin , sazed , lift , renarin , lopen , jasnah , taravangian , lightsong , nightblood , szeth, taln , Khriss, kal, wax , Wayne , marasi , melaan , steris , dusk. Yeah it's a long list. My favourite moment was teft swearing his third ideal. Have u read arcanum unbounded ? If so which is ur favourite story in it . Mine's sixth of the dusk and the emperor's soul. Shadows for silence in the forests of hell comes close. And when are u gonna read mistborn era 2 . Also i would recommend the unpublished white sand novel that u can find on brando's website rather than the graphic novels... I don't think many ppl liked them U can find the unpublished aether of night too. U can get here on the shard by going to a post in the aether of night section. It's not very polished but i still liked it better than elantris. The elements of the story have since been cannibalized for mistborn and Brando will eventually publish an entirely different story with the same magic system . ( And man , why can't I find any other Sylladin shippers .They are perfect for each other )
  3. Hello. I'm aon tias friend. We have heard a bit about you from her. Liked ur drawing of vin standing in front of kredik Shaw. So who are ur favourite charecters from across the cosmere and favorite magic system and which world do u like the most ? Also what do u think of Sylladin. Its my dream ship and *Rhythm of war spoilers Also what do u think of szeth and moash and kelsier and what would would u pick if u had no choice . I would choose cultivation , whimsy is a close second.
  4. So when kelsier destroyed the pits of hathsin , he destroyed the perpendicularity there. Similarly did vin destroy the perpendicularity at the well by freeing ruin ?? How long were the perpendicularlites defunct ? We know hoid went back out to the cosmere pretty soon. Is the shardpool mentioned in era 2 , preservations shardpool relocated or a new one ? Why weren't khriss and nazh able to use the well like hoid did ? Could they have ? Could vin have slid into the cr and talked with kel, after freeing ruin if she knew what to do ??
  5. Btw a shard combo of Autonomy and Devotion would be Contradiction or *drumrolls Frustration
  6. Spoilers for oathbringer Also slight NSFW jokes I guess
  7. Oh! Happy Birthday, dude! 

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      Dang it Honorless! I wanted to be first.

      Happy Birthday Prince!

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      Oh hey thanks :lol:

  8. Sel . The place where ashravan resides
  9. I thought that was ruin disguised as the spirit. It was also ruin who pushed vin down i think. I thought both Leras and ati were showing up as mist spirits which vin and elend confused with one being. Still hmmm lerasium. More than a bead of it. Ooooo better be true for the last metal
  10. I'm sorry about this , i wanna join but i have only one metal and only 2 aspects of it. Titanium : Allomancy : ( sorry can't think of anything ) Feruchemy : stores skills. For example you can store your meager skill to draw for a year , then burn it all up in a hour to produce an exceptional piece of art. Each skill required a different metal mind. Hemalurgy : steals skills. If you are envious of a colleague's skill at calligraphy. You need hammer only a titanium spike through his/her heart to steal thier beautiful handwriting. If you want to be an expert martial artist but don't have the time or patience to train, just steal it from someone who is already a martial artist thanks to thier dedication. Hah suckers And hey if you are terrible at hemalurgy itself , then you need only spike a skilled hemalurgist to gain thier proficiency :v
  11. I think it's possible he's using chromium , burning through the yrs , coming out when events and technology have developed enough
  12. Duralumin compounder for infinite connection. Not to mention i might be able to use it as a cheat to become Mistborn too
  13. RxR, still pronounced as RR. The X is silent
  14. Renain
  15. Huh I could totally see him doing that Wait nooo he doesn't have that selfishness. Like as vin pointed out kel stayed back mostly cause he was selfish and wanted more from life and maybe was afraid of the beyond. He didn't even think of meeting Mare again. Kal on the other hand .....I think kal would gladly take the chance to maybe see tien , tukks, teft , maps , dunny, etc again. Idk man , kal doesn't seem the like to come back from death. Also seriously Sanderson needs to stop doing that for a few books atleast. As for the cult , not really. Like I don't see much similarity. Kelsiers cult was one of pure desperation and extinction of hope. Among a population who had no religion for a 1022 yrs and many of whom were ignorant of the very existence of Mistborn . They literally thought he was God . They based an entire religion around him. Thet made him into a war jesus. Kal on the other hand is a hero. The ppl have a variety of religions most popular ones being vorinism and it's new sects with the Godspren, heralds, God beyond , The almighty, the Shards of dead Honor and Cultivation alive ( pun intended ). They know and try and have even succeeded in becoming the Knights Radiant. They think of kal not as a God but a hero who inspired them during a mostly benign short-lived occupation , very much unlike the 1000 yr brutal theocratic rule of tlr. The only similarity I see between them is that they are both heros who stood up against oppression.