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  1. My guess is that it just faded back into the cognitive realm after a few days once Tien was dead, but I'm not sure we have any sure evidence that's what even happens yet. [RoW:]
  2. I propose: Soilsearchers Surges of abrasion and cohesion Spren: groundspren Oaths: 1. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. 2. I will know my limits. 3. I will identify who most needs my help and serve them first. 4. I will allow help from others. 5. I will respect a person's right to refuse help. Basically, I'm playing with Windrunner mentalities here, with a touch of Edgedancer and Truthwatcher in there, too. Empathetic and driven people fit the Order of the Soilsearchers, and are typically associated with the care of patients, whether that be they're a medic, an engineer of safety devices, etc. Note that they do not have Progression and thus cannot use Stormlight to heal others. This forces them to rely on other tactics of helping others, all the while they have a more effective method of healing for themselves - this aligns poignantly with their oaths of learning self-care and learning to coral their empathy within reason, I think. I just whipped this together on the fly, just like 5 or 10 minutes, so.... how'd I do? XD
  3. A word in book 5's title could also start with an H, which I think would be really cool, since it would still adhere to traditional Alethi symmetry.