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  1. If anyone can burn pure Atium to get it's allomantic effect , can anyone store youth in Atium too ?
  2. Oh yeah a bit of stored up health would be very useful for combating Pewter drag. Ye they synergize very well
  3. I mean they do have Pewter giving them superhuman strength to compensate for the bulkiness of the macahuitl. And idt that would be so conspicuous. A shield would be tho ye
  4. Hope so but it didn't seem that autonomy was really interested in telsin . Hope I'm wrong
  5. It's not god since it didn't create the universe, it was created then gained sentiance . Matter coalesced to form stars and planets , investiture coalesced to form adonalsium
  6. No actually. Shards while godlike are still not actually God. Even adonalsium isn't technically God . For all we know investiture gained sentiance and became adonalsium.
  7. I was very dissappointed with telsins fate too. I was beginning to like her and relate to her. Wax must have been a pain in the ass when he was younger
  8. U like a good sleep-wake cycle eh ?
  9. So feruchemical bendalloy stores nutrition. But nutrition can be metals too. Our body requires small amounts of iron , copper , etc to stay alive . So is it possible that someone who's a subsumer ferring can store metals in thier metal minds ? If so could that be how the lord ruler was so powerful at allomancy, he was constantly drawing duralumin and other metals from his bendalloy metalmind and duralumin bursting them constantly. The biggest hole in my theory is ofc that tlr didn't have access to bendalloy but maybe he had a little bit of bendalloy created during his ascension and used that bit to craft a metalmind . Thank you
  10. So good non compounding twinborn combos. We have crashers ofc. But some others are : A-chromium and F-steel, to leech someone at superspeed. A-Electrum and F- zinc , to see your future shadows and to have the mental speed to analyse your future using it. Esp useful in a fight A-pewter and F-gold , become a Pewter savant without killing yourself , as well as combat Pewter drag and store more health quickly. A-pewter and F-steel, to beat someone up at superspeed and store more speed quickly. A-cadmium and F-chromium , to go to the future and be lucky enough to live as an immortal in a post mortality, post scarcity civilization Let me what others you can think of
  11. Strenght gained from A Pewter can be stored in F Pewter. That's how tlr was so strong without being massive muscle wise
  12. This is how she's depicted in white sand graphic novel and in the coppermind Hmm she does look indian here