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  1. I believe he's trying to say that you can use it for hemalurgy
  2. honestly theres no point in going to taldain, just kill a bendalloy ferring and take their power with the hemalurgic spike. a lot easier, because no interplanetary travel, and its hard to find the bind point for that planet, and for that specific skill.
  3. This is plausible, and makes more sense than anything i've seen in these forums. I applaud you
  4. angerspren or hatespren would probably be the thing for warform. we don't know much about the forms, i dont think, but it does make me wonder what would happen if an honorspren went into their gemhearts. windspren probably goes to their shadowform (i think its called that)
  5. I feel like if the Hemalurgic spike or Feruchemical metalmind were Invested, they would interfere with the spren in the fabrial. Possibly, the spren would want to get away from the Hemalurgy because it's horrible or whatever. maybe they would be strangely attracted to the metalmind, in both cases possibly being drawn out of the gem.
  6. That is a big brain idea
  7. If you had Bloodmaking Compounding, it would be possible to heal enough to burn the harmonium, assuming it's not all blown up.
  8. ooh that means that you can use the letter H because thats like a wild card
  9. Im pretty sure that since we see Kaladin control Syl as a Shardblade, when Kaladin gets his armour, he can control how his armour looks too, or what type of armour it is. It might have something to do with the cognitive realm and how the Knight regards the Plate, and the Nahel bond translates that into the spren.
  10. I see that everyone has answered the healing questions, so I'm gonna answer the copper compounding. In short, we have no idea. In long, Brandon has RAFO'd everything that's been asked about copper compounding, saying things like "Not all Compounding is useful"(paraphrased). He has said that it does "interesting things" and will delve into it later. So, for a theory, it probably does something really weird and overpowered. Or it could be the complete opposite, and just be really useless, like being able to remember it like you were there.
  11. @I think I am here. and I were discussing and thinking about what would happen if you flared a metal and used a primer cube. We know that Harmonium, used in a primer cube at least, reflects a metal being used around it. So, if you flared a metal while holding a primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up at the same rate you flared the metal, and produce the same output as the flared metal? For example, if you flared steel and used the primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up faster, and Push harder? Another thing that he and I discussed, was if you used Compounding on the primer cube. Would the Feruchemical storage be replicated, and burnt through the Harmonium? That could produce some interesting effects, such as if you Compounded heat, and shoved it into the primer cube, would the cube act as a furnace, almost? And what if you burnt an iron metalmind? would that make the cube extremely heavy, able to crush your opponents if you threw it at them. Obviously, some of these Compounding effects would just be wasted, like Steelrunning compounding used on the cube. The cube would just be fast? I guess? And zinc would make it smart?? Anyway, let me hear your theories too!
  12. I am aware of this, but it's interesting to think about, if impractical, because what if Investiture can be used to get rid of the same type of Investiture
  13. Welcome!
  14. Welcome to the Shard! If you're offered any cookies, DON'T ACCEPT THEM! Unless they're infused with atium... other than that, hope you have a good time the forums!
  15. lmao what if you soul stamped an object(which already has a soul stamp) to get rid of the original soul stamp