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  1. What if he use the dawnshard of Division to splinters Dominion, Devotion, Ambition and Honor ?
  2. Thank you for your work ! I think you forgot one of the Fused, those who use progression to grow weapons or tools from their carapace. And also, maybe lifespren are more appropriate for Mateform.
  3. Hi ! damnation, first post ever ^^ I just wanna say that this theory might be true, in fact i'm a french reader of Sanderson (so sorry for my english btw). And in the french version of mistborn (fils des brumes) Spook is called..."spectre". And the ghostbloods are named..."Les Sang-de-spectres" Spectre is a word which means ghost. So in french the link jump directly to the eye of the reader. So...Spookbloods is maybe for real.