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  1. Also can i point out that Gavilar said " I am the law " to nale who is A). The patron Herald of the Skybreakers. B). A Skybreaker of the Fifth Ideal C). The only Skybreaker of the Fifth Ideal in centuries.
  2. I think stormfaker is actually one of the Unmade , possibly Dai-Gonarthis. It wanted to somehow turn Gavilar into a Void Herald but needed him to say something other than anything similar to the Radiant Ideals. Passionate. Power hungry words. Seems very voidish. Maybe Unmade require different Words, different Ideals. I think it's an Unmade trying to be god , like BAM 2.0 . It wanted gav to become a new Herald and hold off Odium for atleast a few centuries or such ( perhaps it thought taln was almost gonna give up ) during which time it's power could wax. It was afraid that now Odium would see it trying to usurp him and crush him.
  3. Brando sent an email with the written version of the prologue . SF's words aren't CAPITALIZED. So more evidence for stormfaker Also @Honorless when does shalash say she wants to go to shinovar ?
  4. The similarity between both gavilar and rayse wanting eternal war to train the planet is something tho
  5. I think the death rattle was referring to taravangian and gavilar standing before the map of Roshar and saying those exact words
  6. So we now know that Virtuousity is or was a Shard . If so could it's inverse , Depravity be one. I've been rooting for Depravity to be a Shard since i learned about them so i hope so. What do y'all think ?
  7. A). Who's the person the story is being told to. They understood what moons meant so that rules out scadrial. They understood pigeon and elephant seal and didn't make a fuss about the iriali so that rules out Roshar. Taldain is ruled out as they made no fuss on the movement of the sun. Hmm but if it's being told in the future of the cosmere all bets are off although u would also expect some to know about the pollen seas then. B). Also it's an island world like FotS again. So Obrodai ? C). Are the spores investiture ? If so are the oceans enormous shard pools ? If someone can survive the spores can they go to the cognitive realm ?
  8. U might be able to use enhanced chromium to erase souls. Like souls are investiture too so an enhanced chromium leecher with duralumin could burn ur soul
  9. Adolin will become highprince of fashion. Tlr was so tired cause he was always busy canning food in the storage caches using F-steel
  10. There's also allomancer jak and the pits of eltania . Handerwyrm uses F-connection there . Might give you some clues
  11. I didn't think inquisitors could even have kids. Thought they were sterile like kandra and koloss. I think the children would be born too warped to be productive in any way tho.
  12. Wait i don't get it. So didn't navani split the towerlight back to Stormlight and lifelight. I mean what's the difference between the investiture radiation and investiture ? Like investiture glows ? And that glow has diluted power of investiture ? Also if white sand can be recharged by starlight ...well that would take like yrs depending on the distances between stars and the inverse square law between intensity of radiation and distance. Also the mists don't glow right. Wonder if they do. Just a little bit maybe.
  14. compunding

    Well if you have F-tin then you can store the excess amounts of sight , sound etc. Or you can flare for a bit , store the effects instead of experiencing them then tap them in the required rate when needed. I think he was able to sense tiny changes in air pressure and distinguish positions of ppl by that , not by hearing reflected sound waves but either way he was able to sense ppl without seeing them so i guess tin did improve that part of his brain .