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  1. Hmmm I don't know about the accuracy but veil felt real to me. I liked her more than I like Shallan. And yes shallan will have her skills at cloak and dagger techniques but Veil had a completely different personality than Shallan. We won't see that again. But yes Veil herself wanted it. I hated that even more. Legion spoilers Huh but thanks. Still I am very very unhappy about this. I would have liked it if the Three were left untouched and if Veil and Radiant were able to exercise more autonomy .
  2. We have the art work here But well it could be slightly mangled seeing how rayse and tanavast's names are changed. And koravellium Avast sounds like a title than a name. But I think we could just call her Kora safely.
  3. Ok but as a champion or as a successor ?
  4. I don't think it's wax or kaladin. It's probably someone we won't see until era 3
  5. For those who know those highlighted words , this should be hilarious.
  6. for fun

    I was right that Adolin won't become Radiant. And that Thaidakar was Kelsier And that we would get new shard names .
  7. Veil is gone too. To Teft and Veil
  8. So we see harmony say this . So is he seeking a champion or a successor to his Shard ?? My friends say he's looking for a champion /agent. I say he's looking for a successor. Now , if he wants a champion or an agent . He can choose from so many worthy candidates. Wax, Wayne , Marasi , Marsh , ten soon, re luur, Me laan, and perhaps others we haven't seen. There's really no reason for them to embody both preservation and ruin equally. Afterall Odium's choice of Champions in Dalinar and Kaladin seems strange since both needed to give up thier emotions and to be emotionless zombies to give thier willing consent to be his champion. It seems it's not very important that the Champion be of the same mindset as the Shard. Also , leshwi and the heavenly ones are Odium's agents even tho they are very honorable and not odious in any way. These are the reasons which make me believe Harmony's looking for a successor. Like both Rayse and Taravangian fit Odium but Tod is more cunning and dangerous and perhaps more efficient at channeling the shard. Similarly I believe Sazed now finds himself to be locker into inaction due to being Connected to the shard but in the wrong way. He needs someone who will interpret the shard as Discord or well atleast someone who's like him but not locked into inability. I believe we will see Sazed give up the Shard in Era 3 to someone who he deems more worthy of it. Someone who can channel it more efficiently at war without becoming a tyrant like Rayse. Someone who like Taravangian or dalinar is better at planning and strategies. Someone who can kill to protect. Whatchu think ?
  9. Holy ......dang. Yeah As for my thoughts on lezian. Not much , I won't miss him , although I don't understand why the Fused were ok with killing him rather than some non functionally insane fused . I mean sure u could include lezian in that category but he was still of some strategic use
  10. Ok Veil is dead . She is According to me. You might argue that she never existed , that she was just a hallucination Shallan made up but really is she ? I had come to see Veil as a distinct individual from Shallan and she was. Now that she commited suicide and is "Integrated " with shallan , does it mean we will see shallan act like Veil ? Be all badass and rough and not care about propriety, hit on Kaladin. Wasn't Veil different from shallan ? She couldn't draw , couldn't use Radiance properly. It was more like she was a squire to Shallan rather than a part of her . If she really did Identify as Shallan she should have been able to just as good as Shallan in her radiant abilities. Regardless she was a different person. I came to see her as a different person and was electrified at a positive depiction of multiple personality disorder . ( something also seen in the Legion novellas ). I was looking forward to see Veil have a relationship with someone other than Adolin and the interesting relationship dynamics it opened up. But fine I guess that's tangential. But seriously just removing her like that . Integrating her as if she never existed. Man this is the part I hate the most about RoW. What the helll ??? I mean veil was someone . She might not have been a fully independent personality but to just brush her off like this without any form of closure or reactions from the others she knew. Idk seems wrong to me. I liked Veil and i think she's as dead as Tien . Sure she will keep on influencing Shallan just like Tien will influence kaladin but I find the suggestion that she wasn't real and shouldn't need a funeral or be missed by Adolin or the others to be extremely odious. Even if she wasn't real , the others she knew and we , the readers, saw her as someone different and as such I find the underwhelming reaction to her death/disappearance by both cohorts to be really disturbing.
  11. She only tells her true name to Venli. She says the others, I take she means the Alethi, call her by another name
  12. Nope. Just call him Odium thank you....... although Todd does sound fun
  13. Humans thinking about the wind, and honor, might have given you shape from formless power—but you’re your own person now. As I’m my own person, though my parents gave me shape.
  14. I think it was due to Rayse being unable to execute his intent. He got trapped , then his plans failed, the he had to take a deal he hated. His actions made him disconnect from the power. It seems both action and intent is necessary.