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  1. yeah, thats kinda what ITIAH and I were leaning towards, actually. If heaps of people (+ possibly Trell) are looking in to the future, then it's bound to mess people up, and then as a result, Harmony will also be affected.
  2. So it's that time again. @I think I am here. and I were once again talking about the Cosmere and pure atium was brought up, and nalatium and malatium and whatnot. So, I found that pure atium has the effect of granting "Expansive future vision" to the person burning the metal. And once this was brought up, ITIAH thought "Hey, wasn't Harmony's vision of the future blocked by something?", and as we know from SA This shows that visions of the future can be slightly muddled when other people see into the same future. Another place where this is found is when burning nalatium, where 2 or more users burning it will have a bunch of shadows just popping out everywhere and confusing the users. So, ITIAH thought that Harmony's vision of the future was obstructed by someone or something burning a lot of pure atium, or maybe a lot of people. We can conclude that maybe Trell (and maybe even possibly the Set, if they've developed the tech) is burning atium to purposely obscure the future vision of Harmony. What are your guys thoughts on this? Any ideas or anything that could maybe cancel this out?
  3. Ooh I really like this one! I never considered that Rust could be linked to Trell like that. I think mainly the reason that it's most probably not Odium is because he's too scared to go after Harmony. Though his hands are tied, Harmony is one of the more dangerous beings in the cosmere. I love your thinking tho! I completely support that last paragraph. Also I agree with that white sands thing haha
  4. Trell is definitely not a Shard name, because each Shard is named after a certain mood, emotion or ability, I guess? an example of this is Cultivation, Ruin or Honor. Trell, however, isn't one of these, therefore is either the Vessel's name or something entirely different.
  5. oh by the way @I think I am here. and I were discussing who Trell could be, again, and it cropped up that maybe Brandon is going to pull a fast one on us We think that Discord is actually an entity, say a massive Splinter, that gained consciousness. See, we remembered that Brandon has been hinting for a very long time that, when a mass of Investiture is left on it's own, it becomes sentient. What about the Shards of Dominion and Devotion? We know they've been Splintered, cool, skaze and seons, whatever. But there's also a humungous Cognitive Anomaly, surrounding Sel. Who knows, maybe it could be a sentient being by now? and if it is, then it might be the mixing of the two powers, Dominion and Devotion. That could be pretty Discordant. I believe this is the sort of thing Brandon would do, too, just lead everyone to thinking its Autonomy, and then pulling the rug from everyone's feet. I don't have much evidence as to this, but look, it would be VERY interesting if this was the case. Let me know what you think!
  6. Have you read anything in his cosmere? If not, I'd give Mistborn a crack! Welcome to the Shard, and watch out for anyone offering cookies
  7. Welcome to the Shard. Watch out for anyone offering you a cookie
  8. i wonder if there's an Aon that hasn't been discovered, that means "Investiture". That could be dangerous haha
  9. I for one, really want to know the full list of Twinborn combinations. Crasher already sounds really cool. I wonder what someone with F-copper and A-pewter would be?
  10. I think the character Trell, on Taldain, is related to the Scadrian religion, so I mean, it might be the same person, but who knows at this point. If they're different people, then it kinda invalidates it. That is a good point, but I don't think I remember where Khriss said that. Maybe it was somewhere in the White Sand books. I haven't read them. I guess it's kind of up to the Vessel to interpret how the power is held, so what you're saying is pretty true. As Ruin said, Preservation would kill everything so that everything else can be Preserved. That's obviously an exaggeration, as it was Leras he was talking about, but if someone else viewed it that way, Preservation could quickly turn into a destructive force. Similarly, Autonomy could be invasive through the interpretation of the Vessel. I kinda just don't really want it to be a previously seen Shard, only because I want to see what certain Shards are up to, you know? I don't have anything against it, because it would be cool to see interactions of Harmony and Autonomy.
  11. Idk I really personally dislike the idea of autonomy being everywhere and invading other people, because that kind of goes against the Shard's ideal. I wouldn't say Intent because I think that's slightly different(could be wrong). But anyway, Autonomy is all about being independent and such. I do accept that there's a lot of evidence pointing to Autonomy, but I just don't think it would keep the cosmere as cohesive as it can be. It goes against the limitations of the power of the Shard, like how Preservation cannot hurt anyone.
  12. watch it be a certain whimsical character lmao
  13. That is a good counterpoint, though I was maybe thinking that Trell made an alloy of a god metal, or a new metal, making it "unknown" to Harmony
  14. TLDR; Trell is the avatar of Ruin. So, I was chatting with @I think I am here., as you do, and we were talking about the recent books that have been released. I heard somewhere that Trell will be in the new book, so I mentioned that to him, and we talked about who he could be. I believe that Trell is an avatar of Ruin. Think about it, we haven't really seen that many avatars in the cosmere yet, so it could be high time for another one to appear. Plus, it supports the fact that Harmony is "distracted", according to the Kandra. He could be preoccupied with dealing with Ruin's avatar. Ruin could be dead, but his avatar could remain, as it's not a direct part of Ruin. however, it could hold part of it's power, and have some form of Atium, hence the title "The Lost Metal". Also, another point on this is the metal in BoM, or "trellium", could just be a metal that's been corrupted, as it's speckled red, like rust. Red is the colour of corrupted Investiture, and the avatar could be doing some shonky things to Harmony's magic system.
  15. I see Vin as a Stoneward too, but also as a Bondsmith, because she really liked it when people were honest and kept their promises. I don't know, but thats what i feel